Alternative Medicine & Fasts : How to Do a Liver & Gallbladder Flush Fast

Hi, my name is Doctor Kim Makoi, I’m a holistic
chiropractor from San Francisco and this is how you do a liver and gallbladder flush.
There are a number of liver and gallbladder flushes out there available. Most of them
use some very common ingredients. One of the things you may want to consider doing ahead
of a liver gallbladder flush is to increase your intake of apples in the days leading
up to it or apple cider as that will help to soften the bile in the liver and the gallbladder
area, and it may help you have a more successful flush. Most of the – the simplest flush is
the one promoted in Doctor Hilda Clark’s books and that one involves drinking a mixture of
Epsom salts and water at intervals prior to ingesting about a half a cup of olive oil
mixed with grapefruit juice, and then laying down and trying to sleep through the night
so that when you wake up you get to drink some more Epsom salts and stay near the bathroom
because any time you’re doing a liver or gallbladder flush, you’re going to probably be passing
a lot of bowel movements over a short period of time. Following a successful liver or gallbladder
flush, what you will notice in the toilet are probably lots of teeny tiny little green
stones. They’re not actually stones, but they look like them. And they’re smaller than a
pea. And what those things are is basically the debris that’s been kind of gumming up
the pipes inside the liver region. If you’ve ever – if you choose to do more than one liver
or gallbladder flush, what you will find that on your second or your third flush, you won’t
get nearly as much debris out as the first one, because it took years for that kind of
buildup to build up into the liver, so that’s basically how you do a liver or gallbladder

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