Alternative Medicine | Natural Solutions for Health that Rock by Nspire Network Nutraceuticals hello everyone this is Al Rodgers out of
Orlando Florida and I’m excited and delighted to be with you today to talk
about the inspire nutraceuticals these are amazing high quality products using
cutting-edge technology by inspiring network which are mission driven people
now today I’m just gonna do a quick over over view we have the empower which is a
testosterone booster plus we have the max live prostate care plus because we
know a lot of our men are our battle with prostate issues including prostate
cancer we have the sweetness for her which is a female sexual energy
enhancement we have a taboo for him which is a male sexual enhancement
sweetest taboo sweet is tete-a-tete that copyright issues again all right and
they also have total recall memory booster then get them the brain cells
functioning but this is just a quick overview so first I want to introduce
you to our Medical Advisory Board we have two brothers we have dr. Richard
and and Steve and Steven Manette they have over 65 years of combined physician
experience now they both attended the University of Tennessee Medical School
okay and dr. Richard he actually did his training at Duke University Medical
School where as dr. Stevens did a surge of surgical surgery residency at the
University of Mississippi Medical School and see they both are excited and
they’re proud to have partnered with us as they have developed these amazing
nutraceuticals okay now you hear the term nutraceuticals and the question is
what are nutraceuticals and and how are they made well glad you asked
see nutraceuticals are defined as any food giving help giving additives and
having some medical benefit see they’re also called functional food because of
their nutritional value okay and then people you know are can
turned about the manufacturing plant so on our manufacturing plants produce the
supplements for inspire that these plants are FDA registered and compliant
they are GMP which means good manufacturing practices certified they
are in SF certified and qai organic certified okay and also we know that
these manufacturing plants they have some of the latest and greatest
technologies to make sure that that everything is done in in the proper
standards the labs we have we have in-house Quality Assurance labs that
test beyond the FDA regulations and also each product is tested by the
manufacturer when it comes in and when some of those raw materials have been
mixed they are tested again after the final product has been produced okay so
we even try to make sure we maintain the highest quality of standards when it
comes to these nutriceuticals okay now the first nutraceutical I’m
going to introduce you to is called max Life Care Plus and I’m gonna actually
talk about this some more on the next video but I’m gonna tell you this we
know many of our men have been dying from prostate cancer so we want to talk
a little bit about this max life prostate care plus in the next video so
stay tuned and you can learn more about the max life prostate care plus and our
right to fight campaign until next time this is our Rogers bye for now you

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