AllTrials: Withholding results costs lives

Often the results of trials on treatments
which never came to market can be very important because they contain important
information about risk and important information early warnings of trouble ahead There was treatment called Locanite
which was tested in very early ninety nineties to see if it is helpfull for particular kind
of abnormal hearth rhytm. It turned out to possibly do more harm than good. There were eight to nine deaths out of a fifty people
getting Locanite and there was only one death from the people getting a dummy placebo treatment. The results of that early trial were never published. We finally found out they actually increase your chances
of dying.
Other drugs in the same class did go on to be used and the prescription of these concept drugs was so widespread that it’s been estimated perhaps over
a hundred thousand people dying potentially avoidably. Now that early trial on Locanite would have helped us to avoid
that phenomenal death toll. We know that the withholding the results of clinical
trials costs lives, wastes money, inflicts avoidable suffer and harm on patients. And so I didn’t get any longer tenable to say we didn’t know. We need immediate access to the full methods and results
of all trials on all uses of all the treatments that are currently being prescribed
to millions of patients today. Subtitles by the community

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