At Home Cold Remedies | How To Get Rid of a Cold | Homeopathic Cold Cures | ChriskaYoga

At Home Cold Remedies | How To Get Rid of a Cold | Homeopathic Cold Cures | ChriskaYoga

Hi, I’m Christina and welcome to my channel, ChriskaYoga! Today, I’m going to be talking about Cold remedies. How to get over a cold fast with things that you can do Yourself at home as you might be able to hear in my voice right now. I am Sick I am just getting over a cold Hopefully I’m getting over it it has been 2 and a half days Since I’ve started to feel the symptoms of the cold and so far they’ve been quite mild And I think that if I hadn’t have done things that I’m going to tell you about in this video It would have been a lot worse the things that I’m going to share with you I have been doing for years, and I swear by them every time I have a cold at the first symptom of the cold I do these things and It really shortens the life of the cold and it helps you to feel better faster So you can get back to your life and move on because I really want to move on from this cold right now Just a disclaimer I am NOT a doctor Please consult a physician before you do anything regarding your health These are just my own experiences that I’m sharing a few things that I personally have done To help alleviate my cold symptoms, and help me get over them faster Please check out my full disclaimer in the description box below this video and also you can check out my entire Terms and conditions and full disclaimer on my website as well I’ll leave all the links to everything in the description box below this video just putting it out there I am not a doctor This is just my experience. Before we get started with this video if you are not yet subscribed to this channel This is a yoga based channel So if you’re new I post to free yoga classes every single week on this channel It is completely free to subscribe I would love to have you as a subscriber as a part of my community of subscribers takes two Seconds to hit that subscribe button down below. It would really help me out to expand and grow the reach of this channel and You’ll go with more people so if you are ready Let’s get into these cold remedies tips number one thing that I’m going to talk about is drink water Drink lots and lots of water drink water all day every day But especially when you are sick staying hydrated is important in general, but when you are sick You need to basically flush everything out of your system So drinking water will help you to do that it helps to just get everything flowing and moving all of that stuff that Infected stuff in here in your body that is going on when you have a cold Drinking water will help you to feel a lot better a lot faster if you drink a lot You can also drink tea when I have a cold in my throat and nose and head my throat is sore I like to drink this tea called throat coat it. Just it’s not the my favorite flavor of tea, but it really does help the throat I might have some after this video because talking for 15 minutes is really not going to be beneficial for my throat another side tip don’t talk for 15 minutes straight when you have a Throat ache throat code tea even any kind of herbal tea is going to help to alleviate some of that pain the heat on the throat is going to help to soothe the throat ache keeping that body hydrated and Helping to flush out all of the bad stuff in there for lack of a better term Is going to help you to get better faster my next tip is taking zinc and vitamin C Zinc is one of those vitamins that you can take too much of So I only do this when I am sick because I don’t want to overdose on think it’s not good for you I take is I cam sometimes. I also take Emergen-C. Those little packets that you can dissolve into water It’s another great way to stay hydrated while also getting vitamins is to drink your vitamins You can take the emergency in the regular format, or you can take it with some added melatonin Which helps you to fall asleep. So definitely don’t take that before you drive or anything Take that the nighttime one at night when you’re sleeping or before you go to sleep Just kind of really packing in those vitamins every time you’re sick Helps the body to combat the cold the next thing that I like to do is I like to use my oil diffuser and put in some tea tree oil tea tree oil is a natural antimicrobial So it kills bacteria. I know colds are viral generally. I like the smell of tea tree oil breathing in tea tree oil and having it Just circulate around the air helps to kill the germs in the air and I really like to do it during the time that I am sick or anyone else that I’m living with is sick because I think it just helps to purify the air clear the air out of germs And I love my oil diffuser in general So, I couldn’t recommend that enough. The next thing that I like to do when I’m sick is gargle with warm Salt water. This is something that I have been doing since I was little because my dad swears by it He and my grandparents. Have a whole list of old Italian home remedies that I used to do when I was little and they really worked for me some people don’t believe in that stuff But I do. Home remedies, Homeopathic things I do you want me to do another video on All of the things that my Italian grandmother taught me all the home remedies Let me know in the comment section below Yeah, gargle with warm salt water, so a full glass 8 ounces of not, too Hot not too. Cold water just a little warmer than room temperature I would say so you might need to microwave it for about 20 seconds depending on your microwave You do not want to gargle with freezing cold water, and you do not want to gargle with boiling water That is not safe So slightly warm a little warmer than room temperature And just a little bit of salt takes like a teaspoon not an actual teaspoon like a measurement teaspoon But like a spoon that you use for your tea. Just like maybe 1/2 to 1/4 That’s going up salt put it in the warm water stir it and allow the salt to dissolve and then you can gargle Slowly, so one sip out of time gargle the water until the entire water glass is empty So you’ll obviously want to do this by a sink and marble very Vigorously to get that muscle going and to break up all of that bad stuff In your throat the salt is really good for that It just helps if you have a throat ache, and I recommend doing this at the first sign of a throat Ache the next thing that I like to do what I have a cold is Use my neti pot so if you don’t know what a neti pot is it is a sinus rinse system You can do this with a few different types of devices I prefer the neti pot Because I just I don’t know I’ve been using it for the longest amount of time, so I know how to use it I’m used to it. It is a little tough where it comes with these saline packets in the pot You fill it up to the line of water. You need to use room-temperature Distilled or filtered water do not use tap water for this That’s at least what my neti pot box told me you dissolve the powder into the water and then you actually put it to your nostril and you tilt the head to one side breathing out of your mouth and The water goes up your sinus and although Out the other nostril some people find this weird I find it very helpful and helps to just clear out the sinuses If you have bad sinuses like I do Where you get chronic sinus issues I’d recommend doing this regularly so maybe once every couple weeks I think I’m a friend who does it every week who also has bad sinuses, so it’s not the most pleasant experience But it gets the job done so the next thing I’m going to suggest well you have a cold is Veggie soup this week I have had red fish soup with kale and white beans I’ve had veggie soup with spinach and lentils carrots celery veggie broth Just the warmth of the soup is very comforting to me and the nutrients from the vegetables are always always Beneficial I love soup in general, but especially when I’m sick if it’s just a great thing to have getting all your vegetables in and The comfort and warmth of the soup is just a great thing to do while you are sink And finally my final tip for when you have a cold is Rest so rest as much as possible even if you still have to work if you can work from home Then take the time and really Rest rest your body don’t force yourself to run around can you’re just trying to get worse and you’re just going to Prolong the symptoms, and it’s going to take even more time for you to feel better Which is less productive than it would if you were to just take a day and rest and let it just let your body recover Just let your body do its thing let it run its course There’s not much else you can do for a cold because most more often than not a cold is viral So they can’t even give you antibiotics at the doctor to help to kill the bacteria or whatever that is Making you feel this way, so Rest as much as you can work from home if you can sleep in if you can take a nap I highly recommend just letting your body recover so that you can get better Faster also just to let you know during this time if I have a bad headache I will take ibuprofen if I have a really bad thrown ache. I will take ibuprofen sometimes I take tylenol so see them in a fin or what’s it called paracetamol and acetaminophen and Paracetamol are the same thing they call them different things in different countries for some reason, but yeah I still take those things. I am not afraid to take Western medicine as well I don’t want to suffer if I don’t have to and I think that taking those things in small Doses is not going to kill you. I just do these homeopathic things as well to help myself Alleviate some of the symptoms, and hopefully get the simple moving forward and out of my system a little bit quicker I will leave links to everything that I discussed in this video everything that I can find in the description box below And the blog post below as well. Thank you so much for watching, and hope you found this video helpful tomorrow I will be posting a yoga class for when you have a cold To help to alleviate some of your body aches help you to feel a little less fatigued Just to move your body in a way That’s not going to aggravate your symptoms, and it really helped me to feel better so I hope that it helps you out as well if you like this video give it a thumbs up leave any questions or Comments you have in the comment section below this video if you are not yet subscribed to this channel Hit that subscribe button down below as well For two free yoga videos every single week plus bonus videos on Sunday most weeks It’s free to subscribe and I would love to have you as a subscriber And as a part of my growing community of awesome subscribers and awesome people for even more tips advice Yoga tips yoga resources from me visit my website, and Do not forget to also follow me over on instagram (@chriskayoga) for motivation inspiration yoga tips advice Updates on the insta story behind the scenes of this channel and so much more Head on over to instagram and follow me over there as well all of the links to everything Are listed in the description box below this video Thank you so much. See you next time

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  1. I hope you enjoy this video on my at home cold remedies!! Stay tuned tomorrow for a Yoga Class for when you are sick!! I hope it helps you out!! 🙂

  2. I feel like I've had the sniffles for weeks now! Headache, dry throat and blocked or runny nose. Maybe I'm taking too much zinc, I take it every day. Didn't know you could take too much, thanks Christina. Look forward to your yoga video tomorrow. Hope you get better soon xxx

  3. Great video Christina!! I love learning from my Youtube family. I am also getting over a cold and posted a similar video. I try to avoid antibiotics because it really upsets my stomach and gut health! We both share lots of great tips! Would love if you could check it out 🙂 Sending you lots of love and hope you feel better soon xoxo – Shaz

  4. I like natural remedies as much as possible but the only thing that helped
    my severe sore throat pain was ibuprofen. It only lasted a few hours but
    it was a wonderful reprieve.

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