Antibiotic Resistance Is a HUGE Problem!

Antibiotic Resistance Is a HUGE Problem!

I’m going to talk a little bit about bacterial
resistance to antibiotics, and about the nightmare that’s occurring globally now, which could
potentially be a catastrophe when it comes to using antibiotics and bacteria.
I’ve got an interesting document here, which I got off the internet, from the Centers for
Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, “Antibiotic Resistance Threats in the US.”
“Antibiotics are powerful tools for fighting illness and disease, but overuse of antibiotics
has helped create bacteria that are outliving the drugs used to treat them. Antibiotic resistance
is quickly growing. It’s an extremely dangerous problem. The World Health leaders have described
antibiotic resistant bacteria as “nightmare” bacteria that pose a catastrophic threat to
people in every country in the world. Each year in the United States, at least 2
million people become infected with bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, and 23,000
people die every single year as a direct result of these infections. Many more people die
from other conditions that were complicated by an antibiotic resistant infection. In addition
to all this, 250,000 are hospitalized or require hospitalization and they get clostridium difficile
every year in the U.S. An infection that is related to antibiotic use.
We need to be cautious with antibiotics. If we keep overprescribing these like doctors
do, we’re going to end up with massive problems. These bacteria are getting quite clever because
they end up outsmarting the drugs. They start really shifting genetically. And not only
that, they can actually affect other bacteria as well and help those bacteria outsmart antibiotics.
When you think about it, if you keep using antibiotics for small things like cuts or
scratches or little wounds, you’re going to get stronger and more virulent strains of
bacteria that eventually will become impossible to counter with any kind of antibiotic. I
see much too much overprescribing of antibiotics in my country, in New Zealand, and I’m sure
in America, the problem is even worse. Because I’ve got patients over there that can actually
ring up the drugstore or the chemist and actually just order them and say, “Send me some antibiotics.”
You can’t do that here in New Zealand, but you can do that in America.
On top of all that, we’re using way too many antibiotics in the food chain, and particularly
in the poultry chain. I’ve spoken about this before. So if you’re eating commercial chicken,
there’s a big chance that you’re also getting a load of antibiotics in that. You get it
in the beef chain, in the chicken chain; there are even antibiotics now in farm fish. Unless
you’re eating clean meat, you’re going to get some level of antibiotics in there.
I want you to be really cautious about antibiotic use. Antibiotic use and particularly the overuse
and abuse of antibiotics are one of the biggest causes of yeast infections. Sugar or sweet
diets on top of using antibiotics and you’re basically a sitting duck for a yeast infection.
Some of my worst cases of Candida I’ve seen in patients are from people who routinely
use antibiotics. What you can do to protect yourself against
drug resistant infections. There are many ways you can help prevent the creation or
spread of resistance. First, when you’re sick, don’t demand antibiotics. So don’t immediately
go to your doctor and say, “I need an antibiotic. I’m sick.” Think about natural ways. The body
has got a powerful immune response. If you’ve got a particularly good adrenal and thyroid
glandular system, you’re going to have a very powerful immune response. People who are under
stress particularly will have a lowered response. If you find yourself continually getting sick
over and again, you may want to get your thyroid checked out. You may want to get your adrenal
function checked out. Many people I see with adrenal fatigue or various levels of adrenal
fatigue and particularly thyroid dysfunction have got a poor immune system. How the heck
can you fight bacteria if you’ve got a poor defense system that’s built into our own bodies?
There’s no point relying on drugs if your immune system can’t be powered up itself.
Make sure that you get plenty of rest, lots of good food to eat, and you don’t need to
stress out about too many things in your life. This is how you’re going to weaken your immune
function. What’s the point in taking drugs if you’ve got a poor immune function?
It’s saying here, “When taking antibiotics, don’t skip doses. Make sure you follow the
directions.” Most of my patients have not taken antibiotics for years, and I don’t recommend
the regular use of antibiotics at all for people. Proper lifestyle habits and a healthy
diet, and particularly things like reducing alcohol consumption, have got a remarkable
effect on building strong immune health. Each and every one of us has got a very powerful
immune function. And if we can build it up, we don’t need to take a lot of these drugs.
It’s all common sense. Have a think about that. Is it worth taking antibiotics repetitively
and getting resistance? And then one day when you really need them, they’re not going to
work. Or better still, build up your own health and vitality by following healthy ways of
living and then you won’t need to take any of these kind of drugs at all. That’s what
makes a lot of sense to me, and I hope it does to you, too.
And the last thing I’ll leave you with is if you do have any kind of bacterial or fungal
condition, think about natural ways of countering these things. There are different foods you
can take into your diet, garlic and onions for example. Lots of herbs, spices, lots of
green leafy vegetable, low fat, essential proteins, lean beef, organic free-range chicken,
fish that’s wild caught, these sorts of foods contain little or no chemical residues at
all, and they’re going to help to build good strong health. And take natural antifungal/antibacterial
supplements. And for that reason, I made Canxida. Canxida Remove was made for people with these
kinds of bacterial and fungal infections, so they don’t have to rely on these artificial
chemical drugs that create resistance. The ingredients in Canxida Remove don’t create
resistance in bacteria. There are many university studies that validate that.
I hope this has given you a little bit of an insight into the perils and dangers of
antibiotics and that you really want to avoid these drugs at all cost. Have a think about
the word “antibiosis.” It basically means anti-life, so why would you want to take something
that’s anti-life? It just doesn’t make sense to me.
Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. Eric, can you talk a bit about salt and candida? I'm talking about Natural Himilayan Pink Salt. I've started using it and I've had great results along with taking Canxida

  2. Dr since you are naturopat,can you make a video about gastroparesis and explain wheter is a fixable condition and what is the cause?

  3. Dear Mr. Bakker,

    Thank you for releasing your wonderful book Candida Crusher, I purchased
    it 3 days ago and are reading through it now and treating my Candida

    It says the worst thing you can do is to take antibiotics.
    Now as my mouth is burning all the time, i had bronchitis and my bladder

    is burning too, my medical doctor did a mouth strep test.

    It found "Enterobacter Cloacae complex" & "Klebsiella oxytoca" in my
    The urine test did not find anything.

    Now I don't know should I take the antiobiotic "Ciprofloxacin" which
    would kill both of the bacteria (they did a antibiogram)?

    Or Is there a way to treat it naturally?

    Thank you very much for your time!

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