6 Replies to “Addressing Patient Tdap Vaccine Safety Concerns: Nurse-Midwife Carol Hayes”

  1. Please explain, why for the longest time, us women were told by the medical industry don't take any meds at all during pregnancy and now they are telling us that its perfecting safe to get vaccinated. I would love to see some 1st world studies, ones which are done using a saline placebo. I am quite glad i am done having babies as this just doesn't sit well with me.

  2. The vaccine package inserts were made by the VACCINE MANUFACTURERS. The adverse reactions range from chronic ear infections to diabetes to autism(yes it's been proven by independent studies) and even DEATH & many other complications are far worse than the disease you’re vaccinating for.

    In fact, you can contract the disease you’re vaccinating for from the vaccine itself and many have and still are & then spreading it to others.

    You can also become an asymptomatic carrier of the artificial virus you're vaccinating to protect against. You can still spread the virus to others even though you show no symptoms.

    For example: the vaccine to prevent pertussis is designed to suppress the symptoms it's not designed to prevent the disease. Why else would they put the fear of death in new parents to assure anyone coming 10 ft of baby should be vaccinated or baby will die? It's because they know the vaccine sheds. If mom and baby are vaccinated, but dad opts out but still gets sick from shedding mom and baby then what? Questions and doubt in the effectiveness of vaccines because mom and dad wasn't aware that dads booster shot he received a few years earlier doesn't protect him.

  3. where is this clear data at? Because no safety studies have been done, especially not on pregnant women. I'm going to need you to provide the evidence that backs up what you're saying……

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