Add Healing Power to Your Water — vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda

Add Healing Power to Your Water — vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda

One of my favorite Ayurvedic tips for
staying youthful and healthy involves water. Now you may already drink six to
eight cups of water a day, but I have a special insight into that that comes
from this ancient health knowledge of Ayurveda and that is: temperature matters. Now, perhaps your drinking the water
room-temperature well that’s much better than drinking it cold all the time
because cold suppresses digestion and cold also impedes the flow or
peristalsis to the digestive tract. So hot water, it turns out, is the most
health producing for improving digestion, clearing the skin, helping the
elimination — it actually promotes good peristalsis which is that movement
through the digestive tract, think getting rid of toxins! This tip involves
a six-week program of simply drinking boiled hot water frequently during the
day. I say boiled because boiling it creates balance in the water. From the
Ayurvedic point of view, water is just earth and water but if you boil it, you
get air space and fire elements so you have a balance of all five elements. So
boil the water for five minutes it’ll be more cleansing and balancing for your
body then pour it into a thermos and then drink just a little
bit about every half hour that can be according to your taste or desire but at
least a few sips up to even 1/2 cup at a time. You do that throughout the day
you’ll find very quickly that you start to feel more energy. You feel that
cravings are disappearing that you feel more satisfied from what you eat and you
probably will start to lose a little weight, naturally, if you need to. If you
don’t need to lose weight and you need to gain — it’ll help you absorb your food.
In fact, I had a patient who I recommended this to and I ran into
her about a year later and I saw her from behind I didn’t recognize her. I
thought it was some young woman with some pigtails she turned around and I
said “Susan you lost some weight!” and she says oh a little I said “no, a lot!”
and she said 90 pounds. And she told me that the only recommendation she really
felt she could implement in her life was the hot water and that’s what she had
done and it just snowballed into all sorts of good changes in her eating
habits and her digestion. And she got rid of all the bad cravings so here she was
90 pounds lighter! So I wish you a very rejuvenating six weeks, so go get your
hot water boil it put in that thermos and hopefully you’ll see a lot of great
benefits and let me know how it goes.

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  1. Thank you Nancy. I am healing from ptsd with low weight, weakness and anxiety. When it comes to water, what best form of filtered water would you recommend to avoid fluoride and chemicals? Also do you recommend water sole (with Himalayan Pink salt for building up mineral deficiency and adrenal fatigue)? I know that was two questions. Thank you. I ? Ayurveda

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