Antibiotic Resistant Gonorrhea– Are You At Risk?

Antibiotic Resistant Gonorrhea– Are You At Risk?

the CDC has address our post antibiotic
era for the very first time and basically they’re referring to the so-called superbugs
that are resistant to the curd antibiotics that we have on the market up some of these are resistant to some
antibiotics but do respond to others up however it is costing our
government a significant amount of money when it comes to health care spending so I want to give you guys those numbers
and let’s start off with the number I’ve illnesses that are diagnosed each year with the
so-called superbugs it more than two million more than two
million people are diagnosed each year out of those illnesses about 23,000
people will die the superbugs lied to about twenty
billion dollars in additional health care spending each year and the reason why this
happens is because are first of all it’s but over
prescription I love antibiotics if you take
antibiotics needlessly it basically leads to this bacteria
these super bugs that you know continue to reproduce I the
weak bacteria dies the strongest bacteria lives on they reproduce the essentially evolve
into the so-called superbugs it’s really really hard to treat people who have
these illnesses yeah rise to the Super Friends super
bugs in the shape of un kill bacteria in the sheeple the one
of them is antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea yeah
thats is on that before that’s like the second
most a urgent threats according to the CDC okay my guess is you really really don’t want antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea yeah you
should wear a condom if you’re having sex with someone that you think is a
little sketchy yet or you don’t have sex with her not
have any objection serve a year that killer kinda gonorrhea not that
literally killer but the kind you are were having enormous
problem cured 246,000 infectious per year at seven o’clock or it’s been terrible yeah knows about okay really I kinda
liked I you

100 Replies to “Antibiotic Resistant Gonorrhea– Are You At Risk?”

  1. I didn't say anything about not eating meat; I said its about how we raise animals for food. Cramming animals together in small spaces rarely seeing the light of day, stuffing them full of unnatural GMO feed, and using growth hormones and mass doses of antibiotics is what what needs to change.

  2. keep going raw dog.
    just make shure when you get down there that you study and examine that vagina like you where a gynecologist.
    always look for negative signs and dont hesitate to ask questions even if it happens to be a turn off.
    better to be safe than sorry.

  3. It's not just over prescribing antibiotics. It's also people who take their meds and not taking them properly. So many feel better, then stop taking their meds, letting the surviving bacteria and viruses develop an immunity. Or they just stop taking them at all.

    Sadly, the worst thing is this is a natural inevitability of nature. It's just this all happened faster because o those two things.

  4. Ive heard and read about it, but those claims are questionable when applied to their adverse effects on humans. That is because most of the antibiotics break down in the cooking/pasteurization process.
    Well does that make bacteria that infect cattle more resistant to them, yes, do they then infect Humans by jumping species, rarely.
    But that said more research needs to be done.
    Over prescription of AB by Practitioners is the main culprit so far.

  5. Yeah, of course we've heard of it, and we file it under "junk science" along with homeopathy and chiropractic because we've actually looked into it.

  6. It's not just over use, it's also improper use. When people receive antibiotics and either don't use them as prescribed or don't finish them then bacteria is left alive and this remaining bacteria is more antibiotic resistant because it survived the initial improper use.

  7. Escherichia coli O157:H7 is a prime example of that. feeding livestock corn instead of grass, and pumping them with anti-biotics creates such super bugs.

  8. A major problem is the enormous overuse of antibiotics in the livestock industry, they don't even use the antibiotics for treating sick animals, they use it to increase weight gain! And they use them at low doses which is when antibiotics are most likely to develop resistance!

  9. Even when used correctly, antibiotics are sometimes passed into the environment through waste. Once "outside," they can contribute to resistance wherever they contact bacteria.

  10. It has taken long but finally it is getting through to some manufacturer's that adding Triclosan to everything from anti-bacterial soap to toothpaste is bad.

  11. God must be making them resistant to antibiotics cuz he loves us so much… Cuz evolution isn real, right? There's no proof, right? It's all fake, RIGHT?

  12. A much bigger problem is not the overprescription of antibiotics, but the improper use by patients. So they'll stop taking the antibiotics as soon as they start to feel better. This is a really bad idea, and they should complete the whole course they were prescribed, because stopping it when you feel better means the infection has been weakened, not killed, and this makes the surviving bacteria more likely to be more resistant, which promotes resistance.

  13. Ana, abx do not cause microorganisms to evolve. Evolution is due to mutations in DNA. You could say allele frequencies change due to selective pressure. But evolution requires novel changes in DNA due to base pair mutations.

  14. They have no reason to …which is the problem.
    Health care (and drug manufacture and sale, cannot reasonably be seen as separate from health care) has to be state owned.
    It's a matter of incentive.
    The government doesn't have to care about health care making a profit, or even avoiding a loss …because keeping the populace healthy has massive indirect profits to the state.
    Drug companies are only affected by profits from selling their drugs. Public health is irrelevant to them.

  15. First of alll. Who the fuck takes too many antiobiotics? Second who the fuck doesnt get their food from a respected butcher, and third, stop fucking those dirty filipino hookers, and we wouldnt get this bullshit like super gonorrhea, and if you think thats racist go look up where it started…Asia…like everything else.

  16. Gono isn't that hard to detect. It's some viral infections that give women cancers such as genital warts. Be careful people, and stop taking antibiotic for cold. That makes everything worse, that's how you gets resistance.

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  18. The problem isn't just people not taking them. It's people who start taking the medicine and don't finish the dosage. Leaving behind the most resistant strains to reproduce. We'd probably be better off if those people simply didn't take the medicine at all. FINISH YOUR DOSAGES PEOPLE

  19. that's what happens when you drug healthy people through the drinking water
    their own bacteria get resistant and tougher

    cool solution bros

  20. that's a public knowledge dumb ass, you can read it on WHO website
    clueless imbeciles like you remind me of dedicated christians 🙂

  21. I am not pointing fingers but in countries like India you can get antibiotics without any medical intervention and it looks like most of the antibiotic resistant diseases are starting in places like this.

  22. You're in the wrong on this Molech. Rose K is correct in her claim. Your "You aren't my real dad; you can't tell me what to do." mentality is childish. Also, if you're going to use the word fascist makes sure you use it properly–you didn't. Rose K's and Wolfau5's comments are good advice, and accepted as true in the medical community. They are not only telling you what to do; but noting a state of affairs, the cause of it and how its due to human ignorance.

    So, go fuck yourself.

  23. Ana – how about wearing a condom whether 'you think someone is a little sketchy', or not. So, you can tell if someone has an STD just by looking at them? That's some talent.

  24. If you contract this, drink aloe Vera juice mixed with honey, chew raw garlic, get Arjuna extract use apple cider vinegar, tirmeric milk before bed, dont eat any unnatural sugar source stay away from sat fat.

  25. Moi: "Virginity Shield, acitvated!"
    *puts up My Little Pony stuff everywhere in the room*
    Ami: "What if she is a Pegasis?"
    *replaces MLP stuff with a large collection of Anime stuff

  26. Schools, hospitals, the police, the military (maybe not the US's), the programs that maintain the roads and railways… I could go on.
    The reason private schools & hospitals seem to run better, is because they tend to choose the easy cases (kids with backgrounds that, statistically, will be more successfully & easy to handle, medical procedures that are simple), leaving the state to deal with more troublesome cases, that require more effort and resources ..thus overtaxing the state institutions.

  27. Yeah, one of the top comments when I watched the video was pointing that out. Another video I watched on this topic said that only 20% of the antibiotic use in the US was consumed by humans, the remaining 80% was used by the livestock industry, so that's definitely a major problem too.

  28. The FUNNIEST jokes to me is the ones that you shouldn't laugh at, like the one Cenk made at the end of the video. That was hilarious lol. It's funny because I shouldn't find it funny apparently.

  29. No, its just our own non-compliance with antibiotics like they said. If you ever take a microbiology class that's how all of them I've heard of come about.

  30. Do you know how easy it is to make antibiotic resistant bacteria? I did it without trying for my final exam in Microbiology. It only takes about a day or more to make then as such because of their rapid reproduction. Some go through generations within an hour.

  31. Good thing Obama made it so drug patents last 12 years now instead of 4 years. The 1 good thing about our healthcare system was the high profits encouraged innovation but now drug companies literally have an incentive to innovate 3 times slower

  32. Hm… maybe it's time to … no, wait… antibiotic resistant gonorrhea still sounds better that performing oral sex with a condom…

  33. People actually create super bugs from NOT taking all of the antibiotics they are prescribed and the bugs that are left over are the ones who are resistant to medications. If people just finish what the doc prescribes this might be a little less of a big deal

  34. Everything she said there was accurate so maybe you need a permanent science person. Bacteria reproduce asexually, how else would they perpetuate themselves? If you take an antibiotic it will leave behind a small percentage of the population which is resistant. These resistant bacteria are then able to reproduce in the absence of the non-resistant variety. Usually there's a reason the resistant ones are a minority (the same trait causing deficiency elsewhere) so your body is often able…

  35. Well one of the biggest problems is when a doctor or dentist tells someone to take the antibiotics evey 6 hours even when they feel better and the person stops when they feel better. Sounds blissfully simple but but many people just won't follow directions

  36. … to fight off the drug resistant minority on its own. 'Superbugs' are created when the drug resistant trait has become a strain's majority phenotype and are difficult for the immune system to fight. Also worth noting is that while distinct from sexual reproduction bacteria are capable of sharing genetic material that two or more bacteria can integrate into their offspring through cellular mitosis.

  37. I tried to explain to some creationist relatives of mine how this works without using like terms evolution or natural selection or even fitness. They didn't seem to catch on that it is exactly the same phenomenon but also didn't seem to be able to wrap their heads around the core concept anyway. It was weird, like their minds had been so strongly wired to discredit evolution that there was like a mental block around understanding it even without the terms that would have tipped them off…

  38. It would have been nice for them to mention this as an additional cause. Supposedly even using too much anti-bacterial soap is contributing to this problem.

  39. The health dept. gave me some antibiotics before cuz of a dirty ex even though I had no symptoms. Guess what, I took em for no reason I tested clean. I try to stay away from ratchet pussy now!

  40. I hate it when the young turks cover things that i know about to even a basic level as they mostly seem to come across as clueless you need to get a science specialist for stories like this I forget the name of the women on your network that has a neuroscience degree but i suggest you have her on more often.

  41. Kms50549 you'd be surprised how many ppl don't understand this. Antibiotic over usage is lethal. Its a very serious problem. I work in science and I've noticed the surge in antibiotic usage.

  42. if people took the drug for as long they were prescribed, and didnt stop when they felt it was OK, we wouldnt have this large of a dilemma.
    dont blame the drug for being ineffective, blame the morons who know better than there doctor, causing the drug to become ineffective.

  43. So I guess you didn't really read what I said. So here, let me break it down so it's easier for you to understand.
    – Washing your hands kills and gets rid of germs
    – Hand sanitizer does not.
    I wash my hands, I do not use hand sanitizer.
    I hope that's broken down for you enough.

  44. $20 Billion in additional spending and 2 million illnesses a year. $10000 a patient seems kind of much, but maybe that is just me, hell what do I know they are probably using platinum and diamonds as a cure.

  45. This is not caused by over-prescription of anti-biotics. It is a natural effect of using essentially the same anti-biotics over decades. Certainly over-prescribing accelerates the process but the process takes place either way. The main problem is not enough new drugs with novel mechanisms. Beta-lactamase inhibitors are a good example but there really aren't enough drugs that adjust to the new mutations in bacteria.

  46. *Ahem* Again.. Finish what you start. It doesn't just effect the individual. One's right to swing one's fist ends where another's face starts. Being so lazy/ignorant that they don't finish their meds… creating drug resistant stains at a compounded rate effects the entire world. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

  47. I'm pretty sure that overprescription isn't the primary cause of the evolution of "Super Bugs". From what I've heard, it mostly has to do with people failing to take their entire regimen of antibiotics. They just take it until they feel better, even though not all of the microbes are dead, which increases the likelihood of microbes mutating and developing a tolerance to the drug. Ana just sounds like she's trying to make a plug for an unrelated opinion she holds.


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