Antibiotics: Misused on Factory Farms

Antibiotics: Misused on Factory Farms

Part of my research is based in trying to understand how humans try too sort of get short term gains and up causing kind of external damage and the long term effects that they don’t recognize so
trying to sort of characterize what are those impacts that could be coming about from this practice of using antibiotics. The majority of antibiotics from the best understanding that we have that it’s going to raise animals and it’s
all for growth promotion purposes so it’s not for healing sick animals And I think most people are uh would agree that it’s good to use
antibiotics when animals gets sick but you don’t use them just to improve production and just try to make more
money off of something that’s so precious to public health and important
public health. Unfortunately we respond to outbreaks so I
think you know a lot of times we wait until an outbreak occurs until we take
something seriously and I think this MRSA especially is getting people to
sort of recognize the importance of the use of antibiotics on farms So I think the finding of MRSA on swine in swine operations is really important and I think that could
be a major driver for new legislation that could change the use of antibiotics.

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  1. With only 2% of the US population actively involved in food production and even a smaller percentage involved with animal production, it is difficult to see connection between food animal antibiotic use and MRSA. USDA/FDA tests for residues in animal tissues, and invokes withdrawal of therapeutics prior to slaughter. I would rather examine the use/over use of prescription antibiotics dispensed for viral ailments in humans when we know it does not help. GM., MBA, PHD.

  2. @DrBird735 both the use of antibiotics in animals (that we consume) and the misuse of Rx antibiotics are leading to bacteria like MRSA and VRSA

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