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  1. Hey Kati, I recently discovered that I might be having an Anxiety Disorder because of all the symptoms I have. But now even by thinking about me having to deal with it makes me restless. I don't know what to do. For some time I get convinced that talking to a therapist will be always helpful but then after some time I get a negative feeling about it. What do I do? Well, your videos really help me to deal with problems, thank you very much for that!

  2. Hi Kati! I love all of the points you made. I don't know if it's something you're familiar with, and I just learned about it myself recently, but some people cannot visualize it. There's something called Aphantasia, which is the inability to visualize things. To put it simply, if you asked me to picture an apple, I couldn't do it, I just see blackness in my minds eye.
    I just wanted to throw this out there in case anyone struggles with picturing things, and think something's wrong with them because they can't. I thought I was broken because of it, and it can be kind of overwhelming to think that there's this whole aspect that you're missing out on.
    Thank you for making this video cause I do feel better about making an appointment with a therapist. I hope to get your book soon and even find a therapist within the next month.

  3. Really clear and you mentioned so many things I had never considered as worries. Sad that as I’m in England apparently my copy if your book will not come for another month x

  4. little random but I was just going through some of your videos and I wanted to know what you define as serious emotional abuse where you would have to report it if your client is under 18 , how often it would have to be/to what extent daily if it is daily and what measures could be taken after you’ve reported it – thanks xo

  5. I spent YEARS trying to live with the things my brain does, and when I finally chose a therapist, she illuminated a few horrible thought processes in the first session. It calmed me down like 10%. Those thoughts were only resonating off the walls of my head, and just saying them out loud to a neutral, rational, empathetic person let them escape like an exorcism.? It's just a start, but I'm glad I finally worked up the courage to go in there.

  6. I had a bad experience in my school where all my professors gathered in one room to talk about what you should be doing better in class. It was so initimating and hard for me to sit there and answer there questions. They told me I was too shy and if I wanted to be a therapist I have to start speaking up, they said I have to evaluate if I want to be in this career again. I was so hurt by this. I don't know why I'm mentioning this but this video made me think about it for some reason.

  7. Thank you so much for making this video! I just booked my first appointment so this video couldn't of come at a better time. I don't think I would of been able to take the first step without your help so thank you so much Kati! You are amazing ?

  8. You are a much better youtuber than Shane Dawson. All he does is stir drama, the world doesn't need that. You are relaxing and calming. The world needs more Kati Morton's and less Shane Dawsons.

  9. Hi Kati! I’m going to be graduating college in May. It’s has taken me 8 years to get my undergraduate degree and my therapist has played a HUGE part in my success. Is it appropriate to ask my therapist to come to my graduation? Is it ethical for her to show up? Thanks for the help!

  10. Kati, I’ve seen two therapists before, and both have discharged me. But I feel as if I never told them the whole truth and everything that was going on with me. It was too scary. Does this mean that neither of them were the right fit for me? Do you have a video about this?

  11. Okay, this was absolutely nothing of what I was expecting. I was too scared to seek help because I was afraid I would be hospitalized against my will. Of course the ones who warned me this would happen were also the reasons I would have been seeking help.

  12. I had no clue what suicide was till I was 12 in 2006 and growing up getting beat for no reason and getting bullied at school and at my dad's I felt I had no safe place to go so when I was 15 I decided I was going to commit suicide I tried repeatedly but luckily i never succeeded I am now turning 26 on the 26th and see a therapist regularly and I love my therapist she is great

  13. Hey Kati! Thank you for your useful videos. I like the way you discuss a topic. I have a question and I don't know if you have ever discussed this topic? What can be the problems if some women do not like to have a baby even if their married life goes ok. I mean is that a serious psychology problem? and what can be the general reasons for making such decision and further how could that be treated?

  14. Have a plan for aftercare. You could have a fantastic session and later, maybe as many as 3 days later you crash emotionally. Have things in place to kind of stabilise things. To come down easier. What that is for you, that needs to be explored. For me it can be working on models, gardening, watching some specific kinds of videos, playing certain games. Might be music.

    Something to keep in mind is that what worked last time might not work this time. Be flexible and try to grow your list of aftercare options as time goes on.

  15. Perhaps that's a reason why I balked at my previous session two years ago – what if I unfortunately don't know what I want out of therapy?

  16. Idk if Kati said this but try looking up videos on youtube of "therapist office tour" to see what kind of space you might be able to expect. Make sure to look at a lot of different ones and expect yours to maybe be somewhere in the middle. It wont be exactly the same but might have a similar vibe.
    I'm actually terrified of doctors and doctors offices. There are very few things that make me nervous about seeing a therapist but the number one thing would simply be that there will be white walls and floors and everything will be sterile and scary. I get nervous even in nicely furnished banks for example sometimes. Just office spaces are very uncomfortable for me and I associate them with being powerless and feeling violated. But the good thing is as far as I've seen, most good therapists offices seem to be more like someones house or a play place for kids in a way lol, very bright colors and fun and cozy or just like someone's livingroom. A carpet and a couch and a window with curtains. Not too scary.
    Kati, you should show us your office! It might make a lot of people, including me, feel better about getting help. 🙂

  17. My only problem with therapy is: can I trust that person?
    I can honestly say that there´s no one I trust. Not my family, my "friends" and specially not myself.

  18. Admitting to myself that I need therapy was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do and going to my first session was terrifying, but I have been working with my therapist now for about 2 and a half years and I can honestly say it is the best decision I have ever made. I have changed so much in that time, my view of myself and the world around me has changed for the better and I am now training to be a therapist myself. It is hard but it is so worth it. If you think you could benefit from therapy, go for it, your in control, it happens on your terms. x Thanks for another great video Kati. x

  19. Kati, I love your videos, but this one didn't really address what I hoped it would when I saw the title. My anxiety around therapy has nothing to do with the parking or the payment process; It has everything to do with opening up to a complete stranger, forgetting what I wanted to say, or not having the courage in the moment to say it, or sometimes feeling like I have 1000 things to say, but being unable to get them from the maze of in brain and out of my mouth, in the form of sentences…, as well as the fear of feeling misunderstood… which is bound to happen when I'm not communicating clearly. So I try to prepare by journaling, until I spend all my free time during the week preparing and almost scripting out my next therapy session, which is, in and of itself, incredibly draining and stressful. And this isn't just the first session; this is like 5 sessions in, when the original stressor has passed, and therapy itself has become the most anxiety-producing part of my week. Any advice on how to handle that?

  20. I’m forced to see a therapist but I actually like it even if it’s anxiety inducing. The only thing is I don’t know how to tell her about my eating disorder. I’ve tried but I always chicken out 🙁

  21. I do have a question that could be helpful for future reference, or even other viewers that may need it right now that perhaps would be good to address: How do you know if a therapist/councilor is accepting of those who are LGBTQ+, especially in areas that are known for not being accepting. The last thing I want is for me or someone else to walk in to get help only to find that they are homophobic. (This can definitely be applicable to other minorities, but this is what applies to me, disabilities and lgbt)

  22. Could you talk about forensic psychology/psychologists? I’ve wanted to go into that field for awhile but I have no one in my life to discuss it with because not many people go to that field in general.

  23. Ok, I would be considered crazy if I would ask all these questions. Or any of them really. You don't ask questions here, therapists do, you just obey them. I can't believe there are therapists on the planet like Kati is. The fuck…

  24. Hi Kati, I've seen a couple of therapists and the all use the "we" and "us" just like you. Sometimes I've thought it was kind of strange because they made it feel like they exactly knew what I was talking about. Why do therapists do this? I'm just wondering. Most of the time I like that they do but I'm also curious. Thanks alot.

  25. I'm a mental health therapist myself and 100% agree with this video. There is so much anxiety about the first session and it's so nice for people to know what to expect.

  26. ty the conception idea really helped me out with some anger i was feeling. I imagined killing the person that hurt me and it feeled good to get rid of that anger. thank you again.

  27. I just wanted to thank you for your videos. This one in particular is fitting right now, as memories break loose and I avoid my therapist, and some other of your videos helped me realized I was in and leave an abusive relationship. Thank you.

  28. Kati you can explain things so well. My therapist is urging me to try cbasp therapy as an inpatient. But I struggle to really understand what that form of therapy is. My therapist has explained as well as she could but I thought that might be a good topic for another of your videos. Not only for me, but I am sure there will be others here whose Depression has become a chronic illness.
    Thank you for all that you do!

  29. Random question. When is it ok to call a suicide hotline or text those numbers and stuff? Do you litterally have to be seconds away from doing something bad or can you just text them when a friend you know is in trouble or when you're going through a tough time. I always wondered when it's appropriate to do something. I mean you cant expect to call a firefighter when your house is already burnt down to nothing but neither can you call a firefighter when only your stove caught fire or something. Like what's the acceptable midway point?? how bad should it be before you seek help?

  30. I am seeing a therapist & dietician; the past 6-8 weeks have also been attending a Virtual outpatient group weekly for ED.  I finally am comfortable w/ the "regular members of the group'& facilitator. Last week they dropped the bomb that the group will change days & the therapist/dietician will rotate week-week among a group of 4 facilitators….YIKES! Myself & some regulars are very anxious about these changes….new people to establish trust(really—typical ED pt w/ trust issues here), changing facilitators, etc.  We voiced this last week but it is what it is..I will try one of the new mtg times when they start but I am very anxious about the changes & that one of my hand full of support mechanisms will disappear….

  31. What if… I'm a homeless broke fuck and even the health systems for the destitute in my state have no openings? Lol. Not everyone's important enough to get help. Sad fact of reality.

  32. I always take the whole day off minus like my normal farm work. I make sure I don't have work that way if I have a rough session I don't have to do anything but maybe cuddle with a horse

  33. I'm a 12 year old girl and I believe I suffer from depression but I'm nervous to tell someone (And or suggest a therapist). Anything there?

  34. Can you direct me to any information about recovering from inappropriate therapy? Before CPTSD was understood many women with this condition were simply labeled as BPDs, and treated as manipulative and heartless. I spent thousands of dollars “taking care” of the therapist, and endured slights and insults by struggling to prove I had empathy. I needed to talk about my mothers suicide attempts, but was strongly discouraged, and asked to take drugs or be “hospitalized” if I even suggested that I needed to talk about it. Thank you.

  35. Need this! I’m going back to therapy on the 22nd Jan. I am so anxious about it. Been three years without it but things have got really tough and I am struggling a lot

  36. I’ve been in and out of therapy since 6th grade around 2010? The last time I received therapy was in 2016. I always left my therapists because I felt I told them too much and felt vulnerable and constantly lied to them because I felt they were all I had and I didn’t want them to think I was a bad person. I have a big issue on reflecting back on my own emotions or I can’t talk about negative feelings when I’m not in my negative “mind set” and vice versa. When I would self harm or made plans to comment suicide, I always neglected to tell my therapists and would lie to them about the last time I self harmed or if I was suicidal, etc because I didn’t want them to think I was bad, attention seeking, or I didn’t want to disappoint them. Almost all the times I’ve been in therapy, it wasn’t really voluntary. I never hated therapy, I just didn’t know how to express my feelings and be honest with them. So far with every therapist I have spoken with, I feel I get closer to learning more about myself and opening up and not lying to them to avoid abandonment. I am currently reaching out for the first time by myself to get help and I want to do my best to be 100%. I’ve been watching all the bpd videos for the past week, just reading the comments and every video makes my life make so much more sense. I don’t want to self diagnose but it really does sound like me. It almost makes me wsnt to cry with how it’s spot on. I would like to mention it when I see my psychiatrist, however, I find it a bit intimidating to tell her what I think my issue is. It’s more of I think, being afraid to be wrong? I just want to know what is wrong with me and have a plan. Idk. How would I go about bringing up if I strongly believe I am struggling with bpd?

  37. I was so stressed about going to my school counsellor. I thought about what it was going to be like over and over and over, i thought about what i was first going to talk about and imagined the scenario over and over. I was so nervous, but imagining it happening really helped! Afterwards i was so overwhelmed that i finally told someone that I was struggling, it was really relieving, but then when i left and went back to lessons i felt like nothing has changed because i had told someone about what i was going through but no-one in my day to day life. But after telling a friend in my day to day life just the fact that i was struggling and started seeing a counsellor, that was when i really got relief. I think this is because my friend can support me any day i want to message her, whereas time with my counsellor is confined to once a week. I just wanted to let everyone know that it may be scary but the gain you get from it is incomparable to anything i could do myself. Love you Kati xxx

  38. My brother is going to his first therapy and he is nervouse
    We have been concerned about him he has had imaginary friends since he was a little kid he never heard them or saw them and they where all nice but now that he is older he has told us that he heres them and he says some are nice some are mean
    I am very worried about my brother
    He has said that dude pauses his music and thats when my brother slaps his hand
    I tell him dont do that to your self and dont listion to dude u can ask me for help
    Dude is his imaginary friend who is a bus wich is not very nice to him

    The nice imaginary friends are hello kitty wich is a bus and missy wich is a bus

    He talks to the buses outside thats been happening since little but he is continuing to do it into adulthood

    We are very conserned

    He has been getting mad alot and yelling we dont know why he is being this way or what this means if you have a answer please let me know


  39. Hey Kati and Kinions. I had therapy for 1 1/2 years. And every time I was on my way there and when I was sitting in the waiting area I got super bad anxiety. I was SO afraid to go in the room and talk. My hands sweated cold, I was shaking and I felt like I would throw up every second. Any idea why I felt like this? Or did everyone ever experience this? I really liked my therapist and we made progress and everything. It was just super hard on me to feel like this every time before. I never talked with her about it tough. Wanna start therapy again with a new therapist as I am moving but I am afraid I am gonna have the same anxiety again. Amy tips what to do against it or what could be the reason for it?
    Thanks so much

  40. I have to go to a school therapist and I'm scared because of my living situation. And how it would effect me. What do I do

  41. Kati, why would a therapist that I met for the first time not even talk and awkward silence for the whole hour? I was so uncomfortable just staring at the floor and she just stared at me all while it was quiet. I even tried going back for a second visit and it was the same thing. So I was out of there! Looking for someone else. Things are just so bad for me currently and I want to end my life. I bought your book too! Xoxo

  42. I've contemplated returning to therapy. I just hope my insurance covers it… I live on SSDI (Disability) so I don't have much money…

  43. What if you don't feel ready for therapy? My GP convinced me to see a psychologist, he's lovely, and I get along with him, but I feel like I'm wasting his time.

  44. What do I do if I have too many problems I want to discuss? I’m most afraid to go to therapy because I feel like I overwhelm my therapists with my symptoms and they don’t know where to start. Of course- neither do I ? and then we end up not fixing anything or focusing on issues that weren’t important to me to begin with

  45. What if someone has had negative experience with a therapist in the past, not finding it helpful at all and is now refusing to ever try again? or even focus on self-development.. Even after telling them that it depends on the therapist and maybe it just wasn't a good fit but it could be so helpful with the right person. I know I can't make that decision for them but how could I encourage them to maybe try again?

  46. I'm pretty afraid my therapist will literally not care at all and just ask " so how does that make you feel" despite having just explain an emotion also they are kinda costly and I would probably feel less suicidal after using that kinda money to like… go to Prague or something

  47. Should I still go to therapy on my parents insurance? I’m a little scared if I talk to a therapist because it’s not 100% confidential when I’m a minor…

  48. i have therapy tomorrow and I’ve gone a bunch of times but every time before I get super anxious (like right now lol) it’s very strange :/

  49. I just want my anxiety gone, so people will like me and not feel really uncomfortable, because I’m not good, just horses ? ?

  50. What do you do if your anxiety around therapy is about being forced to go from 6-18 years old and being constantly confronted with terrible therapists that tell me things like my hobbies are the problem (dungeons and dragons and tattoos OH NO) … and that I need god, and misdiagnosed me over and over again cause they just dont listen to what I say about myself..
    or the Anxiety from agoraphobia that makes leaving the house just to get to therapy a 3 hour crying ordeal in its self every week?
    Or just being so sick of talking about it all and pretty sure that if you hadn't been forced to relive every gruesome detail for every doctor that wanted to hear you wouldnt be trapped in an endless loop of reliving it all in your head now that youre an adult……..
    How do you get help when youve tried so many times and it just gets harder…

  51. I’ve been made terrified to go to therapy because the very tangible and real abuse and manipulation that I’ve been forced to suffer through is turned into a reason for a misdiagnosis. My anger and frustration makes me look totally deluded even though what I’m going through is real in the outer world, not in my head. I keep collecting evidence to support my claims but I’m so discouraged and exhausted.

    How do I get in to see a therapist and actually have them work with me instead of pathologizing me for experiencing an atypical life situation?

  52. When you need to go to therapy to help your social anxiety, but you can't make the appointment or leave the house because social anxiety. :////

  53. This is a good video. Because of you, I got enough courage to go see someone for my PTSD, anxiety & depression. Just having trouble opening up to him. He asks how I am & all I can say is, "Fine, how are you?" Ugh.

  54. Hey Katie 🙂 if you see this, I had a question… I heard you mention in one of your other videos that people with anti-social personality disorder can sometimes become therapists… I don't mean to judge them but is there anything I can look for to know for sure if my therapist has that disorder?

  55. Hi Kati My name is Nancy I just wanted to leave a message to you to thank you Because of your videos I have regained the courage to look for a therapist because I really need help. I got really terrified of therapist because of some stuff that happened and I had a really set my mind to never see one again but listening to you has help me realize that not everybody is the same.
    Keep doing what you’re doing because there’s a lot of people that need people like you.

    i'be been putting it off but i finally bought the book!
    i recently "broke up" with my current therapist that i've been seeing so im back on the search
    thank you so much for all the videos.

  57. yes I totally needed this I have been an emotional wreak. I'm so scared. I have so much I need to get out the I have been holding on for years

  58. Am I wrong if I feel I shouldn’t open up myself so much I’d cry to them? never had the chance to open up like this at home, I’d get smacked, screamed at or completely ignored. I’d always be made felt like there’s something terribly wrong with opening up with my family(mom and dad) about all the insecurities, sadness, traumas I’ve always had to deal with and that I carried up until now inside of me

  59. Im scared to go to therapy or to talk to some one im scared of them in a way…..

  60. hi i got a new psychologist and i really dont like him i miss my other psychologist she left me she got a new job amd i really miss her ??

  61. I got people said this to several times: "Do you know what I had to put aside in order to spend time with you? Why aren't you progressing?" like I wasted their time while they had something else more important to do. My family, my teachers, they did several times, not all the time, but it hurts. Until today still I want to solve things on my own because I don't want to hear someone say "You're wasting my time by not progressing. Do you know how many other more important things I had to put aside in order to spend time with you?" ever again. Your videos have been helping me so much that I can not describe how much you and they are meant to me! Kati, thank you!

  62. Hey! I’m really scared that I will never find a therapist who listens to my like my last therapist did, I really need someone who understands my situation but I’m scared that I’ll talk too much and won’t be productive and will do the wrong thing or be rude accidentally or not open up and waste my time and money, and then become even more hopeless and less likely to get help. I don’t know what to do

  63. Been debating on going to therapy… but im just scared to go … I keep thinking, " are they going to hurt me.." I don't know why.

  64. ..well.. that's all nice and good but what If the problem happens before all that? I don't even know how to gather up the courage to CALL the office to even ask if they have a therapy place free…and calling and just "talk on the answering machine" doesn'T work either.. not knowing when they'll call me back and then not being prepared is terrifying me…

  65. I went to my therapist 4 times to cure my anxiety but now I feel anxious (tomorrow I have my 5th appointment) going there tomorrow… I don't know what to do. My therapist says that it's my choice to go see her or not and I know I need it but I feel blocked.

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