Alternative Remedies For Curing Common Colds

Alternative Remedies For Curing Common Colds

Common cold is actually the inflammation of
the upper respiratory tract. When a person catches cold, it is due to the viral infection
that entered his body. It usually last for 5 to 15 days, depending on the health of an
individual. Children can have colds even longer because they still have a weak immune system,
and it can affect them more often. There are alternative remedies for curing
common colds. These are proven to be effective because cold only needs proper rest and large
amount of liquid and vitamin C in order for it to disappear. The following are some of the mostly used
remedies for common colds: Lime juice – giving the patient a few glasses
of lime juice everyday will ease his problem on common colds. Mix the lime juice with warm
water and honey. It will help get rid of the cold in a very natural way. It is also best
for other cold related problems and dry coughs. Garlic soup – garlic is a very effective
ingredient in curing colds. A good supplement of garlic daily will get rid of the cold easily.
The garlic contains enzymes that have natural antiseptic properties. You can try drinking
garlic oils that is mixed with lukewarm water together with onion juice. Ginger – this is another effective alternative
remedy for curing colds. Just cut the ginger and boil it with water. After that, strain
the mixture before drinking. You can add a teaspoon of sugar into it to add a little
sweet taste. It will ease your itchy throat, cough, and other cold symptoms. Basil seeds – take a few basil seed and
mix it with ginger. Mix the two together and ground them. You can take in a few grams of
the mixture that will be taken in the morning and at night. Hot packs and baths – try putting hot packs
on your forehead to ease the feel of your runny nose. Hot baths also releases the cold
inside us. While you are bathing, try to inhale the steam that is coming from the warm water.
It will cure the dry cough inside and also the mucus from our nasals so that they can
be easily discharged. Asafetida – roast a few grams of these and
add them into your warm milk. Take it twice a day for best results. It is proven cold
remedy that is effective. Tropic Creams – these are menthol creams
that we can rub onto out chest, outer nose, and forehead. The heat on the cream will release
the cold out and make our dry cough and runny nose ease. Most people use these to cure common

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