Are there natural therapies to control my Atrial Fibrillation?

Are there natural therapies to control my Atrial Fibrillation?

So natural therapies or complementary or alternative therapies are very attractive to patients, and in many cases have a good role. Unfortunately in AFib, we just don’t have a lot of good science around studying these natural therapies and their effect in AFib. They have been studied for other forms of heart disease, but right now for preventing stroke, for managing rhythm, for preventing heart failure, really the medicines that we know and have tested well are really the best. They’re made well, they have good quality control, and again when we prescribe those we’re saying that there is good evidence behind them. Now it doesn’t mean that you should only abandon all other things and stick with prescription drugs. There’s a lot of natural things you can do: stress reduction, yoga, any form of exercise, and I would recommend that those be thought of as sort of natural complementary things for risk factor reduction in addition to some of the medications that your clinician may want you to take.

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  1. About a year ago I was just a 30-year-old guy who drink whiskey for nights a week and smoke cigarettes. To suddenly one night be sitting down eating a large meal and feeling a electric shock in the center of my chest. It just zapped me like actual electricity is what it felt like. Followed by feeling like my heart was grabbed and yanked down. And then a fast heart rate for a few minutes. I quit smoking and drinking cold turkey and that was one year ago. I just started drinking beer again but not smoking at all this last few months. Suddenly while having some beer last night I had an a fib attack. My first ever. Well ever actually recorded. Now I have an Apple Watch and it says I was in a fib. It lasted for about four hours. I was OK and I ate some pizza and suddenly my heart rate went from 80 to 120to 140to 193. And then it bounced from 80 94/32 back up to 160 or 170 for about a minute and it kept doing that for four hours. I’m wondering what I can do about this. I’m wondering what I can do without a doctor. I’m wondering if anybody has experience the electricity feelings in the Center of the chest. I’m wondering is there any tricks to stop at the moment the heart starts going fast. Is there anything I should worry about were very specific symptoms that I for sure should call an ambulance if their accompany this attack? Oddly I ate a raw piece of garlic and some oatmeal and within 30 seconds the entire attack just suddenly ended and I went back to normal why would this be?

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