Arthritis knee pain treatment || घुटनों के दर्द के घरेलू नुस्खे || 1mg

Hello Friends. In today’s video, we will talk about a disease which affects approximately 40-45cr Indians, and this disease is called Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is also commonly called Arthritis and the most common symptom for it is joint pain. It’s important for us to know and understand Osteoarthritis because people have a big misconception that the only treatment for it is joint replacement surgery. This is absolutely not the case. It has many treatment options and in this video we would like to give you some details about them. First is home based therapy, which means those things which you can easily do at home. Second is medicine and injections, for which you need to visit your doctor. Third is surgery. If we talk about home based therapies, then most important amongst them is weight reduction. Let’s assume that we have any joint in our body which can handle a maximum weight of 50kgs, and on that same joint we have applied a weight of 100kgs. Then it’s obvious that joint will deteriorate quickly. This is why it’s very important for any patient suffering from Osteoarthritis to control their weight. Second thing is lifestyle modification. Lifestyle modification refers to small changes that we make in lifestyle which will decrease the stress and pressure on our joints. What are the examples of this? First is, sitting cross-legged. This applies a lot of stress on our knees so we should completely avoid it. Second is, squatting. Squatting is how we commonly sit in our bathrooms. So if you suffer from Osteoarthritis then instead of an Indian toilet and install an English toilet in your home. This will be very beneficial to you. Third option is, physiotherapy or splints. Physiotherapy helps make the muscles around the joints in becoming flexible and supple. It increases the blood circulation around, and decreases the swelling and pain of the joint. and Knee Splints, which people know commonly as Knee Cap, they also help with this and secondarily, our alignment… arrangement of our bones is helped to be maintained as normal. But this is not a cure. They can help stop the progression of your disease, and help decrease your symptoms but it cannot bring back something which has already been damaged. Our next treatment option is, Medicine and Injection. If we talk about medicines, they are of various types. First is the type which will decrease the swelling of the joints. We call it Anti-Inflammatory. Second is, the type of medicine which will decrease our pain. We call it Analgesic. Third is, the combination of both these medicines. All these three types of medicines are very good for patients of Osteoarthritis, but these are only good for the short term. You should not take these medicines in the long term because in the short term they will decrease your pain and swelling, but it you keep taking them for a long period of time, the day you stop taking these medicines, your pain, swelling and difficulty while walking will all return. Second treatment option is Injection. When we discuss Injections, they are usually of 2-3 types. One Injection which will only stop the pain and it’s commonly known as Steroid. It decreases pain and reduces some swelling. When it comes to this injection there is a big misconception in people’s minds that steroid shouldn’t be taken. This is correct to some extent. We shouldn’t take steroid for a long time. But the steroid which is injected into the joints is usually given in doses of 1mg, 2mg or 5mg. This dose is so small that there is no chance for any side effects. Second type of Injections are those which will also stop the disease progression and stop the damage which has already happened as well. These injections are blood products based which means after taking your blood, extract the good cells and ingredients and inject them into your joint which will not only decrease your pain and stiffness but also regenerates the damaged cartilage a little bit. Final treatment option is surgery.
Surgery also has two parts. First is what we call, joint preservation surgery or cartilage repair surgery. In this, we regenerate your damaged cartilage. From your own blood, we extract stem cells and using a microscope we inject them into your joints, and through this, in 3-6 months your cartilage slowly starts regeneration which will decrease all your symptoms and alters your disease progression. What are the advantages of this? You are not putting any metal in your body, you are not cutting any bones and this is a very natural form of treatment. The chances of any side effects occurring are next to negligible. Many patients come to us during the very late stages of Osteoarthritis. These are those patients where cartilages are already damaged and due to the rubbing together of the bones, bones are also damaged. For these patients, we have to do a joint replacement. What do we do in a joint replacement? We cut both pieces of the bone and into the empty space we have left, we insert a metallic joint. This removes the pain, swelling and difficulty while walking. But this has some disadvantages as well. An artificial joint is being inserted into our body and this artificial joint has a lifespan. This artificial joint only lasts for 10-15 years. After 10-15 years we have to do this operation again. Second thing is that when trying to sit cross-legged, sometimes there might be some difficulty. So, it’s not the case that any one treatment is absolutely excellent or the best treatment. Each treatment has some advantages and some disadvantages and we have to analyse what is the best treatment for us. If you have any more questions please comment them below. Like and share our video, and subscribe to our channel. Thank You.

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