Anthrax and Antibiotics: Anthrax is Deadly. Antibiotics Could Save Your Life.

Anthrax and Antibiotics:  Anthrax is Deadly. Antibiotics Could Save Your Life.

[ Music ] Anthrax is a type of bacteria that can make you
seriously sick. It can be used as a
bioterrorism weapon. Although this is very
scary, there is medicine that can keep you from getting
sick, if that ever happened. Even though an anthrax
attack is unlikely, you should still know
what to do just in case. Anthrax can be released
in a city quietly and without anyone knowing. It’s microscopic, and
you may not be able to see, taste, or smell it. Just a small amount of anthrax
can make a lot of people sick. If you breathe in anthrax,
it goes into your lungs. When anthrax germs
are inside your body, they start to grow and multiply. This could happen quickly or
it could take a long time. Once it starts to grow, Anthrax
releases toxins or poisons that attack your body and
make you sicker and sicker. Anthrax isn’t contagious. You can’t catch it from another
person the way you might a catch a cold or the Flu. If you breathed in anthrax,
the first thing you would need to do is take antibiotics. There are several
types of antibiotics that can protect
you from anthrax. During an emergency, health officials would
make announcements about where to get them. Antibiotics work in 2 main
ways, by killing the anthrax or by stopping the
anthrax from growing. When the anthrax can’t
grow anymore, it dies. It’s important to take
antibiotics right away before you feel sick. So the medicine can
spread out in your body to find the anthrax germs before
they start to make toxins. This help keep you
from getting sick. It could take a long time
for antibiotics to get rid of all the anthrax in your body. It could even take months. That’s why you need to keep
taking your antibiotics for as long as you are
directed, even if you feel fine. If you stop taking antibiotics
before you’re supposed to stop, the anthrax can start
growing and make you sick. Antibiotics are your best chance for staying healthy
throughout an anthrax attack. They could even save your life. In some emergency situations,
health officials may decide to offer an anthrax vaccine to
boost the body’s immune system. You would still need
to take antibiotics, but the vaccine can give
you added protection. Anthrax is scary,
but understanding that there is something
you can do to protect yourself
is important. To stay healthy during
an anthrax attack, take the antibiotics you
are given, keep taking them, and follow the instructions
given to you by health officials. Prepare yourself
by learning more at c-d-c-dot-gov-slash-anthrax.

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  1. This killed one of our neighbors. We all had to take Ciprofloxacin. He worked for American Media Corporation. His wife won a lawsuit from the US Government.
    250 million dollars. Too bad the hospital and doctors never saw this video.

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