Anamarta’s Jade Egg Holistic Practice Endorsement by Dr. Usha Dodhal

[Music] no mistake I’m a doctor I’m a doctor in alternative medicine and the holistic medicine also a moralistic counselor working in India running my on a very non center called with a holistic healing and teaching centre there where I made first time my lovely Anna Martha and from that time the journeys on when first time she told me about it I was really surprised because I never heard that there can be something so amazing women can use or learn and experience and practice to empower themselves and come up as beautiful divas I I feel very connected to this process because I am self-motivated to work for women including myself so this Jada came to me like a kid I think this is a very very precious knowledge if one can conceive it understand it and learn it and specially for as I said it’s for women definitely all women need it doesn’t matter from which region which country wherever they are that power I experienced from her seeing her Anna Martha I’m talking about when I saw her and I see that she’s exactly reflecting what she said the combination of beauty and grace and creativity and I feel like this is all she experienced but this practice even that was the initiation time it’s already been 10 years now I know where she is and how she’s shining in the world but I will definitely recommend this practice to every women because it changed lot in me my perception about how women can empower and acknowledge their true self and their true strengths and how they can remove there are all those hidden damages and blockages with the many beautiful practice so I mean it’s never knew enough word to experience or to say that what you experienced but highly recommended this this practice I really feel inspired and I welcome to her in a Buddha Hall in 2008 where she did her first beautiful and amazing workshop so her initiation start from India and for Indian and Western women they were combination I saw that amazing effect on everyone she’s sharing this knowledge everywhere but I’m still hoping that we’ll do more in India for more in in women’s and then I will see them like how you know everybody is like shining as a goddess everywhere spreading their power spreading their strength and spreading that creative blessings what they have so yeah sure Robert now would really like take the automata with me India forever it’s not possible because she’s spreading her wings everywhere in the world and I really wish for her more and more for that [Music]

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