Are early pregnancy symptoms possible before 10dpo? (fixed audio)

Are early pregnancy symptoms possible before 10dpo? (fixed audio)

– One DPO, two DPO, three DPO, C-3PO, R2-D2. Hang on, we’re not talking Star Wars, we’re talking days past ovulation and when you can experience
pregnancy symptoms. (upbeat music) Hello, lovelies, and
welcome to another one of the videos of this very
nerdy fertility homeopath, thank you for sticking with me. But, in this video, I am talking to you about a question that I get all the time. I get women that ask, “I
am one day past ovulation, “two days, three days, four days, “and I have sore breasts, I have nausea, “I have headaches,” and
then comes the question, “Are these pregnancy symptoms?”, or, “Could I be pregnant?” And to that last question,
“Could I be pregnant?”, my answer is yes and no. Yeah, great, right? Always these diplomatic answers from me. But, here is why. The answer to this question all
has to do with implantation, and I’ve done several
videos on implantation, so I’ll link one in the corner and I think I’ll link
a playlist at the end, so make sure to check those out as well. Because this is how early pregnancy works. You ovulate, right, you make
use of your fertile window, you make love to your husband, and then the little egg gets fertilized. But, for the moment,
that’s not interesting. Initially, what happens is, you’ve got the egg that is
released from the ovary, and then progesterone is produced. If an egg is fertilized in the meantime, it is dividing, dividing, dividing, and it’s traveling down
the fallopian tube. All this time, your
body doesn’t really know that it’s pregnant yet. It only knows when it’s pregnant when that egg has
implanted into your uterus. So, up until that point, progesterone has gone up, and progesterone can cause symptoms. Progesterone can give you sore breasts, progesterone can give you nausea, even, it can give you headaches,
et cetera, et cetera. But, it’s not until the egg is implanted, which is usually about eight
or 10 days past ovulation, but it can happen as early as six days and as late as 12 days, and it’s not until implantation happens that your body starts to produce HCG, and HCG is the pregnancy hormone. And it is that pregnancy hormone that is usually accounted for
all the pregnancy symptoms. However, in pregnancy, progesterone goes up, estrogen goes up, so those hormones can also cause symptoms, and this is why right after ovulation when your body doesn’t know
yet that it’s pregnant, progesterone can give you symptoms that seem like pregnancy symptoms. So, if you’re only one, two, three, four days after ovulation
and you experience nausea and sore breasts, are you pregnant? You could be, we just don’t know yet. We will only know once
implantation has happened. In my experience, pregnancy
symptoms rarely start before six or seven days past ovulation at its very, very earliest. So, if you want to know if your symptoms are pregnancy related, then
look at when they started. Is it right after ovulation and before that six, seven-day mark? Then, chances are, it’s
more progesterone-related than anything else. If it’s after that, then chances are that it is indeed related to pregnancy. If you’re having symptoms throughout the whole two-week wait,
it doesn’t mean anything, you could still be pregnant. So, the only way you’ll really know is once you’ve taken that test. But, make sure to have a look at the Implantation Symptoms
video as well that I did, because that can give you some more clues about whether you’re pregnant or not when you’re still in the two-week wait. And in the meantime, don’t
worry too much about it, because time will come around and you will know if
you’re pregnant or not. Now you know that if your symptoms start before six or seven days past ovulation, they’re likely not pregnancy-related, and if they start after that, chances are that they are. But, for you to know how many
days past ovulation you are, you need to be charting, so if you haven’t started that yet, you can do so with my
free charting course. I will link in the description
(upbeat music) how you can sign up to that. If you want to learn
more about implantation and how to survive the two-week wait, make sure to click on
the playlist I mentioned on your screen right now, and don’t forget to subscribe
if you haven’t already and hit that notification bell if you want to be notified the next time I upload new content, which is every Thursday. And in the meantime, see
you in the next video, bye.

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  1. I think I'm 13dpo but can't be sure. I had spotting on dpo 9 and mild cramping on and off since. Buuut I tested yesterday n got negative. The only thing is I'm on a tiny island in the Philippines now n no access to another test. I guess I just see if my period comes 😫🤞🤞🤰

  2. Once again a very detailed and uplifting video for such a fragile and sometimes nerve-wracking time. Loving your content so much!

  3. Hi, I'm 33 years old. I had a missed abortion and DNC in September 2017. My AMH is 1.00. Doctors advised us IVF. But we want to try naturally. What can we do? Pls help.

  4. Hey! Couple questions for ya doll. 1st, I get ovulation cramping, does this indicate my actual ovulation or is it a signal that ovulation will be coming soon like the LH surge? And 2nd – I didn’t notice a detailed video on it and perhaps I missed it, but, if I start tracking my bbt combined with an ovulation kit, would I get a better chance of finding out when I ovulated? I guess my real question is, did I ovulate before or after the temp. drop? I only know the basics but maybe a detailed video on bbt would be helpful. Can’t wait to hear back from you! Xo, J

  5. Thank you for this video! Thanks to you I started charting and I know for sure that I ovulated this cycle 😀 I’m more aware of what’s happening in my body, your videos are very informative! Thanks again ❤️

  6. I have an irregular period, my last period was dec 7 (i am with my partner from dec 24 to jan 3) last jan 3 to 5 i had a brownish or pinkish discharge but no cramps or other symptoms. i had PT last Jan 7 and it came negative, Jan 8 i had pinkish discharge again cramps and lower back pain too. until now i still haven't got my period. having sore nipples and always feeling tired.

  7. What about cramping, since after ovulating for the first time in a while and being intimate, ive been gettig cramps 1,2,3 dpo?

  8. Can a short follicular phase (10 or 11days of cycle) after egg maturity and cause miscarriage? I have this and have just had a chemical pregnancy. Any advice on lengthening follicular phase?

  9. 2 weeks of wt … have most of these symptoms.. but I haven't had most of them as usual suspects for my week of ovulation or after towards my period .. or maybe I did and didn't concentrate on my symptoms so much as I am now.
    Today started spoting… but also tired in day half feeling like I have a flu .. and wide awake at night.
    Long story short … How do I chill out relax and just let nature be.
    P.s super love finding you and the comunity blog

  10. Hello! First of all I love watching your videos they are so insightful. I recently started charting BBT and trying to understand it, after one of your videos I watched about it. I was wondering if there was anyway I could send you a picture of my chart and if you would mind taking a look at it for me. My last pregnancy was an ectopic that ruptured and I had to get a tube ligation and this is our first time TTC since then, so naturally I am on the edge.

  11. I came across your channel last night and I have been binge watching your videos. You are fantastic! We be trying for #2 starting next month. With my first pregnancy I was Kindara Addict lol it became my only form of social media. My hubby called it “vagina book”. I was so engulfed in prepping for TTC. I was doing all the cleanses, cutting caffeine, detoxifying our house and all our products, eating 100% clean and organic, using oils herbs and supplements all well well before TTC. #1 goal was to be a momma so I was gunna do the best I could . Fast forward to now having a toddler and running a daycare TTCing for #2 has totally snuck up on me. Watching your videos are like a breath of fresh air reminding me to step back and remember where I am at. I want to put as much attention and intention into this next conception. Thank you for making these videos. They are such a great reminder and motivator. Let the binging commence ! Thank you again ❤️

  12. Heyy, Its me again ❤😍 I have Day 27 cycle and Im so confused on if I ovulated on Day 13 or 14 but I had a headache/dizziness on day 13. Did I ovulated.?

  13. Eeek! It was exciting watching this because I looked back at my msgs to my partner and it was exactly day 6 when I started msging that I was starting to feel stuff, but I even wrote in the msg that there is no way it can be linked to that this early. I have noticed though that my breasts don’t really feel sore, there have been odd moments, and aches and groans, and they are definitely full but they don’t hurt at all. As this is usually symptom numero uno is that a bad sign? X

  14. I really need a help. I had a desprotect sex 1 day before the ovulation (ovulation was 20/01). 22/01 end 23/01 I had really headache and was pretty stressed. Yesterday 27/01 I had a light pink discharge during the night, happend only one time. Today im felling softs cramps. And my expect datum for the mentruation is 04 February. Can I be the implantation?

  15. I am 33 almost 34 and I just started trying to conceive baby #1! I will be watching ALL of your videos! I'm so incredibly happy that I found you! Do you have any advice for women with different uterus shapes? I had an ultrasound done and they "suspect" I may have a heart shaped uterus but they were not able to confirm it. I'm really hoping that if I do, it is slight because I've read reports about this condition causing an increased risk of miscarriage or early delivery. I would be SO grateful for any feedback or advice!

  16. Thank you for your help you really make me happy watching you I want to ask you about urine smell is it a sign of pregnancy? 🌹🌹

  17. I have a horrible metallic taste in mouth , that won't go away no matter what I eat or drink, I have a lot of fatigue, and actually getting sick, etc and we have been taking a million tests, even had a blood one done, and it had less than 2g or whatever, but my home test shows a faint line, and I did the baking soda home pregnancy test and it went bonkers , which states id be pregnant? I losing my mind.

  18. I got my bfp on 7dpo (according to an app) and if that app is correct, then I am currently 4 weeks. I'm curious to know how to know if there are signs to know the embyro sticks? I won't see a doctor for at least 3-4 weeks so I'm curious. Love your videos!!! Thanks!!

  19. Love your videos so very helpful I do have a question I'm 4 days late for my period the first day of missed period I had a negative pregnancy test the 2nd/3rd/4th have a extremely faint line I'm worried that if there is somthing wrong as the line is not getting darker I'm 36 and do have children tho my youngest is 6 kindest regards Helen:)

  20. Hello! I didn't have my period for the whole month of January and I took a test and it was all negative. I don't have any symptoms. And my last period was on december 23-27. Pls help

  21. What should my CM be like after conception? My CM is back to being dry/watery after ovulation, so is it safe to say I did not conceive this cycle? Or does it change farther into pregnancy?

  22. I'm from India and fight to infertility last 7years😔😔 I'm also on homeopath treatment but till now there is no any improvement my both tubes was bloked at present tubes are open but my follicle reach around 30mm but doesn't rupture why?

  23. You are such an amazing reassuring person. I’m so interested in your channel it’s really spot on what I believe in xx

  24. Do All women get implantation bleeding symptoms I haven't had any implantation bleeding but a lot of cramps and my period not due until the 2nd but I had sex on the 8th I've had nausea abdominal pain tenderness boobs I taken several tests and they keep saying negative am I taking them too early do I wait till after I miss my period? How many days do I wait until after my period?

  25. How to know when does the ovulation occurs for those who have very short cycle like me? Mine is 14-22 days. Does short cycled woman can't really conceive naturally??

  26. I’ve been very nauseous for the past week. I’ve taken a pregnancy test a couple of times with the results showing negative; however, since watching your videos, I’ve been charting and making sure that I’m tracking all of my information into my app. Every time I eat something, I’m throwing up in 20 minutes and experiencing spotting with my cycle. This is very new to me and I’ve never been nauseous during my cycles before so could I be pregnant?

  27. Hi! I'm 6dpo and I'm having a little bit of spotting, today I had a drop of temperature. Could that be an implantation symptom? Thank you!

  28. Can you do a vid on the possibility of swaying girl or boy? Is it possible or not? So many theories out there. Maybe it would be fun research for you. I have researched them myself but I am still on the fence.

  29. You have such positive vibes ❤
    We miscarried our second baby recently at 7 weeks, the first was a missed miscarriage around 9 weeks.
    It took us two years to conceive again this time. I have mild PCOS so maybe that's the reason. I recently found your channel looking for videos on improving egg quality and I'm going to begin doing what you recommend. Thankyou so much for your quality content. Love from India❤

  30. to feel nothing physically, is that good 1-3 to more Days day after ovqluation, but the mind set Changes then you know your proesteron levels goes up? it does not mean that you are pregnant Always. But if you feel more restless and stressed it might be a sign I Think.

  31. Hi Doc! I hope you could answer this query. Is it possible that you don’t observe symptoms during your tww but still be pregnant? Thank you in advance! 😘

  32. Is it possible to have earlier implantation with IVF transfer? Since they stick it directly in your uterus.

  33. I have been pregnant twice (one was ectopic and other I miscarried) Both the times I didn't have any symptoms of pregnancy that are all over the internet and those doctors mention. I am trying again and how am I to find out if I am pregnant? My ovulation test was positive and I am experiencing cramps on and off….(11 dpo)

  34. 9 dpo and all my "symptoms" have vanished… Lutheal phase is always short, 9-11 days at its most… is the dissapearing of signals a sign i am not pregnant???

  35. Ur smile is cute 😊 I watch almost all of ur videos. I know the fact (Coz m a doctor). But still I love to watch😊

  36. Love from India ,we are continuously having intimate during fertile window till ovulation,point is that having regular mild leg cramps ,is it sign of conception,

  37. I didn’t got my period last months but this month I got stopping like 14 days before my period it last like 3 days

  38. How are you so breathe taking? You’re effortlessly beautiful 😭 but I appreciate you making all these videos! I pray I’ll get pregnant soon!

  39. Ahhhh ! You don’t know how helpful this is ! I feel so much better and my nerves are much more relaxed. Thank you so much for making this.
    Also I love the star wars reference hahaha!

  40. Hi! Am 15dpo and missed pirod (including today its day 4) and since today morning I started feeling very nauseous, blotting and totally different wierd kind of smell aversion etc. So I took a preg test at home it was only 1 dark blue line in d window.but later on I felt like there is a very very very faint line too, so I asked my husband to check on it but he didn't felt there is any rather than d dark negative one? Y is that soo? And when should I check next again so I can get sure and accurate results?? Please help me out ladies..

  41. What if i do not have early pregnancy symptoms. But preganancy test get Positive. I am that really Pregnant???

  42. Is it possible that fertile egg which does not go through implantation cause delay in period cycle or clotting and painful periods?

  43. I am so confused as I had my regular 4 day period on july 28th and ended july 31st. However the 5th of august I experienced what I believe was implantation bleeding… super light pink nothing like my regular period and only last a few hours. The spotting was only present when I wiped and since then Ive felt mild back cramping along with these odd hot flashes at night. I wake up damp from sweat and hot until I cool down for a bit. I dont know what to think as I've only ever been pregnant once before and had a miscarriage. I am only convinced it was implantation bleeding because I experienced the same kind of light bleeding during my first bfp. I have been producing a lot of discharge and Im just so confused!!! HELP

  44. Hi Doc, I just want to ask regarding 1-6 dpo i have been cramping ,lower back pain, some days of sore breast, leg cramps , and being emotional. may i know is that possible for an early sign of pregnancy? Thanks in advance

  45. I know this is far fetch… But i got a faint positive 8 dpo.. I took 2 tests 9 dpo and they were both negative.. Whats up with that??? I was really bummed out… Now i am 10 dpo and I want to test again but i figured i should wait a day or 2… Can i still be pregnant even though i got those 2 negatives? My period is due in 5 days… So i know its still kinda of early.. Im just so anxious, I previously had a miscarriage and i just want this so bad

  46. Hi I've been following your videos for awhile now. My BF and I have been active trying to get pregnant for a few months now. My period is either early or on time. I use 4 different apps to track my cycle…and all of them have me at 3 days late except for one. But the pregnancy tests are coming up negative. Just took one today. My question is…I'm 43…could HCG levels be slower to form in older women?

  47. Wow I’m watching this I’ve got lower back pains feeling sick not hungry but I’ve been happy and blah I’ve had insomnia and fragtue headaches dizziness I’m in the 2 week wait and I’m like ahhhh!!!! Watching this having a nice day at work been happy and now I’m ready cry 😢 I just want know 😔

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