Alternative Medicine to Antibiotics are Probiotics

– Hey everyone. Dr. Urvi with Carmel Wellness. My question for you is,
have you been on antibiotics in the last six months? If you have been, if
you’ve had a cold or strep or anything like that,
hopefully it was not for a viral infection where
the antibiotic is ineffective, but if you were on an antibiotic, have you replenished your
gut, your digestive system, with something called Probiotics? So what are antibiotics? Anti is against, Bio is alive. So antibiotic is gonna
kill a specific strain of bacteria. Probiotics is for life. It’s gonna replenish good
bacteria into your system. So what do antibiotics do? They can be effective
specifically for strands of bacteria if you have an infection, but guess what else they do? You have trillions of good
bacteria, a microbiome, in your digestive tract that is necessary. It’s a necessity for life. Antibiotics work like an atomic bomb and blows everything
away, all the bad bacteria and all the good bacteria. Guess what? That’s bad news for you. People that deal with
recurring yeast infections, recurring infections, colds and flues is directly related to that gut
microbiome being demolished. You need to replenish with
a very, very good probiotic. There should be lots of
strains in that probiotic, and there should be multiple
cells in that probiotic. So something like a container
of yogurt or an Activia is not gonna cut it. You will have to supplement for a minimum of six months with a very
strong, high quality probiotic that has at least six
to seven strains in it and has 30 parts per billion
of the probiotic bacteria to replenish and heal your system again. This is vital for immune
health, for digestive health, for skin health. If you’re having problems
in any of these areas, please ask us. We have the highest quality probiotics, and we can assess you to
see what your body needs, what’s the best need
for you and your family. With that, I want you to
have a really healthy day. Make it a great one. Until next time, this is Dr. Urvi.

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