At Columbia, Big Data Transforms Dentistry

At Columbia, Big Data Transforms Dentistry

The Center for Precision Dental Medicine is a truly disruptive technology that’s going to transform the practice of
dentistry, the teaching of dentistry, and the research in the field of dentistry. The only way to improve outcomes of a patient is to track the process of that
treatment. And the best way to track that process is to create a set of data or instrumentation of the process. This is a unique facility that will bring us data
that will allow us to reposition our profession within the healthcare system.
The dental chair is our digital data hub. Every device and every movement of the
chair is recorded every hundred milliseconds– how fast the drill is going,
whether the chair is being moved, whether the water is on. There are video cameras
that are viewing the patients as they are being treated. The sensors and the cameras viewing the patients can help determine the stress level of a patient.
Then with machine learning algorithms, we can figure out what causes those
additional stresses and then how can we reduce the causes of those stresses. The
faculty can observe each operatory. You You can see how the student and the patient are interacting. The cameras make it easier for us to supervise, but in a less
intrusive manner. This is data that was previously not available and it’s being
gathered in real time. Columbia University is one of the first
universities to combine dental records with electronic health records. The goal
here is to add the combination of genomics, electronic health records, and
digital data from our environment to provide that unique precision treatment
for each individual patient. I like to use the term “data for good.” To use data
and data science to benefit society in a responsible way that will preserve the
privacy of the individuals. Pushing the front of discovery is the most exciting
thing. That’s why we are here for.

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  1. Dear, Columbia University! Would I like to know about stem cells? which stage is going the investigation? when will Dr. Jeremy Mao's dental regeneration research for patients application? please! regards and hugs from ecuador!

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