Asheville Herb Festival

Medicinal herbs are really important for a
lot of different reasons. They of course help heal various maladies but I think also they
help connect us to nature which is probably the greatest malady in our society of all
and so knowing the plants that are around you and how they might be applied to help
us is a way of healing the human plant connection. Especially when you’re talking about the medicinals,
I think they’re very important from a historic point of view, culturally, and there’s so
many issues now with poaching and I think that people need to have access to different
types of medicinal plants especially the woodland herbs but not at the expense of limiting them
for future generations. And so I think it’s important for people to understand what they
are and how they grow and that they can grow their own. So especially people who want to
go in the forest and harvest these things for financial gain, they can begin to grow
their own and there are ways to do that and I’m all about trying to help people learn
how to grow those medicinal herbs so that they can continue the heritage of harvesting
but also the financial gain of harvesting as well and not leading to sustainability
issues. If the people and the government and the universities recognized that this is a
situation then we make take the next necessary step I think which is reseeding. We can’t
continually take billions of plants each year from our forests and have a reseeding program
from private people like myself of 70,000 seeds. I mean, I’m not even making a dent.
I’ve been studying herbalism for about a decade and a half and I’m deeply committed to replenishing
our native plant supplies rather than purely just harvesting but I think it’s of the utmost
importance that we integrate ourselves through more of an understanding of a cyclical cycle.
So if we only learn to harvest and not reproduce or not carry and save the seed and not germinate
the seed, then we’re still part of that broken loop.

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