[ASMR] The Dentist Roleplay (Relaxing Cleaning)

[ASMR] The Dentist Roleplay (Relaxing Cleaning)

Hey there. You must be my very last patient of the day. I’m Dr. Gibi; It’s nice to meet you. Are you comfortable? Yeah, you look like you’re doing okay. My nurse set you up the fine in the chair and everything. Good. Yeah, I just wanted to let you know that you have no cause for any nervousness or concern and the only reason I say that is because I saw on your chart that you haven’t been here in a while That’s O.K. Yeah, it’s O.K. Um, I mean, just think of this as a cosmetic procedure I’m gonna get your smile nice and shiny and sparkly Okay. No, it’s not too bad. We’re not very high tech here. The nurse should have gotten your x-rays already, so that should have been the worst of it really. I’m just gonna use some really basic tools to clean off any extra extra gunk on your teeth Um, I’ll be doing some flossing, and then I’m going to give you a fluoride spray treatment. That sound good? Okay, very good. All right, you just sit there and relax, and don’t worry, I’ll be explaining everything that I’m doing, but I’m just going to grab my latex gloves and a mask, okay? Okay. So, these are just your standard latex gloves and, that way, I can safely poke around your mouth There we go. So, these masks go right over my nose and mouth Um, because I’m going to get pretty close to you while I’m cleaning your teeth. So yeah, just for sanitary purposes. Yep, okay, I’m going to grab my tools, okay Now the first few tools that I’ll be working with are the mirror tool and the, um, broad tipped tool; it’s not sharp, it’s, uh, just a flat, two-sided tool that will scrape the majority of the extra gunk off your teeth. So, I’ll be doing your top layer first and then your bottom layer. And then I’m going to go back with a more, uh, precise tool and then, um, we’ll move on to flossing. O.K. O.K., not so bad. Okay, I’m gonna ask you to open up… Very good. And this mirror lets me see behind your teeth so that I don’t have to really crane my neck or anything to see behind. Yeah, the weather has been absolutely beautiful. Uh, I didn’t even have to wear a coat to work today. How about that? O.K…. Very good. O.K…. Very good. And all the way back here… Okay. Now I’m going to ask you to keep your mouth open while I do the bottom row of your teeth, okay? Can you do that?… Perfect. All righty. Open up. Very good…. Very good! O.K. Are you comfortable? Good. Yeah, have you planned any summer vacations yet? No, nothing yet. Well there’s still time. I really think ahead when it comes summer vacations. I guess I’m a wishful thinker. Got some… stubborn plaque right there O.K. Good. We got that just fine. Okay, very good. Now, I’m just going to… Grab my precision tool. So this tool is pretty sharp, but it’s actually a good thing for you because um, I have more control over where it goes, so it won’t be hitting your gums or anything like that. Uh, this is just to get in between the teeth to clean it out before we floss. Okay, not too bad. All right, open up. Good. Good. Yeah, kind of like a tiny ice pick or something. Yup. All right. Still okay? Still comfy? Good. Okay. All right. See, that was the top layer. Not too bad. Now let’s do the bottom, okay? Okay. Very good. You’re a natural. Okay. I just wanna get that one tooth back there, okay? All right, very good! So these tools are going away, we’re all done with them. See, not so bad at all. I’m just going to have you, um, rinse out your mouth. So, I have a paper cup for you, and you can actually fill this with water right next to you, in the sink. Um, just rinse and spit, and I’ll go get the drying pulp. It’s a very gentle instrument. Yeah, it’s nothing fancy or harsh. Okay. All done? Good So this is what I’m just gonna dry your teeth off with, so that we can floss properly. Okay. Open up. Very good Okay, all dry. Good. Okey dokey. So… I’m just gonna get my floss… there it is. This is just classic floss that you can find in any Drugstore. So, I know a lot of people, when I bring out the floss, they get that little sheepish grin on their face. It’s okay, you don’t have to lie to me if you don’t floss, but you might as well start because starting today is better than starting tomorrow. And flossing just has so many health benefits, I have to recommend it. Okay, open up Okay, I’ll be gentle; I know it can be rough if you haven’t flossed in a while. Okay. Good job, you are a trooper. So, the last thing that I want to do with you Is just do a really, really, simple fluoride treatment. So, this is a pretty basic spray. It’s mint flavored nothing, um, Chemical tasting about it, um. And I’m going to be getting a couple sprays on the top and bottom layer of your teeth Excuse me and we’ll let that dry, and then, once you’re done with that, then you are free to go. How about that? Okay. So, open. I’m going to give you one two three sprays on the top, and Three sprays on the bottom. And I’ll dry you off a little bit. Okey-Dokey. Now, if you just close your teeth, like that, okay. Good. Just checking your gums Making sure there’s not too much bleeding from the flossing. It doesn’t hurt bad, does it? Good, good. And… Open your mouth Okey-Dokey. All right. You can close your mouth. I am all done. You were a very, very good patient. Um, you should come back to the dentist more often. So, you should be coming back every six months. Just for a general cleanup and wellness check. You don’t have any cavities or any problems this time, um, but you know, if you keep coming back, hopefully we can keep it that way. Yeah. So, thank you so much for coming in, hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. All right, it was a pleasure. Okay, bye-bye.

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  1. I love that dentist try to have a successful conversation with you then get all awkward when you don't answer cause you got a bunch of shit in your mouth XD

  2. U kinda look like Mackenzie Ziegler in this video😅😅😅 lysm!! Video gave me so many tinglesss❤️❤️💕💕💕😊😊

  3. Gibi! How do u get your makeup to match whatever ASMR u do?!?!? So good, does anyone else see that?

  4. Why did the ASMRist go to the dentist?

    Cuz it was time for their checkup, no joke here folks, dental care is extremely important.

  5. “the weather is beautiful out” Me: im staying inside. “the weather is awful its raining like heck!” Me: IM GONNA GO OUTSIDE AND STAY FOR ABOUT 2 HOURS !its funny about how i dont wanna go outside when its sunny but everytime it rains or snows i say “lets go outside” lol

    Edit2: when she said open up i yawned….. what the fudge is she some illuminati figure??!?!?

  6. “ill spray it on the top of your teeth” -*wacks hair in face right by eyeball*Me: Oh heck no im moving to chicago peace brutha!

  7. This may be bc I’m dumb but after the dentists cleans ur teeth out with tools do they clean it? What do they do with it? Bc that’s unsanitary and disgusting

  8. what? this makes NO sense!… my sister and i have NEVER been to a dentist a day in our life! im 40, and my sister is 36 with two children! we have perfect teeth! i have all my wisdom teeth….

  9. Hi Gibi ! Thank you as always. Your videos helped me relax during my last dentist check. Do you think you could come up with a video of relaxing Childbirth ? 😀

  10. remembering that one video where Gibi pointed put that in THIS video, she's accidentally cleaning our eyes due to the placement of the camera
    Eh, still awesome ASMR

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