Arjun Tea Reviews, Herbal Tea, Anti Ageing, Planet Ayurveda Products

Arjun Tea Reviews, Herbal Tea, Anti Ageing, Planet Ayurveda Products

Hello! What is your name? My name is Rajendra Thakur. Which place do you belong to? I came from Nangal. This product in your hand, what is it? This is Arjun Tea. What are its benefits? We have to tell the viewers that what all are its benefits? Its benefits… better if you ask, what are not benefits of this product? Okay . I am using this product for the last 11 years. If I talk about my position 11 years before, I had to wear glasses with 3 number for 24 hours. My eyesight was very weak, it was like when someone was sitting at distance of 6 feet also, I was not able to recognize that person without my glasses. Okay. This was my position. I was very weak, used be irritated and my nature was kind of short tempered and I often felt heat in the body. I talked to many Doctors, that I want to remove these glasses but they said for this you can either go for your eye operations or replace your eye lenses. Other option is to continue with your glasses. I asked them for the alternative like some tablets or medicines, but they said there’s no else option available for it. So like this I met Dr. Vikram, our Sir. He recommended me this product. Frankly speaking, that time I did not trust it fully that it will help me to remove my glasses. Truly I would say that because of its taste only I used to have. It has a fabulous taste. After having it for 40-45 days the change I felt, although I had it just with an unsatisfied mind. I did not trust it actually, that it will work, but it worked a lot and I consider it above all. Okay. The glasses I use to wear after 40 days, the thing I am talking about is of Hoshiarpur where I was at my friend’s in laws house. We slept at night and in the morning, as I wore my glasses everything was appearing heavy. I thought that it also failed like others and worst was that my number increased. When I went for my eyesight checkup, he started putting glasses with number higher than 3, but my strain started increasing, so asked him to try to use glasses of lower number. When he started decreasing the number, as he reached to number- 1.75. From 3 to 1.75. Yes, from 3 to 1.75, I felt better at that number, so he told me that your number has changed to 1.75. So what to do now, should I make a new one? I said for new one but I will not wear it, instead I will drink this tea every day. Okay. Other benefit was that my problem of getting irritated and my stress level were like going away and confidence inside me was flourishing. After this I was progressing and my whole credit goes to this. Arjun Tea. Arjun Tea. Now also I use to have two cups of this every day. Morning and Evening. Morning and Evening. I have my morning Breakfast along with this and one cup in the evening. You have it before your meal? No, I have it with my meal. Anything I consume, is always along with its one cup. Other is that my mother had a heart attack, so I gave her this one and she is very fit now. My father drink it, my wife also drink it. I have made its use in my entire house. After seeing me, many bought it through me and have started drinking it. It is very good. I would like to say that it is a great gift from Dr. Vikram Chauhan, at least for my life it is a gift! It is very good. Which changed my life totally and this is not something that I have created all this myself and it’s not like I want to sell this product. Anyone who drinks it, I am damn sure, one who will use it at least once, have about 5 cups of it and he himself will ask for its 6th cup. This is its great feature. Okay You will never see any ad or any pamphlet of this product but it is itself very good. When you drink it, will have benefits from this and people will observe your system and will ask how you got all the changes. Like I got the changes, my irritated behavior, my negative thinking, I was not able to sleep at night, my health was very much deteriorated and I was even depressed. One truth I forgot to tell you that I tried to suicide twice. What? I tried to suicide twice, I was so much in stress because of some problem at home. Receiving negativity. I was totally into negativity. Because of it you got the positivity! This gave me life, this is the truth and I am not lying. Everything I am telling is true not fake. Everything that appears in me and what I had. It’s been 10 years and now it is 11th year, I am still having it and for whole life I will drink it. Okay. We felt so good to meet you. Thank you so much. Sir I forgot to tell you one thing. Yes. Today I am 42 years and my age 10 years back i.e. when I was 32 years old, people use to think that I was of 45 or 50 years old. My system was very weak, I was so weak, and I had skinny cheeks. I didn’t feel like talking to anyone. I was under so much stress and I didn’t feel good talking to anyone. Today I am of 42 years but people say that you seem to be of 32-34 years old. It has reversed me back. If I tell my feelings, though I am of 42 but I feel like I am of 25-26 years and it is my inner feeling not any show off. Boys of 25-26 year of age are working with me and they start feeling low and give up easily, but I never give up. That is very good. This is the truth of this product with everyone who will have a connection with it. Cholesterol level of my mother was around 300 and I gave it regularly and now it came to 172. This was main thing I forgot to tell you. That means, it is helpful in maintaining cholesterol level and acts as an ant-aging. Yes it does. Perfectly works as an Ant-aging. Your eyesight also got corrected. My eyesight is totally all right and 2nd thing I would like to tell you that, at that time, for my long sightedness, I used to have glasses and my near sightedness was also getting weak. Now a level has been set. Now I don’t have any problem for near or long sightedness. Now I have a right level. Thank you so much Mr. Rajender! Thank you!

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  1. Brother, Thank you for the information. I am also working on getting rid of glasses, and benefited from eye exercises, Tratak and hypnosis. Would try Arjuna herb.

  2. सर् ये जो आप अर्जुन चाय की पैकेट दिखा रहे है वो कौन सा कंपनी का है और वो कहा पर मिलेगा।कृपया सहायता करें।

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