Alternative therapies can be safe, effective for children

(slow, hopeful music) – [Narrator] Complimentary
and alternative therapies are becoming more and more
popular in the pint-size set. A University of Michigan
pediatrician discusses the use of complimentary and alternative
therapies in children, and offers advice on what
may be safe and effective, and what should be avoided. – There’re many things that we’re using in terms of complimentary medicine. We’re using acupuncture in pediatrics, we’re using dietary supplementation, we’re using herbal or botanical therapies for common conditions. Colds, maybe skin rashes such
as eczema, atopic dermatitis. I think it’s okay to use
some of the common therapies, that we do have efficacy, that you can find over-the-counter, that I think if your condition
is lasting for several days or if your child has a fever that’s lasting for several days, you really should be
consulting your physician before you try alternative therapies. There’re other alternative therapies that, in Western medicine, we may not consider, and those are things like yoga as therapy. We know it decreases blood pressure, we know it decreases sympathetic activity, which actually gives them a
sense of relaxation and calm. I think those are very, very
helpful for adolescents today. The bottom line is with
alternative medicine, there are some therapies and modalities and certainly whole
systems that are very safe, but you really should go
back to your physician, especially if you’re on
prescription medication or under the treatment of a physician for a chronic, underlying condition. (hopeful music)

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