Alternative Treatment for Single Sided Deafness (SSD) | AmpCROS vs CROS, BiCROS, & BAHA Hearing Aids

Alternative Treatment for Single Sided Deafness (SSD) | AmpCROS vs CROS, BiCROS, & BAHA Hearing Aids

18 Replies to “Alternative Treatment for Single Sided Deafness (SSD) | AmpCROS vs CROS, BiCROS, & BAHA Hearing Aids”

  1. Your videos have been such a HUGE help to me! Just this past September, I've been dealing with SSHL for my right ear; and your videos have been an absolutely invaluable resource!

    I've recently been working with an audiologist to test-drive some different SSD hearing aid options. I was first set up with an AMPCROS, which unfortunately did not work out well for me. I'm happy to hear that this option has been able to help some individuals with their tinnitus – but for me, it actually seemed to aggravate it even more than not using the system and did not provide any noticeable improvement for speech recognition or sound localization. I've now moved on to testing the standard CROS aids, and am finding much greater benefit from these! And watching your previous videos on various CROS systems has really helped me to ask the right questions when talking with my audiologist.

    Thanks again for all of your help, and keep up the great work!

  2. My doctor said that I have too thick of a scalp to have the baha attract?? Is that such thing? There’s a lot of magnet options according to cochlear. I am completely deaf and my right ear is going down too.

  3. I have a Baha Attract that has worked well for me, but when I wear hats or it’s really cold, it just doesn’t work for me! I have such thin skin, I really feel the cold on my internal magnet from the Baha.
    I have my old Widex Cros system sitting in my drawer, which I gave up on because it caused tinnitus in my bad ear.
    My question, can a Widex Cros system be turned into a AmpCros system? It would be wonderful to have both hearing options available.

  4. Hello Doc! I have a 14 years old daughter that 1 year ago lost her hearing in her left side, she still not using anything any HA , we went to like 4 different Audiologist and none of them did REM the last one not even a test cause she got the other test results from the other Audiologist but the main reason was to get the ADHEAR but oh my it cost 5,400.00 dollars! So expensive ! Of course my girl wish would be to someday hear her music on stereo. Is there a way you would look at her results? Is there an email I can send it to you and that way just get the answer that it could help her or not this Ampcros. Thank you so much for all you do for all of us. God bless you Doctor! 🙂

  5. My son just got the baha attract as the headband and adhear were both too difficult for him sensory wise. With microtia/atresia we decided this was the best way to help his hearing. Very glad we did!

  6. Hi Doc,

    Since 43 days I’ve tinnitus and hearing loss in my right ear. It was after a concert.
    My normal hearing level is around 10db.
    And at 3khz I’ve a lost of 20 dB.
    At 4Khz I’ve 35 dB.

    My ENT says that I’ll totally recover from that as I’m very young. I’m only 19. I did the audiogram 4days after noise exposure so I don’t know if it has improved but I’ll do another one soon.

    My main question is : is it possible to recover from hearing loss due to noise exposure ? If yes, how many times will it take ?

    I’m thinking about doing HBOT, what do you think about it ?

    Sorry for the mistakes, English isnt my mother language.

  7. I have been using Phonak Bicros technology from 3 years ago. I am really interested in the new Marvel hearing aid utilizing ampcros. What other features are disabled by utilizing the phone mode to transmit the sound? Is battery life shorten? Very Interesting videos!!

  8. Just have to say "Thanks for the shout-out" and give my own 2-cents and try to help on some of the questions. Dr. Olson's video is excellent (as usual). Just too short for me considering I love this topic!

  9. I tried an AmpCROS setup and the HAs kept disconnecting from each other. It really took away from the utility of the solution.

  10. I'm in the process of picking out hearing aids. I didn't even realize what I was missing in my right ear. Long story…but ive been spending lots of time on youtube and your videos.  I've learned a lot and I'm telling everyone to get their ears checked.  I'm testing out Phonak Marvel and I love them. I can't image what they will be like once mine are set to me.  These trial Phonaks are amazing already.

  11. Do you think they are going to allow cochlear implants for SSD in the USA, I have a baha, but I think the cochlear implant will even be more beneficial

  12. @Doctor Cliff, AuD Thank you for explaining what an AmpCROS is. After looking at the advantages and disadvantages of it. I'll just rather pursue the "traditional" BiCROS "system". I'm profoundly deaf in my right ear and moderately deaf in my left. Currently, I'm just using one hearing aid in my "good" left ear. Looking around, it looks like the best CROS / BiCROS hearing setup would be the Phonak Audeo B / BiCROS setup. Wish they would make the Audeo Marvel into a CROS/BiCROS capable system.

  13. Thank you for your videos. They have been very helpful.
    AmpCros… it was never suggested to me as an option but I think it would be suitable. Today was my first day with the CROS B-R and Audeo BR. Watching TV was not so great and got me thinking about why there wasnt something like ampcros…then I found this video.
    Do you think it will be developed further in the near future? Is the current sacrifice in features still offering a better experience than a CROS BR + Audeo BR system?

  14. Thank u very much for all that amazing information. You explain it so well and detailed. Its helped me understand alot so thank u so much!!

  15. I have hearing loss in my right ear for 7 months now and muffled hearing like if i will listen to music and some certain sounds with high pitch noise my both ears will hurt and the right ear will hurt more and i have tinnitus too. I had Scans i checked my hearing with an audiologist and i met neurologists. It is very annoying and strange because when i listen to music with hesdphones i hear better in my left ear but i don't have any problems in conversations and i can hear well if my parents are calling me from distance and my door is shut. It is very very mysterious for me and it was a very depressing and cofusing road for me and it still is. So my question is: will it get better? I know most chances it will not but i'm just tired and want to know and i'm not scared if it's permanent anymore.. i'm 17 by the way

  16. Recently I acquired this hearing problems solution “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it) for my dear grandmother who`s a little losing her hearing. Luckily, she didn`t protest and she started to use them based on the instructions. She says she seems to hear things a lot clearer than ever before and this is true because she doesn`t constantly say "excuse me" or "what" as much as she used to. .

  17. There is certainly a very distinct change from before used hearing problems treatment “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it) and my hearing now; and it has only been 8 weeks since I started utilizing it. Sometimes, I can still hear the ringing sound, but I could hear every word clearly now. I no longer drive people away because I can keep up with conversation longer because of my improved hearing. I feel uplifted when I attend partied and reunions. I also notice a change in my moods these days. .

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