Autism: Mom Uses Biomedical Treatment and Diet Change to Recover Child

Autism: Mom Uses Biomedical Treatment and Diet Change to Recover Child

My name is Becky Estepp. I have a son named
Aaron who’s twelve years old. Ten years ago this week, he was diagnosed with autism.
We’ve done many biomedical treatments throughout the years, also some complimentary traditional
treatments, and I would say he’s about 75 percent recovered. We haven’t made a full
recovery, but the boy that he is now is nothing like the boy he used to be, and I’d like
to share my story. We found out Eric had autism October 6th, 2000. It wasn’t because a doctor
told me; in fact, it was because of a visit I had to the pediatrician’s office with
my infant. At the time, it was his sixth month checkup, and the doctor said, “How’s it
going?” and I said, “Oh, the baby’s fine. I’m having a terrible problem with
my two-year-old. He’s tantruming a lot, only wanting to do certain things – you
know, a lot of repetitive behavior – but really, the tantrums are becoming uncontrollable.”
And my doctor told me that I needed to spank him and spank him severely for such behavior.
And I was exhausted, having an infant and a two-year-old that was constantly having
bad behaviors, so I thought about that advice. But later that night, Eric woke up in a fit
– screaming fit – just like the tantrums he was having during the day, and I realized
he wasn’t trying to manipulate me with this behavior. I realized something was actually
wrong, and there was no way I was going to hit my baby. And when I think about that now,
that the one person he trusted most in the world would be coming in, and I think he was
screaming out of pain; in fact, I know that now. It’s almost too much for me to bear
to think about. But what I did in the morning is I went to the “What to Expect the Toddler
Years” book, and I looked up autism because I had heard about autism in a couple of articles
that I had read. And they had a checklist of all these different behaviors. And at that
moment, I could put a check in every single one of those boxes. And no one had to tell
me that my son had autism; I figured it out right there. And I looked up at my husband
and I said, “Eric has this,” and I read him the checklist, and my husband said, “Yeah,
he does.” I called right away to the pediatrician’s office and insisted on a visit that afternoon.
They said they were too busy because an autism check was not going to be something like an
ear infection check and that I’d have to wait until Monday to see them. We went there
on Monday. I told her what I thought, and this pediatrician… It was a practice with
a lot of pediatricians. This pediatrician said, “Oh, yes. I think he has autism.”
And I said, “Well, what’s his prognosis?” and she said, “He’ll be sheltered later
on in life.” And that should have crushed me, but I don’t know what happened that
moment. I did know that these were the people who just told me a couple of days ago that
I needed to spank him or that these are just behaviors, and now I just mentioned the word
“autism,” and she banished him to a life of institutionalization. And I realized that
these doctors in this medical practice knew nothing about my son’s condition, and I
left knowing that I wasn’t going to listen to a word that they said and it sent me on
a quest to help this two-year-old. This two-year-old in the year 2000 – it wasn’t like we were
crossing the prairie or something. This is modern times, and this is a two-year-old that
had his life ahead of him. So the first thing I did was start searching on the Internet.
I live in San Diego, California, so luckily, there was the Autism Research Institute, and
I started learning biomedical treatments. I learned about the gluten-free casein-free
diet, and we put him on that right away. And we just hit the ground running with him because
we had so much hope for him, and we knew that he had autism most definitely, but he had
some strengths. He had speech. It was echolalia, but he could speak, where some children have
apraxia, and they’re unable to speak. We knew, since he had speech, that he would be able
to have a back and forth conversation at that time. And it was funny. When you learn about
this whole new world, you’re not sure if someone’s trying to sell you magic beans. And we’re
a conservative-type family. We think out our decisions, and I remember finding out about
Super Nu-Thera; it was a Kirkman vitamin that had a whole lot of vitamins and nutrients
that a lot of kids with autism were missing. And we gave it to him – well, I gave it
to him. I didn’t let my husband know because I needed an unbiased opinion. And after the
first day on Super Nu-Thera, he looked up at the wall and pointed and said, “What
is that?” and I almost fell to the floor because he pointed and he asked me a question.
We had reciprocal communication. And after that, I knew this was our journey. We had
to keep going. And I knew not always would I have a homerun like getting reciprocal communication,
but with a lot of dedication and patience – and unfortunately a lot of money because
this was ten years ago and insurance didn’t cover a lot of things and it still doesn’t
to this day, which is a whole other topic altogether – but I knew this was the path
that I needed to go forward on with my son. Going onto the Autism Research Institute website,
there was a list of Defeat Autism Now! Doctors. In the year 2000, it was a very short list.
But luckily, there was a DAN! Doctor in my town of San Diego. I immediately called my
pediatrician because I was very naïve at the time, and I said, “Hey, I know you guys
can’t help me – you kind of told me that – but I found a doctor that treats autism.
Could you please give me a referral so my HMO will pay for this?” And I got the most
interesting response. My pediatrician said, “Not only will I not refer you, but if I
find out that this autism doctor orders any labs, I will make sure that your insurance
doesn’t pay for it and you pay for it out of pocket.” And I was flabbergasted at that
moment. I thought, “What in the world did I just get into?” I’m in this alternate
universe where pediatricians don’t want to help kids with significant problems? So
luckily, that was in November, and my husband could change insurance plans at the beginning
of the year. So we switched from an HMO to a PPO, which I suggest a lot of new parents
do because you want to be making your child’s health decisions, not an HMO. And our Defeat
Autism Now! Doctor took…or we could get reimbursed 75 percent of his visits. And the
first thing he did, we had started the diet that he really helped us hone in on it, and
we went and did a lot of labs seeing what was going on with Eric internally and we found
a lot of yeast overgrowth, bad gut bugs, a really out-of-whack copper-zinc ratio. Our
DAN! Doctor just became like a detective. What’s going wrong in our child? And I’ve
worked with many families – there are actually probably thousands of families over the years
– mentoring them, and every child is different. So when someone asks, “Hey, what worked
for your son?” Well, this is what worked for my son, but your child is probably going
to be different. So it’s really important that you work with a doctor and that you’re
doing these labs to look at what’s going on with the child because you want to address
those problems specific to the child. January 1st, 2001 was our D Day – diet day. That’s
when we started with the gluten-free casein-free diet. At this point, my son was having a lot
of gastrointestinal distress. When I heard about the diet, it made perfect sense to me
that changing his diet could help alleviate some of these alternating constipation and
diarrhea issues. So I was really, really on-board and eager to start this diet. We started it,
and I want to say it was hard. Looking back, it was hard, but it gave him such a benefit
and it was very beneficial that he was so young. He had not turned three yet, so manipulating
his diet was fairly easy. The first thing that we got was better sleep. He wasn’t
waking up screaming at night like he was before, and later, what we found out was he was having
most likely reflux because he was reacting to the bad foods that he was eating. He stopped
having mystery fevers. For some reason, before the diet, he was sick constantly. We changed
his diet, and he was no longer sick all the time. And he started feeling better, and then
he started behaving better. And when he began to behave better, he could learn and knew
we were on the right track. So we started with the diet. And then another thing we added
in was cod liver oil, which was just this huge benefit for him at the time. He was doing
this really kind of odd sideways glancing thing where he’d look out the side of his
eyes and it was disturbing to watch. It almost looked like he was tripping out or something,
you know. And I gave him cod liver oil; he never did it again. It was amazing, and it
was just something that my husband and I knew we just had to keep on this track. Then probiotics
were added to give him beneficial bacteria because he was just overrun with bad bacteria
in his gut. That made him stronger, and I think that really helped support the immune
system. Through our visits with our Defeat Autism Now! Doctor and all the labs that he
requested, we found a lot about what Eric was missing in his blood work, in his stools.
We became the detective, and we saw where there were deficits and we supplemented lots
of different vitamins to get his levels up. So it took about a year and a half, maybe
two years, to the point where we wanted to start chelation to draw out the heavy metals.
Now, you have to remember: This is probably in 2002. There weren’t a whole lot of chelators
out there. We didn’t have a lot of choice. So we did an oral DMSA and cognitively, man,
he was waking up. There were wows. His ABA therapist couldn’t believe the difference
there was on the chelating weekends. But the downside was the oral pathway for him; it
was too hard on his stomach. The gut bugs started coming back; he started cramping.
And that’s when parents really have to monitor their children very closely and realize what
is not acceptable – what is not an acceptable side effect. And it was apparent, after a
few weeks, that oral chelation was too much for him and we had to stop. I let the doctor
know right away, and we both came to that decision. But we kept going on, and we kept
always, I mean, on the diet. We’ve been on the diet almost ten years now. So he’s
always on that, and he’s always being supplemented. So the next step after the oral chelation
was getting a colonoscopy because still while he was doing so much better, he was still
having GI issues. And at a Defeat Autism Now! Conference, I heard a man named Dr. Krigsman
speak, and he was showing videos of children having unbelievable tantrums, and then he
equated it to gastrointestinal pain. And that hit me like a ton of bricks. When you talk
to ABA therapists – you know, behaviorists – they would tell you that child is just
acting out, craving attention. And I realized there is no way they’re craving attention.
Those children are in pain, and it’s almost ridiculous that you’re making them sit at
a little table and sort shapes when they’re in that much pain. The thing that got to me
was he showed a child bending over the arm of the sofa and was saying they were doing
that to alleviate the pressure in their intestines. When I had been told by an occupational therapist
that Eric didn’t know where his body was in space – his proprioceptive system was
off. And I thought, “Oh, my gosh. No, it’s not. He’s trying to alleviate pain.” And
I knew right away I needed to go see this man. So we had Eric scoped in 2003, and that
was one of the best treatments we ever did. And it’s kind of funny because it’s actually
mainstream health. He had a colonoscopy. They saw inflammation throughout his GI tract.
He had nodules. He was diagnosed with lymphoid hyperplasia and was given a mainstream drug
to take down the inflammation. He was on that drug for a while, and he didn’t need it
later on and it really made his life so much better. There was no more cramping; there
was no more leaking; no stools; and it turned him into a child that was feeling so much
better that he could attend school and learn. And I will forever be grateful to Dr. Arthur
Krigsman. After having Eric’s colonoscopy, I still wanted to do chelation, but I realized
that oral chelation was just too rough on his system and getting his gut into a good
place, I wasn’t about to challenge it again with another oral chelator. So years 2005-2006,
we did a transdermal DMPS. Transdermal DMPS is a lotion that I would just rub on this
forearms. Gosh, every other night, I think, was the protocol. And it was pretty effective,
but at first, we had some bad behaviors. But you kind of know that something’s working
when the child’s shaken up a little. So he was a little rambunctious, but I could
live with it, and we kept going until we didn’t see any more improvement. It helped him for
a long time, but then I think he got a tolerance to it. We were doing tests, and it wasn’t
as much mercury as I would have thought. I believe we had cadmium coming out. So it wasn’t
as much mercury as I would have thought, but you know, we saw improvement until we didn’t
any longer and decided maybe that pathway of excretion, we’d hit as much as we could.
And then later, we chelated again with Dr. Boyd Haley’s product OSR, and that was an
oral chelator that was not harsh on his stomach and that just really showed a slow, steady
improvement. I really think that was a fantastic product. The FDA just took it off the market,
which makes me really sad. It was not a dangerous product at all, and I have a feeling that
that had a lot to do with politics than it had to do with people’s health. And unfortunately,
that’s the state of affairs in our country right now. But if it comes back on the market,
I highly recommend it because it was safe, gentle, and we saw many improvements. We’ve
done transdermal glutathione; we’ve done oral glutathione; we just want to keep those
glutathione rates up. I know I gave birth to a typical child. We had a period of complete
perfection, regular development, but he reacted to his normal childhood vaccines, and because
of that, I’ve spent the last ten years talking to people about an overaggressive vaccine
schedule. I also am extremely worried about simultaneous vaccination not being completely
studied at the time of licensure. I think every parent should know that. I think every
parent should fall to their knees when they realize that – that the CDC had to admit
that they do not study these vaccines in combination together. They look at them individually;
they find out individually they’re safe; but that’s not how they deliver them. They deliver
them in combination. And the fact that the government – that the American Academy of
Pediatrics – will not listen to the tens of thousands of parents reporting vaccine
reactions and then regressions, and then their children getting diagnosed with autism is
despicable to me. I’m very angry about that because I feel like the minute I knew what
happened to my son – and we have tests to prove that – he has no titers to any of
the vaccines he received except the mumps and rubella, but he received the whole schedule.
He doesn’t have titers, so he got all the vaccines and none of the benefits. And the
fact that they won’t look at this and listen to the parents is horrible. It’s not right.
And the moment that I realized that this happened to my child, I knew I’d be a bad American
if I didn’t speak out about this. I’d be a horrible person if I didn’t warn others.
And since then, the day that my son got diagnosed by myself, not by my pediatrician, I was told
it was one in 10,000 children. Here we are in 2010, and we’re at one in one-ten. Of
course, that statistic from the CDC is from 1998, so they’re letting a statistic from
the Clinton Administration be what is current out in the country today when this is the
same entity just last month put zero in on eggs in Iowa that contained bacteria. You
know, they can find E. Coli on a leaf of lettuce in San Joaquin Valley within days, but they
were really supposed to believe that they have no idea what the autism rate truly is
in the children born today? We have to rely on a 1998 statistic. This is insanity. This
has to change. We have to take our children’s health back. We need to do this. Hey, doctor,
my child was vaccinated in 1998 and ’99, which had some of the highest mercury content
in the vaccine schedule ever, and he’s showing all of these symptoms that they call autism.
But if you look up mercury poisoning, it’s the same, and you’re told that it has nothing
to do with it. And I looked up the vaccines he received – the brands – and at his
two-month checkup, he got 40 times the EPA limit of mercury exposure for that day, and
at four months, he got 50 times. And it’s amazing that any child got through that unscathed.
Amazing. But my child wasn’t one of those. He, I think, had a cumulative effect of these
heavy metals building up in his system. And 40 times, 50 times. That’s just unacceptable,
and someone was asleep at the switch. So mercury, it’s laughable when you hear that the American
Academy of Pediatrics will say that it’s safe. Well, then why in 1999, did you say
that it needed to get out of the vaccine schedule as soon as possible? You know, if it’s safe,
then why isn’t it in all the childhood vaccines again, or are you talking out of both sides
of your mouth? I think you’re talking out of both sides of your mouth is what’s going
on because this is the second most toxic substance on earth. This is the same element when you’re
in middle school and somebody breaks a thermometer in lab. The whole building has to be evacuated.
And I always hear about the tuna fish analogy: Pregnant women aren’t supposed to eat that
much tuna because of the negative effects it could have on the fetus. That’s bad mercury
to you mainstream experts, but the mercury that was injected straight into my child’s
arm is the good mercury? There’s no good mercury; there’s no bad mercury. It’s mercury.
It’s bad. And in fact, I’m more concerned about the mercury that was injected straight
into your body because inhaled mercury or ingested mercury, that has a system that has
an entrance and an exit, but when you inject it straight in, there’s nowhere to go except
for into the tissues, into the organs. And it’s fat soluble: it doesn’t last too
long in the blood. It embeds in the organs. And that is exactly what is happening to these
children. They’ll do a blood test and see there’s no mercury in the blood. Well, no,
because it embeds really fast. So the fact that there are still 25 micrograms in the
flu shot and the flu shot is recommended for every American? The flu shot is recommended
for pregnant women? That is insanity. That is capitalism gone awry, you know. It’s
this horrible, unholy alliance of public health in capitalism, and we’ve got to take our
health back. We have to. I wholeheartedly recommend doing biomed for your child, especially
if you have a child that was typical for a good chunk of time and then you saw a regression
or a plateau of development because, to me, that suggests injury. And if you can treat
the injury and get your child back onto health, it’s a lot of work, but you know what else
is a lot of work? Caring for a severely disabled child for the rest of their lives.

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  39. I very highly recommend reading the book, "The Fabric of Autism" by Judith Bluestone – this is a MUST READ for every parent who has a child on the autism spectrum.  It'll help you more than you could ever imagine.

  40. I am one mother to four kids, three of my children have autism. I haven't been down the same road as you have! But it has been extremely tough. I found some nutritionist who helped my children, they had many positive response responses to vitamin B3 . That made me interested in, The chemicals that food industry put in our foods. I would very much like your story to be shared on my community, to help others! Jake the community of it is named living people. I am trying to give people information about chemicals and good food. And let people know the intricacies of eating properly. And avoid chemicals. I hope you will consider my question. To share your story. People need to know about these things! And I think we got one responsibility, to let other parents get information, about those vaccines. So please visit living people! And get back to me! If you feel it can be a positive value to you,, and other Family's. Regards and! Please excuse me for my poor spelling! I am using Siri dictating system, and it often makes many mistakes.

  41. all these gastro intestinal problems sounds like what gmo's do to the animals… inflamed guts and bowels, some of the animals have lesions on their spines and brains,  cancer… interesting.  Parsley and other herbs are great for metal detoxifying, I wonder if The Gerson Miracle cleanse would help any with this issue… the coffee enema's to draw toxins out.

  42. AUTISM -ALZEIMERS – CHEMICAL TRAILS – CLIMATE ENGINEERING  is not only destroying the climate & earth – but its destroying  your CHILDREN & you   –  WAKE  UP

  43. I would ask the mother if he was given alot antibiotics as a baby..sounds like something disrupted his gut flora..  Amy Yasko has done some interesting work on autism and the genetics of methylation. MTHFR .  using methylfolate and methyl B12.

  44. mercury should just be made illegal on a global basis. 2nd most poisonous substance on the planet and we are playing with it ..  i wish the people who think it is safe should eat a spoonful of it.

  45. This is our story almost to the letter. My grandchildren 5 and 3 years old are in this nightmare. My daughterinlaw bless her heart is battling their autism and her husbands PTSD.  We saw the change happen right after vaccinations. No sleep, night terrors, gastro problems, the works. I would like to know the name of this woman speaking about her child in this video if that is possible. She is courageous, honorable and I want to thank her.

  46. This was a very good and informitive. I came across some heated debates about Autism, and was curious what it was, and what causes it. Although, I don't know what the (causes) are yet, but am glad to hear that there are treatments.

  47. I truly admire this mothers strength and her fight to make sure her child is getting the best care possible. Amazing story as well very inspirational.

  48. We have created a new detox and nutritional protocol to significantly reduce the symptoms of autism in my son. Take a look

  49. Thank you for sharing!  I am trying to pass this type of information around as well, and real life experiences that have showed results help to prove how much natural healing can impact your life!!!! 🙂 

  50. I love her, wish she could know how much this video is helping me, thanks you to Larry for uploaded the videos all of them 

  51. I think it's shocking that doctors feel the need to tell parents awful things like spank him severely.  I thought that was classed as child abuse?  Isn't there a way to curb doctors passing on these potentially deadly advisories?

  52.'s 2015 and we're still fighting this battle w/ the government it's not going to end…
    My son is now 12 and getting better everyday; not due to pediatricians, doctors or specialists but by us his parents who know better, watched it happen & lived it!-we are not on the gluten free diet simply because he won't eat anything else with his texture issues, but it's getting better for him, no gas and tummy issues anymore, no more waking up in screaming pain, that ended when we put probiotics in his sippy cup @ 4yrs old-me I just keep getting older a hell of alot quicker; the whole thing is very taxing for all involved. If I could say something to big pharma & the fed it would be something similar to this:
    Thanks for making everything in a parents nightmare a reality. Thanks for reducing our family to just another statistic on a government chart-but despite your best efforts at population control you have failed because:
    -luv that these videos are out here!

  53. Hi there
    This is the kind of video I need to see at the moment, my son (2 years 5 months old) has autism and having just found out are inconsolable.  I'm putting this message out in the hope some one might have experience the same problems.  We hadn't really noticed and symptoms with Lucas but from the age of 1 he gradually stopped eating.  Its at the point now where he just dosen't eat. The odd bite here and there and eats a medically instructed formulation of milk and other things to give him the nutrients he requires.  I firmly if we can get him to eat (healthily along the lines of the GFCF diet he'll respond.  To complicate matters he also has allergies to soy and fructose so as you can imagine just to supply food that isnt going to cause him distress is a problem.  As I say however this isnt a problem at the moment because he wont eat, has anyone experienced this? Can anyone  help??? Desperate

  54. my deepest regards to u dear lady cuz my son 4 yr old with a typical autism s gonna take his 1st meds 2morow n im ABSOLUTELY NOT comfortable abt giving him these but i never thought dat food cud b a prob too??? just a few months back my son s extremely sick while i s out of country for an urgent matter his dad got him to hospital where dr said that he s appendicitis n removed his intestine,,,,,he had such a high level of inflammation that dr s amazed how he s still alive…..i cud never relate this with his diet,,,he usually like to eat pasta, bread, pancakes, loads n loads of cinnamon buns etc. n only grilled meat without any sauces…….can anyone help me further with it plz plz

  55. Dr. Boyd Haley PhD is a great man. His product, OSR, developed for removing heavy metals, was indeed taken off the market by the FDA as Becky said — which was extremely unethical by the FDA in my opinion! However, the product has been reclassified and is still in the process of testing for approval as a drug under a different name — "Emeramide." Someday hopefully it will be available.

    I'm a bit surprised to hear Kirkman's "super nu thera" get a good review. (I'm a student of nutritional supplements which has enabled be to cure arthritis and advanced coronary heart disease using NO pharmaceuticals.) I suppose the product has enough nutritional value that it helped her boy — despite it's deficits and faults. Becky was right to use nutritional supplements but there are better product choices (combination of products) than that particular product.

  56. Autism …………………………………………………………………..
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    A study published in the Journal of Biomedical Sciences determined that the autoimmunity to the central nervous system may play a causal role in autism. Researchers discovered that because many autistic children harbour elevated levels of measles antibodies, they should conduct a serological study of measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) and myelin basic protein (MBP) autoantibodies. They used serum samples of 125 autistic children and 92 controlled children. Their analysis showed a significant increase in the level of MMR antibodies in autistic children. The study concludes that the autistic children had an inappropriate or abnormal antibody response to MMR. The study determined that autism could be a result from an atypical measles infection that produces neurological symptoms in some children. The source of this virus could be a variant of MV, or it could be the MMR vaccine.


    Doctors who explain clearly why vaccines aren't safe or effective. Version 2.0.
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    Many more doctors testifying that vaccines aren't safe or effective, in these documentaries….
    1. Vaccination – The Silent Epidemic –
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    14. Autism Yesterday –

  57. I have 2 children with autism and my son is very difficult and today my aunt told me that I need to put in a home. I have been so down today and desperate to help my son. he is 7 yr old and my daughter is. 10. I take my children to ABA therapy 6 days a week and to OT That is an hour away drive for me we with absolutely no support. its so difficult and I need a miracle today.

  58. Thank you so much for having the strength and courage to film this extremely interesting video clip. 🙂 Sending loving thoughts…

  59. Oh help us God we're being systematically poisoned!

    Thinking of all the poorer families being victimized with no resources…are there any cheap ways to detox? will be searching.

    Reciprocal communication and Sherlock Holmes determination coupled with motherlove…
    good recipe for sure!

    thanks very much folks.

  60. Believe me when I say I'm poor. How can I get my son all these tests? We tried glutin free and no dairy in past and it did not workout. help.

  61. Well done, keep believing in yourself and treating your child. When day your child will lose the autism diagnosis, never give up.

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