Antibiotics & Sinus Infections

Antibiotics & Sinus Infections

Oh! Looking for a little health news, are you? Or perhaps back for more! Well today’s big story, new guidelines might
have us cutting back on our antibiotic use. A good thing? Well, I’ll tell you next on InsidersHealth
News. Well, the FDA works hard to get the level
of antibiotics and hormones down in our beef and pork, a new study about sinus infections
is turning the spotlight back on medical consumption. According to new guidelines from infectious
disease experts, sinus infections are the 5th leading reason for antibiotic prescriptions. But as many as 98% cases are caused by viruses
which are, of course, unaffected by antibiotic use and the overuse of these prescriptions
are spurring the development of drug-resistant superbugs that will cause much more damage
than a sinus infection. The procedure updates are coming because many
people are prescribed an antibiotic as a precautionary measure during a sinus infection. In truth, you shouldn’t worry about a bacterial
issue unless your symptoms last longer than ten days or are more severe, including fevers
of over 102, and if you’re getting worse instead of getting better. For viral infections, you can just take care
of yourself and just ride it out, no prescriptions needed. So, while it’s unfortunate that it took
so long to discover the truth about sinus infections, at least now we can cut out a
large portion of our unnecessary antibiotic use, thanks to these new guidelines. Because, I don’t about you, but I don’t
like superbugs or most bugs. Lady bugs are cute, oops! Sorry. That wraps it up for this edition of InsidersHealth
News. This is Kimberly Walleston. Stay healthy, my friends!

7 Replies to “Antibiotics & Sinus Infections”

  1. I drink more water if I get fever
    and sleep off my sinus infections

    with good rest and proper nutrition……ur body heals

  2. Use a glass of salty lukewarm water, half a spoon of salt to a glass. Snort it through your nose. One side at a time, It's unpleasant but will kill sinus infections. There's a device you can purchase, but I just use a glass.

  3. Antibiotics have been around for some time now and it sure is time for them to move along with the past centuries but the question is what is going to take over. What is going to be as effective as the antibiotics once were?

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