Aveda Sourcing Story: Ayurvedic Roots of Turmeric and Amla

[MUSIC PLAYING] Ayurveda is the ancient
healing art of India that strives to create balance
in body, mind, and spirit. Ayurveda means the
science of life, and it’s been central to
Aveda since the very beginning when we partnered with the
Ayurvedic Doctors Upadhyay. They have helped us to tap
5,000 years Ayurvedic wisdom in creating our
products, including some with powerful
Ayurvedic herbal extracts. In keeping with
Ayurvedic principles, and because of our
concern for the earth, Aveda prefers
organic ingredients. This has led to another
Ayurvedic partnership between Aveda and Nisarga,
which means nature in Sanskrit. We started to take a
look at Nisarga herbs, and we were very attracted by
the high quality of those herbs and their commitment to organic
and biodynamic agriculture is very important, I think,
to the Aveda mission. Aveda has long used two
key Ayurvedic ingredients– turmeric an amla. Today, because of our
preference for certified organic ingredients, we have begun
purchasing organic turmeric and amla from Nisarga for
use in some of our products. Turmeric grows at their
organic Umbari farm, which creates jobs for nearby
villagers, planting the fields, harvesting the rhizomes, then
steaming, drying, and polishing them for shipment. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH]
Organic farming is good for people’s health. It gives better rates
for all the goods. It’s good for the
environment as well. Amla is grown at the Devarashtre
farm, one of many that works with Nisarga, which helped
to certify the land as organic, paying the costs that
make certification a barrier for many small farms. Villagers harvest the amla
by hand, removing the seeds and drying the fruit before
shipment for processing. At the processing
plant, Nisarga employs an environmentally-friendly
extraction method using CO2, which leaves no toxic
residues and works at a lower temperature, yielding
highly potent extracts. The ingredients remain intact. Top notes and bottom
notes of the products, they also remain
in the products. Because of the company’s concern
about chemical fertilizers and pesticides, Nisarga works
to convince farmers to convert to organic agriculture. Holding regular
educational seminars for about 35,000
farmers over the years, has convinced many
to go organic. Nisarga pays the organic
certification costs for the farmers they partner
with and also provides educational support to help
make the conversion successful. But this story is about
more than Ayurvedic herbs and organic agriculture. It’s also about the
importance of water and the need for
safe access to it. Aveda has long had
a strong commitment to protecting clean water. We learned that
during the summer in the villages near the
organic turmeric and amla farms, there were water shortages
and contamination. So Aveda partnered with
Global Green Grants Fund to help the communities
address their water problems. In the village of Chigurumamidi,
the old water system leaked, so some sections were
repaired and others rebuilt. In Jayrambati,
contamination problems and algae made the water
unsafe for drinking. So a new spring was tapped. Aveda is providing funds to
the project, with which we’re buying the pipe infrastructure,
the cement which is going to be used to build a new tank. And also, the funds that
help us to hire skilled labor to implement this project. In the dry season, the
women of the villages used to spend three
hours every morning and three hours every evening
carrying water from a kilometer away. They now have six
more hours in the day to help their children
with schoolwork, and to plant gardens to raise
vegetables for their families. I think it’s an amazing.
partnership for Nisarga to be associated with
Aveda, because Aveda– in the name Aveda itself,
there is the word “Ayurveda”. And Nisarga is very keen to
offer Ayurveda the recognition it deserves around the world. And we really believe that
Aveda is a unique company which is walking its talk,
and doing something for those who are downtrodden
and really need help to improve their quality of life. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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