Alternative Treatments for Autism

Alternative Treatments for Autism

“Alternative Treatments for Autism” Many, if not the majority, of families
with a child suffering from autism pursue dietary and nutritional
approaches as components of treatment. Estimates of the use of alternative
therapies range from 28 to 95%, with special diets or dietary supplements
the most frequently cited approach. Why so common? Perhaps parents are acting on suspicion
or distrust of standard medical practices, or a desire not to have
their children “drugged,” considering alternative approaches
more safe, natural, holistic, but it also could simply be
because the drugs don’t work. Pharmacological interventions
in autism are mainly aimed at reducing associated symptoms:
calm them down, help them sleep, but have no effect on the core symptoms
of ASD—autism spectrum disorders, like the social withdrawal,
abnormal behaviors. Only two drugs have been approved
for the treatment of autism, and both just target an
associated symptom, irritability, rather than the core
deficits of the disorder. Both drugs also have
significant side effects including weight gain and sedation. It’s no surprise then that parents
seek alternative therapies. OK, but do the alternatives
work any better? In the alternative medicine
literature, you’ll see a lot of this kind of attitude:
evidence schmevidence, as long as the treatment isn’t
harmful, why not give it a try? Or even going further to
suggest trying a treatment even if the evidence
is stacked against it, because hey, maybe your
kid’s the exception. I’m sympathetic to that thinking. Unfortunately, there are many
unscrupulous charlatans out there eager to take advantage of parents desperate to try anything
that sounds like it might help. These researchers report
receiving several emails a week from practitioners offering
“the cure” for autism (often for the “low, low price” of $299) reporting, to their horror, at how
these emails use guilt and guile to manipulate families: “If you really loved your child, wouldn’t
you want to leave no stone unturned?” When challenged, many such
practitioners of these supposed cures will say things like, “I know it works,”
“I’ve seen it work,” or “I don’t want to spend
time and money testing it when I could be helping
children right away!” The researchers urge parents
to run, not walk, away from any treatment that claims
to be too good for science. All treatments should be
subjected to the rigor of well-designed, double-blind,
placebo-controlled clinical trials. Our children deserve no less. Parents try them anyway, often
without even telling their physicians, noting a perceived unwillingness
among doctors to even consider potential benefits of alternatives, which I think arises because we’ve
been burned so many times before. High-profile examples of ineffective
or even dangerous complementary and alternative therapies have led to
a general mistrust of and distaste for anything believed to be outside the box. Take the secretin story. Improved social and language skills,
improved core autism symptoms after secretin administration. Secretin is a gut hormone
involved in digestion. It’s used in a diagnostic
test for pancreatic function. And so they were just doing
this test on some children who just happened to have autism, and to their surprise within
weeks of administering the test there was a dramatic improvement
in the children’s behavior: improved eye contact,
alertness, and language. Understandably, this
sparked a media frenzy; parents scrambled to find the stuff,
leading to a black market for the drug. What makes an interesting television
program may not, of course, be the same as what
makes for good science. You’ve got to put it to the test. A randomized, controlled trial on the
effect of secretin on children with autism, and no significant effects were found, though the study used porcine
secretin, pig hormones. Maybe human secretin
would work better? And the answer is
no, apparently not. Lack of benefit from
human secretin, too. But, no.
Look at the data. Secretin totally worked. One shot of secretin and autism
behaviors dropped within days! But the same thing happened injecting nothing, injecting saline,
injecting water. That’s why we do
placebo-controlled studies. The widespread circulation
of those anecdotal reports of the miraculous benefits of secretin
may have raised expectations so much that it biased parents into
perceiving improvement, explaining the effects
of the placebo injection. In this way, ineffective treatments
can become widely accepted, even if there’s no evidence
to back them up, exemplified by the fact that most parents
in the study still remained interested in secretin even after being
told that it didn’t work. They just couldn’t give up hope. So the autism community continued
to press: I mean, it’s just got to work. In the end, 16 randomized, placebo-
controlled trials were performed involving more than 900 children,
and no evidence of benefit was found. None of the studies revealed
significantly greater improvements in measures of language,
cognition, or autistic symptoms when compared to pretending
to give the kids drugs but actually giving them
nothing at all. In the absence of effective and
affordable treatments for autism, parents of children with the
disorder are extremely vulnerable to extravagant claims of potential cures. In the case of secretin, it was
like a perfect storm of factors that propagated the myth, prompting
a frenzy of secretin purchases by thousands of parents, often at hundreds
or even thousands of dollars per dose. The “secretin story” shows
why it’s so important to subject proposed treatments
to scientific scrutiny, instead of just accepting
anecdotal reports as proof.

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  1. Waiting eagerly for your updated upcoming video on oxalates you referred to in one of your recent videos as a big spinach and chard eater. That's why I love, not afraid to completely u-turn on previous statements if proven wrong by new studies unlike most other sites and medical practitioners who're afraid they may look bad or simply too stubborn. Dr. Gregor and his team always bring the latest updated info to keep us informed and healthy!! For that I thank you and your hard working team ? and I'm not even Vegan??

  2. Low Carb High Fat seems to improve autism in milder cases. (Google it to find information based on research)

    Which makes sence. The brain is mostly fat, so fat will improve brain maintenance and efficiency.

  3. Speaking as an Autistic adult, the reason the drugs, and other treatments, don't work, is because – and I can not stress this enough – Autism is not a disease! It is a developmental difference. There is no "cure". The Autistic brain is wired differently. Some drugs or therapies can, potentially, help with easing certain symptoms, such as anxiety, but there is no "cure". As much as 'Autism Speaks' (an organisation which no-one I know, who is on the spectrum, supports – some of whom have even voiced their objections regarding the organisation's ethics and approach) seems to wish there was. All this talk about "curing" autism just serves to deepen the stigma surrounding it.

  4. Dr. Gregor needs to have a look see.
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    Dr. Lumir Hanus  – Why is Cannabis Such a Successful Medicine
    Cannabis Against Cancer Dr. Christina Sanchez PhD.,  Mara Gordon, Dr. Dennis Landaverde, Andrea Cartin MD

    Dr. Blair on inflammation and CBD

  5. just get rid off all protein sources, plant ones more so than animal ones actually
    grains legumes no bueno, scratch up ur insides, give u candida because of it, tired, bloated, low water body percent, betacuck-look
    not goooooooooooooooood

  6. More research dollars proving the immense strength of the placebo effect. No wonder big pharma like pushing pills that don't really work…

  7. Autistic patients tend to have an unique microbiome, defined and distictive among the general population. I've read that theyr dysbiosis could be corrected with the use of probiotics, prebiotics and FMT; but only a microbial profilling before and after the adninistration of these treatments, along with psychological and neurological assessment, could prove real benefit on those patients.

  8. I know you are a vegan, Dr. Greger, but I would like to hear what you have to say about Keto diet on children with seizures.  Would this be something effective for Autistic children?

  9. Reminder that captions for all videos are available in several languages. To find yours, click on the settings wheel on the lower-right of the video and then "Subtitles/CC." Thanks for watching! -NF Team

  10. Following a plant-based diet has really helped me in managing my schizophrenia. My cognitive function has improved and both my positive and negative symptoms are more tolerable. I’m not saying I am in any way cured, but my quality of life has improved significantly.

  11. I would implore any parent of a child on the Autism spectrum to check out the NEMECHEK PROTOCOL for Autism. There are so many unprecedented recoveries going on with this new protocol, including my own son. My son has been on the protocol for about 8 months now and the changes have been HUGE! Daily MELTDOWNS – GONE! He used to immediately cover his ears with ANY loud noise – NOT ANY MORE. He now PLAYS WITH OTHER KIDS (not just playing near other kids). His school want to DROP him from some of the special education services he's been receiving, but no longer needs (that's a good thing). He truly acts like a different kid than he was 8 months ago and CONTINUES TO PERMANENTLY IMPROVE every day/week/month. This protocol is SIMPLE – NO expensive doctor visits, NOT a huge pile of supplements daily (been there, done that with him, but not any more), NO expensive tests, etc. You can get more FREE info about this by Google-ing 'Nemechek Protocol Autism'. The doctor has generously put an easy to understand summary of the protocol on his website blog and also has a great, inexpensive book with more details. IMPORTANTLY, he explains the CAUSE of the developmental differences in our kids – and how to suppress the causes, that then lead to RESTORING proper Neurological function (you can read the details on his blog or more in his book). I emphasize that this is NOT a 'quick fix' – this simply allows the brain to properly develop/heal itself (by removing the CAUSE) and thus improvements will slowly but surely come. Besides buying his inexpensive book, I have no affiliation whatsoever to this doc/protocol and he is NOT selling any expensive supplements, visits, etc (no conflict of interest). I have spent thousands of hours of research, over the last couple years of my life, finding out everything I can about ASD and I know what a frustrating situation it can be. I have given my son a 'pile' of supplements, taken him to a very expensive supposed 'specialist' doctor (was very well intentioned, but didn't get my son permanently better like the Nemechek Protocol has) and had him on a GFCFSF diet (which he is now off after healing a few months on the protocol). Unfortunately, because it is new and so cheap and who's going to fund it?, there are no current double blind studies, so Dr. Greger will not likely report on this, but this is real. Check out the tons of people telling their success stories on his blog and the couple Facebook groups. To quickly summarize the protocol (read the blog and/or book for more details please), my son (who is currently 7yo, almost 8) takes DHA (fish oil), Inulin fiber and some EVOO (olive oil) every day – SIMPLE AS THAT (hard to believe, but true)! The only other main restrictions are no high Omega 6 vegetable oils (no soybean oil, etc) and absolutely NO probiotics (this was actually the key that brought me onboard this protcol as when I gave my son probiotics, as told by my DAN Doctor, my son's behavior actually got WORSE – read the book/blog, it explains why)! My son is on NO prescription drugs and no other restrictions (ok, full disclosure, I give my son some broccoli sprouts in a smoothie daily as per another video by Dr Greger, but I don't believe this is related to the major gains he has seen, just a healthy, helpful start to his day). An unprecedented miracle has happened to my son. It is possible. This is 100% real. I'm not selling anything here. I was not sure if my son would ever 'leave the nest' (I love my son dearly and would care for him as long as needed), but I wish a 'normal' happy life for him, not dependent on anyone. A year ago, before finding this protocol, I did not have any realistic hope he would have that 'normal' life, but now I see it happening. Every day is a miracle for me. There is nothing more I could want than the amazing gains I have seen in my son.

  12. What a useless video. If you are a doctor and really want to change the world you yourself put to the test these trials instead of just reporting on them. I came here for alternative medicine information hoping to hear something and all I got was disappointing information.

  13. A fact that is denied at all cost is that Vaccines are responsible for autism and all kinds of developmental disorders.

  14. I’m not a doctor, but some autism seems to be triggered by vaccinations. Amy Lansky, who is a doctor, wrote a book about how her son developed autism after being vaccinated, and how he was cured through homeopathy. Very interesting. A ray of hope in a very dark subject perhaps.

  15. Would love for someone to help me get my Autistic son to eat a plant based diet. He refuses to eat anything from a plant. I have tried everything. My son is beyond picky when it comes to food. So much so if i cut his sandwich the wrong way he won't eat it. I know what he needs to eat heck i NEED to eat the same things, but getting him to eat it?? That is the problem.

  16. As a parent of a child with autism, I don't understand the drive for a cure. These kids aren't broken! They're highly gifted beautiful, wonderful people! Yet the goals of all the therapies and teachers I've known seem to be conformity. Get the kids to start acting like everyone else. No! Not gonna happen. Why can't we just accept people as they are? Autism has always been around. If we keep rushing to weed autism out of the human race, we're going to end up 'curing' the next Einstein right out of existence.

  17. So, that was one drug, and it was an interesting example. However, you started the video saying that diet and nutritional components were the most common alternatives. Have any of those been "put to the test?" (Ketogenic diet, for example.)

  18. I remember hearing about secretin years ago when I was in a parent group run by Doctors and Nurses whose children had Autism. It was a biological treatment based group. I was trying to learn the cause of my sons Autism. The mad dash for secretin meant that only these professionals could obtain it, and there were shortages of secretin for several years after. I wanted to try the secretin patch on my son, but could never obtain it.

    However, after some trial and error, we found things that worked for my son and he is now doing very well.

    I agree with some on the spectrum that Autism is a different way of being in the world. However, many of the symptoms are related to illness associated with it. Working to deal with the health issues helped my son and several others to minimize some of the most inconvenient behaviors and symptoms.

    I think that forcing a child or adult to "act normal" when their symptoms are caused by pain and discomfort, and illness is abusive.
    We tried risperdol and it caused a ton of side effects. A friends son gained so much weight so rapidly that both his ankles collapsed and he had to have ankle surgery on both legs. I think that psychoactive drugs used for Autism are mostly just sedatives, and they can cause permanent brain damage when used long term. And they do nothing to address the cause of it or cure any associated illness. Drugging them risks damping down their inherent positive characteristics in favor of just making them appear to be more easily managed. They can, in effect, be used as chemical straight jackets.

    My son was enrolled in research because there was no other evidence-based treatment available at the time. This was a behavior modification program. It seemed to work like a rehabilitation treatment after a stroke works; tons of practice and repetition. After 5 1/2 years, ABA taught him to speak, but he still had odd behaviors, obsessions, anxiety, insomnia, irrational fears, food aversions, meltdowns, hand flapping, selective hearing, exaggerated startle reflexes, aversion to loud noises and bright lights. All these things went away with the alternative things we did.

    I tend to really listen when doctors who have children with autism find things that really work. A lot of the things that have helped us came from parents getting together and funding research or sending their pediatrician to trainings on evidence based modalities.

    You never know what is going to work until you try it. I didn't want to wait 20 years for the definitive double-blind controlled study to come out, since at the time it was believed that early intervention, before age 5, when the language window of the brain closes, was imperative. It's sad that it is now 20 years later and we are no closer to any consensus about what causes autism or what to do about it, and certainly, no official cure in sight.

    I really liked the newsletter that was published by Dr. Bernard Rimland, himself a parent of a child with autism, that was a synopsis of all the available research and studies at the time. It included the references to the actual research studies. It seemed well edited and it was not dependent on industry funding. I think, in general, parents are after the truth, and don't care what the latest fads are, they just want relief for their children and families. I, personally, think prevention is the best option.

    However, those that are funding exclusively research on genetics scare me because discovering the genes could lead to mass abortion of fetuses with certain genetic markers. I'm not for the genocide of an entire genetic line of susceptible people. Furthermore the several genes that have been linked to autism have all been on the immune system. Which I think means that we have an environmental cause, a man-made cause.

    There is no such thing as a genetic epidemic.

    When my son was diagnosed, he was an oddity. It was very rare, a 1 in 5,000 occurrence. I felt very alone, my son was misunderstood, and bullied. I had to go to take special training to learn how to manage my son. However, I don't feel any better now that there is 1 in 60 children with Autism. Genetic mutations don't happen that fast. Blaming faulty genes just points the smoking gun – the evidence we choose to look at – at the victims of whatever caused this, and if we continue to do that, we will never find a cure, or an effective treatment, if the cause still remains.

  19. Maybe prevention is better? Postpone early baby vaccinations and avoid exposure to other children for the first few years…

  20. Yeah we all need our kids to be Lab Rats and all those who want to test chemicals let's all just that's some poor innocent animal because well they don't matter it's better if they die then a human right? Common Sense dictates address digestive issues which are directly connected to imbalances in the brain duh nobody here ever heard of gaps minus the animal products? You don't need to go through a middleman to get what you want that's like stabbing somebody along the way to find your treasure just because they happen to be on your path makes no sense but then I find most men don't make any sense and the ones that are in medicine make less sense now let's talk about it you're not a doctor your medicine man what is a medicine man he writes prescriptions he gives inoculations he gives vaccines he he he he he he is nothing more than a mad scientist who needs proof of something that already exists because he's a non-believer there's your science nature doesn't need proof the Ancients and the tribal communities that exist and operate the way they always have don't need proof the proof comes from experimentation with plant medicines and most of them are not dangerous the ones that are they've learned not to mess with and the ones that do are looking to Trump God. This isn't a religious statement this is a fact

  21. Is it any wonder why parents distrust pharma when treating their autistic child, when it was a pharma product that is responsible for them being autistic? All treatments should be subjected to the rigor of well-designed, double -blind, placebo controlled clinical trials? Why? Vaccines aren't. There are NO studies on vaccine safety. Just ask the NIH, whose job it is to provide these studies. They've never done any.

  22. Autism is HUGELY impacted by excito-toxins in our foods including "natural flavors", "spices", "seasonings", "citric acid", "yeast extract" and many others that they use nowadays, to make sure we become addicted to food, which are all code for M.S.G.or glutamic acid. Look what this PhD biochemist Mom found happened to her autistic daughter after she removed all grocery items with this exito-toxin from her diet. Note the before and after behavior. Then see how much of the food we buy has it.

    Not only that but it affects ALL mental nervous disorders and many other conditions.

  23. Any alternative treatment I try for my son has been run through my own standard of efficacy. I ask other parents, I talk to my son's biomedical/integrative specialist sometimes, but the one thing that is the catalyst for inclusion is failure. If a study has been performed for vitamin B6 or Carnosine or Sulphurophase supplementation, I look for the failures. If they say that only a certain percentage were recovered, then another percentage had some improvement, then another percentage didn't improve at all, then I will try it. It feels honest to me. Also, knowing not to treat with one supplement alone. These treatments that the body should make or that should come from the foods our kids refuse to eat work in tandem with other nutrients. They should neve be given alone. It will cause more harm than good.


    Is Marijuana the World’s Most Effective Treatment for Autism?

    It’s morning in Nahariya, a tiny Israeli town near the Lebanese border, and 4-year-old Benjamin is repeatedly smashing his head against the wall. He spins wildly in circles, screeching at full volume. As his mother tries frantically to calm him, he pulls down his pants and defecates on the floor.

    When they leave their apartment, Benjamin wrestles free of her hand and nearly runs into oncoming traffic. Sharon attempts a trip to the supermarket but leaves before she finishes shopping because her son is screaming while he picks up items and throws them to the floor.

    That was in October 2016, and typical of most days at the time. Sharon, a single mother who moved to Israel from the United States one year earlier, was alone and losing control. Benjamin was taking Ritalin, a drug usually associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which he did not have. He’d also tried the antipsychotic ziprasidone and a mix of antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs. None of them helped, and he often became more hyperactive as they wore off.

    All that changed a year ago, when Benjamin started taking marijuana. In the little apartment he shares with his mother, mornings are now relaxed and orderly. His transformation may signal the arrival of a long-awaited and desperately needed healing for the many others just like him: children living with severe autism.

  25. It's sad that so many are taken advantage of. I hope that those that do make such claims get fined and/or arrested!!!

  26. 0:55 What’s wrong with social withdrawal? I had to go through years of being told to be sociable and join in as a child, until I was old enough to please myself and stop being sociable and joining in. I only do social stuff under sufferance and have learned to accept it as “something other people seem to like doing”. I don’t have a problem with other people enjoying socializing but not everyone wants that. It’s all normal.

  27. Hello Dr. Michael Greger. Ich hope you are well.

    I have a important question about a health issue of my little doughter Hannah (7 years old).

    She have laryngeal papillomatosis and we don't know what to do. I take research on many books and the internet but I couldn't find anything which help us.

    Her mother and me live separated and Hannah is visiting me 2-3 times a week. On my opinion a whole food plant based diet could maybe help her a lot but her mother thinks that this kind of diet isn't healthy.Unfortunately she says her opinion to Hannah and she is confused what to believe. I am vegan for 5 years and when Hannah is visiting me she gets vegan meals (green smoothies,rice,beans, lentiles,advocadoes…). I take also care about Vitamin B12, Vitamin D Levels and ratio of Omegaa3/Omega 6. But the situation is getting more and more difficulty for me as a dad because Hannah believes more and more what her mother is tolding her.

    Have you any experience with this kind of health issue and study's that show, that a plant based diet help? Is their any food which maybe could increases the growth of the laryngeal papillomatosis (dairy products because of increasing igf1 levels?).

    I don't know what to do. Can you maybe help me?

    My email address is:

    [email protected]

    Matthias Beer

  28. Autism cannot be "treated" any more than one can treat blue eyes or homosexuality. There is no "cure" for autism because it is not a disease. People do not "have autism:" they are born autistic.

  29. The Truth About Vaccinations……

    Medical doctors and PhD scientists who explain clearly why vaccines are not safe or effective. 

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  30. There is a natural medicine in India for ADHD and also mind relaxing in kids called Brahmi. Please check Amway nutrilite has identified the importance of Brahmi and they have supplements of Brahmi.

  31. They say the gut is the second brain so I would love to see double blind studies of using a whole food plant based diet to treat autism. I work with kids on the spectrum and they all seem to be addicted to junk food. I wonder if that has something to do with the severity or the overall case. When my son was diagnosed with autism I never considered diet as a treatment because no one ever told me it could be a factor. If I could go back and try it I would. However, I found The Son Rise treatment worked really well. He is 19, a recent graduate and working. He is about to try for his drivers license and getting ready to move out soon. I only wish he would eat better.

  32. Great and much needed video! We have autism in our family. I'm deeply concerned about the vulnerability of families with autism and the scams out there.

  33. Has there been a test with l glutamine and people with asd? I am highly sensive and in a way they look a bit alike. The bit that its so difficult to filter all impressions that we get. Using the l glutamine has improved my filter and made my life a lot easier.

  34. Genetics, proper nutrient intake and favorable environment = healthy humans

    So Damn simple, yet you fail to see it.

  35. With this video, Dr. Greger has done a great service to parents of ASD kids. Scammers love to prey on the most desperate!

  36. I was about to be "triggered" when I saw the title coupled with the thumb nail of multiple syringes, thinking 'oh man not you too please dont fabricate a link with autism and vaccines'. However this video is pleasantly surprising with rationality and sound logic. He raises quality points.

  37. Whilst all humans deserve love and respect and have equal value, as someone who works with autistic children, I firmly believe that if the rates of this condition keep going up, our society is doomed. Most of these kids won't work, and many need round the clock care. It's not a normal way to be, and should not be accepted as such.

  38. Bastard. Evil Hell-spawned pro-disease anti-science shithead. This vial homicidal sociopath pile of shit belongs in prison, then sent back to Hell where he came from.

  39. An outstanding timely important contribution.
    Thank you.

    Especially when it comes to your health, always beware of unscrupulous profiteering charlatans and science haters.

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