Antibiotic resistance animation video by JPIAMR

often we hear about antibiotic resistance but what does this mean bacteria are single-cell organisms disease-causing bacteria trigger illnesses such as throat infection or some ear infections antibiotics are drugs used for fighting infections caused by bacteria they reduce illnesses and even death from infectious diseases however although antibiotics have many beneficial effects their overuse has contributed to the problem of antibiotic resistance antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria change so that the effectiveness of antibiotics is reduced or eliminated the bacteria survive and continue to increase in number causing more damage bacteria can do this through several mechanisms some bacteria developed the ability to neutralize the antibiotics others can pump the antibiotics out of the cell or even change the antibiotic attack site so it cannot affect the function of the bacteria exposure to antibiotics therefore provide Selective pressure which makes the surviving bacteria more likely to be resistant and hence continue to proliferate the resistance is usually coded by DNA and can be transferred to other bacteria antibiotic resistance is a global problem for all of us some infections cannot be cured today with our current antibiotics therefore 19 member states have joined forces in the joint program initiative on antimicrobial resistance the joint program provides the platform for initiating and coordinating the actions needed to reduce antibiotic resistance

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