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  1. the year i commited to herbal remedies and preventative maintence was the year my health really began.   i LOVE my herbs and medicinal plants!  thx for the share Tom, you are right about people being overmedicated.

  2. Fortunately I think we are breeding a generation that is jot afraid to ask questions of their docs, but unfortunately the older generation swears by their every word! I have food allergies but have chosen to be careful of what I eat rather than support epipen, I am going to switch to hawthorn for my hBp and talk to my neurologist about the dosages I am on for some of my meds. she is really quick to pass out the drugs and not big on the herbs! She is Indian…I am surprised that she isnt more receptive…

  3. I suffer badly with depression and i am emotionally unstable,i take five medications per day for my mental health,can you give me ideas as to how i can treat myself the natural way without polluting my body with so much medication,i have been on my medication for five years and my kidney's are taking a beating,i have recently started to take apple cider vinegar to detox my body

  4. Interesting video. Yes, I have had the experience of doctors wanting to operate me at all costs. According to them there was no other solution. One operation in particular would have been quite invasive. I trusted my gut feeling and decided not to. I am still struggling, but thanks to a brilliant Ayurvedic doctor I am slowly improving and my organs haven't been "ripped" out of my body. On one hand I feel allopathic doctors sometimes don't have a solution, their only solution is to cut out organs that are the "cause" of the problem. On the other hand my clear sensation was that it was a matter of money. As horrible as it may sound, operations are a source of income for a hospital. Also, it's a matter of numbers, statistics I believe. Hospitals have to have a certain number of operations to justify funding as well as their existence. Obviously, not all doctor's are like that, luckily. This is just my experience in this particular case.

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