Adam Ruins Everything – Why Our Misuse of Antibiotics Could Mean the End of Modern Medicine | truTV

Adam Ruins Everything – Why Our Misuse of Antibiotics Could Mean the End of Modern Medicine | truTV

Oh, I thought
I’d lost you. I don’t wanna hear you
bad-mouthing antibiotics. I have a cold
and they’re gonna cure me. No, they won’t. Colds are caused by viruses,
not bacteria. So, antibiotics
won’t help them. But more importantly,
our misuse of antibiotics could mean the end
of modern medicine. I find that
hard to believe. I’ll walk you through it. Before antibiotics,
if you got an infection, there was a high chance
you’d die of it. He’s right! This guy stepped
on a nail. Good change he’ll die. This woman
had minor surgery. Great chance she’ll die. All of these people
will probably die! Being a doctor
in the past is fun. But all that
changed in 1928 when one scientist
got super lucky. One weekend,
Alexander Fleming accidentally left out a Petri
dish filled with bacteria. And when he returned, he found that the bacteria had been destroyed by mold. This led to the discovery of the
first antibiotic, penicillin. It saved countless lives and
earned Fleming the Nobel Prize. What’s the issue then? Seems like
everything is great. For a few decades,
it was. Until the rise
of resistant bacteria. When you take antibiotics, you’re trying to kill all the bad bacteria in your system. But sometimes, like if you
don’t finish your antibiotics, or just through
random chance, a few of these bio bullies
develop resistance. (screams) (whimpers) (surprised)
I’m okay. (defiantly)
I’m okay. I’m resistant! Once that happens,
resistance can spread. (Adam) First to other bacteria… Mwah! Mwah! … then to other people. (bacteria) Mwah! Over time, these protected
pathogens can propagate
all over the planet. And when that happens,
the antibiotic becomes useless.

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  1. Im pretty sure antibiotics kills good bacteria and the solution for resistant bacteria are the deadliest beings on earth that i forgot its name but it targets harmful bacteria and kf bacteria gets immune from these then go back to antibiotics just swap back and forth

  2. I heard in china they fed their cows a lot of antibiotics,becouse the animals were kept in unhygienic conditions,so the antibiotics would kill the harmful bacteria before it could cause damage.


  4. 1:20 I’m pretty sure that the resistant bacteria are already present and just have little competition after the regular bacteria are killed. Individual bacteria don’t become resistant.

  5. If you have a cold stay in bed and take your time to recover! Antibiotics are only good if there's no other way! You can't just buy instant health!

  6. 1:44 i actually forgot what its called but theres a virus or something that exclusivley attacks bacteria and bacteria have to give up antiboitic resistance for virus defence and vice versa

  7. What they forgot to mention is that the more anti biotic bacteria is the less resistant to its greatest enemy it is virus that hunt that specific bacteria so where safe Because virus are super picky and only go after one thing and they evolved along side bacteria and still are

  8. Nope, because of the power of phages, they are still in development but in a few years resistant bacteria will be a thing of the past

  9. Thankfully we are now also using Bacteriophage
    A video here
    This might be labeled as spam

  10. hey adam experiments on viruses that hunt imune bactiria are showing results. as batria cannot be immune to both anti-biotics and viruses thus a benofical stalemate that results in offending bactira termination. cept its eperimental an not approved. ps virues only kill what their evolved to kill thus if the right virus is introduced human subjects are compleatly ignored by a otherwise deadly group of micro organisim.

  11. How about injecting phages into your body?
    Because when they become resistent to antibiotics, they become less resistant to phages, right?

  12. this is the hope for all of us
    And this is the kurzgesagt version

  13. Two silver linings here (but that makes misuse of antibiotics no less a threat):
    1) The evolution of antibiotics; we've made constant changes and so if a bacteria is resistant to a modern antibiotic, it may not be against one we used 40 years ago.
    2) Bacteriophages, recent research suggests that resistance to antibiotics comes at the cost of resistance to bacteriophages and vice versa.

  14. We can just use bacteriophages and if you think that they will grow resistance to that than they can be resistant to antibiotics or wice versa

  15. The leading cause is actually the great misuse of antibiotics in third world countries. Like patients will take antibiotics for anything.

  16. One alternative to antibiotics may be bacterial phages,who can target bacteria,and even if they become resistant to phages,theylose their resistance to antibiotics

  17. Get crispr to target the bacteria (like telling it to seek out some string of bases that only that bacteria has).

    I know this is difficult but, I would think its possible right?

  18. Not finishing the pills sont the bad thing, it ending the treatment without the okay from the doctor, who diagnosed you in the first place, is bad.

  19. ID doc here. This really is a huge problem. We’re seeing significant resistance in settings of common problems: urinary tract infections, pneumonia. Diseases that were very simple to treat with oral agents are now requiring IV antibiotics. As the healthcare community continues to misuse its limited abx repertoire, the less and less options we have with developing resistance.

    Hospitals are now mandate to have infection control and abx sterwardship departments and that has done a good job in curtailing the exponential incline of resistance. However, its only a small portion of the solution.

    Many people have mentioned fear of litigation, abx use in the farming industry and so on. All of these pieces together makes for a very secure profession for me.

    Lets not mistake. This is a huge problem and I’m glad videos like this are bringing attention to it. We need more drug development, more infection control research and so on.

  20. But Adam, reasearchers have found out that bacteriophages can be injected into the bloodstream and kill bacteria, and even if they gain resistance to that, bacteria would lose their resistance to antibiotics, this has already been tested on a man that had a serious infection in his chest, the bacteria, of which, was naturally resistant to most antibiotics, so, doctors injected not only thousands of bacteriophages directly into his chest, but also the antibiotic is was resistant to, in a few months, the infections had completely disappeared. There is still hope for mankind.

  21. I remember a video that said that you can use bacteriophages in conjunction with antibiotics to kill superbugs

  22. The propagating all over the planet with the depiction was a little exaggerated but otherwise, sure antibiotic resistance is a waxing issue

  23. You could go further than that, when I was at uni I had the joy of being in a house full of bio med students, great people but boy they loved informing me that one day bacteria will wipe out humanity. Basically bacteria evolves way too fast for us to keep up and one day we won't be able to fight it anymore #funtimes

  24. bacteria can also be treated through a experimantel form of treatment call phages they are micro organisumes that target specfic bacteria and kill them

  25. We have already found the solution to this called bacteriophage in more detail when bacteria get resistant to antibiotics it becomes venerable to bacteriophage and when bacteria get resistant to bacteriophage it becomes venerable antibiotics

  26. what about the bacteria natural predator? bacteria-phages!
    shouldnt they be able to evolve to kill bacteria? and if the bacteria becomes immune to the phages, doesnt it mean it becomes less resistent against anti-biotics?

  27. In germany the pharma companies already make tv advertisements against (mis)use of antibiotics and encourage people to ask their doctors for another treatment for their diseases if possible
    You watch them here:

  28. You can also have an allergy to some antibiotics. For example some people are allergic to penicillin. And sometimes taking those medications can kill them because the allergy is so severe. Meaning the antibiotics won’t work in that situation either.

  29. Idiot countrys like philippines sell antibiodics n small store with no prescriptions. Hel they buy 2 or 3 like an aspirin. And then they blame ur 4 problems

  30. Why are people such pussies, a cold is not that bad, it's almost unoticible, antibiotics will do nothing, even if it was bacteria, your immune system would still fight it off faster than antibiotics.

  31. So after antibiotics the next thing happens which is surprisingly better. bacteria phages or essentially putting anti bacterial missiles
    that target certain bacteria with out harming all the bacteria that you want (Ps there virus that target a certain species of bacteria and some really close relatives)

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