Ashwagandha a natural treatment for OCD #mentalhealth

Ashwagandha a natural treatment for OCD #mentalhealth

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  1. Wonderful video Tom.  Thank you.  😀 Love Aswagandha, and find it is a terrific calmer, sleep aid and adaptogenic herb for adrenal issues or stressful times.  I take this with holy basil, neem, and oil of evening primrose for days when I have to be in top form, alert, but not nervous.  Works great as tonic.   Aswagandha tastes pretty gross as a powder, so got one of those capsule makers, and now its so easy to take. Cheers!

  2. Hello Tom! Another great video from you, thanks for the share 😀
    I take this for vitality. it's effective and suggested it to a few of my patients, one who has OCD issues and she wasn't responding to any form of meds. Now, a year later, she feels like functionnal for the 1st time in a long time 🙂
    Thanks for making and helping the world become a better place, stay blessed Dearest Tom ^-^. Ayasan

  3. Sir, 1st of all thanks to share a great video for OCD people. May Lord bless you. I'm from India. I wash my hands again n again. So Ayurveda treatment will be good for me or not? If yes, then how to start? I mean here are so many Ayurvedic practitioners I'm confused.

  4. Just to report back, after about a week on Ashwagandha for my husband, along with oral and topical lavender, I am managing to get him out of the house with less fuss, and his speech is clearer. He has been diagnosed as having Parkinson with Dementia, but I'm not so sure, he was put on anti-depression meds. which made things worse. I am going with alternative as I have done all my life and taking the road of thinking it is servere anxiety, and now I can see improvements, thank you for this info. if you have any other thought to help that would be great, peace and health to you and yours.

  5. ashwaganda another names is Indian ginseng or winter cherry or sci name is withiana somifineria. ashwaganda and brahmi and gotu kola are used in anxiety disorders and stress relief and depression

  6. ashwaganda,brahmi and gotu kola are like brain tonic.reduces anxiety related Indian markets available in three powders in one bottle like patanjali divya medha vati

  7. Hi
    Great video! How long can one take Ashwagandha for? And also Rhodiola ROSEA? Bought mine in holland and Barrett and was told to take for two weeks. Wondered how long others have used there's for and if any danger in using more than 2 weeks. Also does anyone else feel a bit light headed when they take these capsules? Initially that's the feeling until it settles. I guess that is the balancing out of the body taking place. Thanks for a great video! Helps with stressful symptoms so far!

  8. I have been taking an SSRI (Lexapro) for nearly 10 years now. It has practically gotten rid of my severe OCD, depression and anxiety. However over the past few years I have developed bad memory problems which I am convinced is caused by the SSRI as I've done a lot of research on it and a lot of other people taking Lexapro have developed memory problems. I have tried switching to a few different SNRI's which helped with my memory but made it difficult to sleep and caused me to be very irritable. So I ended up going back on Lexapro. I really want to get off medications and I've looked into natural remedies but haven't found anything that seemed convincing enough to try. I think I might give Ashwagandha a try. Should I try weaning off of the Lexapro as I start taking the Ashwaganda?

  9. Hello sir. I have been suffering from what has been diagnosed as sensory motor ocd almost all my life. It is where my mind is hyper aware to normal bodily sensations like breathing or blinking or anything else in the body and has been causing me lots of stress in my life. I have been in therapy(CBT) which hasn't seemed to help and now am taking St. John's Wort low dose and that doesn't seem to be helping even after 6 weeks but I guess I haven't increased the dose yet. What medication would you recommend for me? Ashwagandha? Or up the dose of St. John's wort? Or another route maybe. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thank You.

  10. Trust me it's work I am from india and Ashwagandha is easily available here and it really healed me from ocd and unwanted thoughts and feelings Must try !!

  11. I suffer from severe Anxiety and OCD and have been looking for the perfect herb or supplement what do you recommend @the mental health herbalist ? they sell Ashwagandha on amazon not sure if I should try that or go for a anti stress supplement please advise

  12. Hi I been taking ashwagandha (900mg) for about 5 weeks now, but I'm not getting any good results for my ocd what do I need to do, do I need to eat healthy and exercise.

  13. Hi sir thanks for the video.i have been suffering from ocd and anxiety for the last five to six years. But I started taking medication for only 2.5 years ago and I stopped 3 months ago. But now I have a weird thought that the things I see or hear other people doesn’t see or hear. I had this thought before that time I was on Escitalopram then it gone.but last week it came again and I started medicine again. I even have doubt thought that if I’m dead or not .sir is it related to ocd thoughts ? Or any other problems? Thanks

  14. My deliverence from OCD:

    What can I say about this ocd OMG I have been through this for 4 years nearly to be delivered from that completely my case is like complicated then everybody out there, I really wanted to commit suicide due to the thoughts I use to get people say that deadly diseases are dangerous but trust me diseases can kill you once and it's over but ocd is something that you need to fight daily sorry of course each second you live that's something more painful then anything being a FORMER OCD I know what it means to have OCD, now let me share my testimony I was a person with a critical ocd as I told you I can't share it with anyone and when u did everyone use to laugh some use to panic some used to look down on me what not I was literally broken then I found a love that deals with the inner me someone who understands the inner me without even saying something someone who deals with the roots, that my GOD'S LOVE JEHOVA, JESUS CHRIST, HOLY SPIRIT I am a believer of the trinity and I'm proud about that none no man no person is capible of doing it what my GOD has done to me I thought I could never be normal there is no night neither day that I didn't cry worried, watching happy normal people I used to think like when will be happy like them I literally lost hope but GOD delivered me from all that in such a way that I don't even remember the days I cried people you may take this testimony as simple may be but the actual ocd can only understand what it means to be a ocd oh GOD, testifying this because GOD told me to to share this testimony so that others who are suffering can be delivered from this too, ocd people don't worry ocd is not permanent if you have GOD in your life, suggestions that I can give you is buy a bible pray and ask HIM about your problem tell HIM what it is open the bible read trust me HE'LL give you the solution for your problem, try to find a good chruch, ask GOD to guide you to a good church, i can challenge your problem it will be solved nomatter what if you have faith in this GOD, and don't forget to share your testimony, I'll be happy to know your testimony people I love you all ❤

  15. I get severe unwanted OCD thoughts and images to the point I was so depressed and sycotic from the thoughts I tried to kill myself so I really got to know if this is legit

  16. Please help! I read on webmd that is has caused blood clots in some people. And also it has ginseng which causes a strong stimulating feeling, and some had mania?
    I wanted to try this for my anxiety and panic, but this worries me.
    Thanks for your channel, truly a great channel!

  17. Great video! I am on an SSRI for OCD- Viibryd, which I like, because unlike a lot of SSRIs, which can make you sleepy and groggy, Viibryd actually gives you some energy. Don't know how they did it, but they did something.

    I've taken Ashwagandha before, and it has a very relaxing, calming effect, like say L-Theanine, or any other GABA boosting supplement. That's been my experience.

    But hey Tom, quick question for you. In addition to OCD, I have what you basically would call the remnants of High Functioning Autism. I am pretty much non-autistic socially now, but one trait I do have, which is common with those on Autism Spectrum Disorders and people with ADHD and ADD is the irritation of hyperfocusing, where you intent focus on tasks or different things.

    Any recommendations on herbal supplements for hyperfocusing. Obviously you would want to stay away from any serotonin boosting supplements- like 5-HTP, St. John's Wort, and potentially Bacopa and others. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  18. Thank you for the video.. You know that there are alot of brands… I was wondering what the best brand for getting ashwagandha is , and what is the daily recommended dosage for ocd and anxiety that accompanies it? Thank you..

  19. I read on webmd reviews that it caused blood clots to some people, please tell me that its not correct, because i wanna try this herb

  20. im a ocd person. tnx doctor.for u valuable information….this is fully solution of ocd..? or continue my medicine…

  21. Hi, I am suffering from unwanted thoughts which makes me disturbed, no concentration and attention and mainly disturbs when idle, so unable to sleep even with sleeping pills. Doctor has recently diagnosed it as OCD and I am taking Fluoxetine in the morning and fluvoxamine in the night, some what good result. May I use Ashwagandha of Himalaya while taking medicines ?

  22. Thank you sir good video
    I am Indian
    Sir kya hindi me bata sakate hai mughje English nahi aata hai mai ten yesr se ocd se paresan Hu aswagandha powder lena hai aur dusara kya lena hai please sir reply

  23. Does Ashwagandha help with Pure-OCD symptoms? If anyone can provide information as to whether or not you have to take it every day, please let me know. Thank you.

  24. Hi i am from india,tail naidu.i have ocd.but I ate ashwagandha for 2 months.thank God it's really works and I feel better.

  25. my OCD is of cleanliness. allways I am cleaning everything it is from 15 Years. I can also use this medicine plsss reply sir it is a humbble request sir

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