An Urban Food Forest and Therapy Garden

An Urban Food Forest and Therapy Garden

– Now we’re going to show you two more case studies, Lana and Angelo. Now they’ve started off as my students, with no previous experience and now I’m very pleased to say, they’re my friends and my colleagues in permaculture. Now if there’s one thing
I want you to take away from this video, and
what you should take away from this video is not everyone
is born a permaculturist. This is a design system you can learn. It’s a set of tools in
which you then understand how to interact with the world
in a really positive way. This is a system of design
and you can learn it. (light music) – When I did your course,
everything, all the bits, all the fragmented
information that I had about gardening and swales
and contours and water it all just started going. The amount of times I
went “yeah, oh yeah!” – Initially I basically went
in to expand my interest and I didn’t think much more would change, other than just sort of
learning a lot more about gardening sustainably, but
something really profound happened during the PDC. All the students seem
to have experienced it. We called it the permaculture experience.

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  1. Hey Geoff, I really adore your work and your anthusiasm about it. Though I wish you could put more valuable information into your videos, talking about your projects in detail so that everybody can learn from it. This is what is also a permaculture principle – sharing your knowledge. Your recent videos were kind of superficial like commercials.

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