Alarming Warning About Antibiotic Resistance And Consequences

Alarming Warning About Antibiotic Resistance And Consequences

Greetings, greetings. It’s Eric Bakker, the naturopath. Thank you for looking at my video. Going to talk about antibiotic resistance
for the alarming reports we’re getting now on Google for antibiotic resistance. You know what? I’ve been beating this drum for 30 plus years. I was jumping up and down telling people not
to take antibiotics 30 plus years ago because I said the future’s going to be looking bad. In terms of medicine, we’re going to get a
lot of resistance coming up and that’s exactly what’s happening now. In fact, it’s happening a lot faster than
we realize. If you’re watching this video, I’d like you
to really understand that taking antibiotics is not a clever move in many situations. Many infections can be resolved by other means. Yet we’re very, very quick to jump on an antibiotic
even for small, very tiny little self limiting problems. We jump on antibiotics. I can appreciate why you folks out there would
be quick to jump on one because you don’t understand a lot about these kind of matters
the way people like me think about them. Antibiotics, in my mind, would have to be
one of the most powerful, strongest drugs ever created. I can guarantee it that the day will come
in medicine and in science in general when they look back on this episode in history
and realize how stupid they were and how crazy they were for actually creating drugs that
created so much death and disability with people. I just can’t understand why so many people
don’t get it through their head how devastating these drugs are. Half my time in the clinic is spent cleaning
up this kind of mess and almost every single case I see of a person, their very, very poor
gut health and an antibiotic will unpin this poor gut function. I’ve seen it not once, not twice, not 1,000
times, not 5,000 times, probably 20,000 times. I’ve seen it so much. I’ve not just been working with people with
this problem. I’ve worked with many physicians who specialize
in cleaning people up after antibiotics. I’ve been in many conferences and heard doctors
talking, telling their colleagues to stop prescribing so many antibiotics, but all these
things fall on deaf ears. Tuning it to a little bit like what Donald
Trump’s doing at the moment. Everything’s being stonewalled and whitewashed
when it comes to the environment at the moment. The global temperatures are changing. We’re not fools. We can all see this, but many people put their
head under the sand and pretend nothing’s happening. Even when things get really bad one day and
we realize it’s too late, what then? I mean, you know? We’re all part and pass of this I take it. We’re all [inaudible] of it. The point I’m trying to make in this video
is try not to take an antibiotics in most situations. Unless you’ve got a life threatening disease
and your specialist tells you you really need to take one, but I can guarantee you now in
eight or nine out of 10 cases, they’re not required. Yeah. Think about it carefully. Read more online about how dangerous these
drugs are. Don’t listen [to me. Listen to other people. Listen to many other people and be scared. Be very scared about the future in terms of
infections. If you keep using these drugs yourself, your
ability for something to really work may become very impaired in the future. I’m particularly passionate about children
being very careful with antibiotics, messing up their gut. Kids respond beautifully to natural treatments. There are many different natural medicines
we can use that are effective and clean up the gut and the bloodstream and the lymphatic
system. We don’t need to rely on antibiotics anymore. We’ve got high tech now, the high natural
medicines. We can standardize natural herbs now to make
them as powerful, if not more powerful, than antibiotics. But it all comes down to money and that’s
the sad thing. You think about. I’m warning people out there again like I
had been in the past to be very careful with antibiotic usage. Thank you for tuning in.

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  1. Greetings from Pennsylvania Dr. Bakker, Thank you for your videos. I was diagnosed with Candida in July by an alternative medicine doctor thorough blood and urine testing. To date I have had some improvements and many set backs mostly in the form of rashes. I have faithfully avoided gluten, sugar and dairy since my diagnosis. Please advise do I schedule my consultation with you first or order my comprehensive stool test x3 first? I didn’t want to just do the test without consulting with you. Also would like me to email Traci any previous test results upon scheduling my appointment with you? I just need to know the protocol so I can get my life back on track. Thanks again, Karla

  2. Eric,
    What is the correlation between food allergies & candida or candida symptoms?
    We’ve done 4 stool tests & now waiting results in FA panel…. and my skin condition is worse than ever.

    Talk to you on 12/11

  3. I have candida and a parasite infection, the doctor prescribed me antibiotics to kill the parasite, I haven't bought it. What should I do to kill parasites and bad bacteria? I follow the candida diet, since four months ago but I feel worse, my rush on my face got worse. I'm completely constipated, I do enemas to go to the bathroom. I get stomachaches often. I have a white tongue. My hands tremble. I feel so weak and can't concentrate. Sometimes I feel. like buying the antibiotic to see if it kills what I have.

  4. Whole heartedly believe in what you’re saying. Antibiotics have destroyed my gut biome and increase my inflammation. We need more natural medicine clinics!

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