Affordable Makeup Tutorial – Breast Cancer Awareness Inspired (Jaclyn Hill Palette)

hi beauties welcome back to my channel
or if you’re new to my channel welcome I’m Jenny beauty and today I was really
inspired by the color pink for one it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month the month
of October is and I also just purchased the jaclyn hill morphe palette there was
a pink in there this pink specifically that just like caught my attention so i
was like i have to do a look using this and i thought what better look to do
than like something simple but breast cancer awareness inspired a little bit
of subtle pink and all that so here is the shade so here is the color that
really inspired me it’s a pink with like gold reflex in it i don’t know if you
can tell but it’s just just so gorgeous and i was like i need to use this so
yeah this is the look i came up with today and all the products i use except
for one is drugstore or affordable i did use the jaclyn hill palette which is
a little bit more pricey but it’s still really affordable for the quality and
the amount of shadows that you get so yeah um the only thing that wasn’t
affordable with my eyebrows and i know there’s good alternatives I just didn’t
have one so anyways if you like to see how I got this look please just keep on
watching and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel before you leave I post
new videos every week and I would love to have you watch them and also turn on
the notification bell and give me a thumbs up if you like this video alright
I’ll see you guys later bye

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