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  1. Hello, I have been trying to find some information from Swamigal, but I hadn't have any success. Do you know if he has any ayurvedic center in India? Or an official site where, I can read things from him? 

  2. most born in India have no idea how lucky they are to have such knowledge available to them, often at no cost or at little cost. Ayurveda has changed my life, has made me get a life back while modern western medecine, docters and treatments, were only keeping me alive but in a pityfull state of mind and health was going more and more down the drain. Here, in North America, Ayurvedic consultations and some treatments are available but you have to pay big price $$$ that for myself, cannot afford. I saved up some money only to get my pulse reading to know what Dosha I was and from there, I self learned about how to get some health back. When my hearth will be stronger and my global resistance allows me to do so, I plan on making the trip to India and intend on staying and living there pemenantly. All this to say a great thank you to the person who posted this video, i'm so gratefull you did 🙂

  3. dear brother , thank u for uploading this vedio, if u know can u please tell me the name of the doc who cures bow leg 1.06.50 . it will be of great help thank u

  4. Can i speak with the director pan nalin!! Is there a possiblity for me to meet him? I've always wanted to meet him

  5. Wow, what a touching insight to our world. This has definitely opened a door in my life which was closed. Thank you ever so much for sharing 🌞💜

  6. Here is a wonderful prayer to Trees by the great poet Jagannaatha PaNDita:

    धत्ते भरं कुसुमपत्र फलावलीनां
    घर्मव्यथां शीतभवां रुजां च /
    यो देहामर्पयति चान्यसुखस्य हेतोः
    तस्मै वदान्य गुरवे तरवे नमस्ते //

    dhattē bharaṁ kusumapatra phalāvalīnāṁ
    gharmavyathāṁ śītabhavāṁ rujāṁ ca /
    yō dēhāmarpayati chānyasukhasya hētōḥ
    tasmai vadānya guravē taravē namastē //

    த⁴த்தே ப⁴ரம்ʼ குஸுமபத்ர ப²லாவலீனாம்ʼ
    க⁴ர்மவ்யதா²ம்ʼ ஸீ²தப⁴வாம்ʼ ருஜாம்ʼ ச /
    யோ தே³ஹாமர்பயதி சான்யஸுக²ஸ்ய ஹேதோ​:
    தஸ்மை வதா³ன்ய கு³ரவே தரவே நமஸ்தே //

    ధత్తే భరం కుసుమపత్ర ఫలావలీనాం
    ఘర్మవ్యథాం శీతభవాం రుజాం చ /
    యో దేహామర్పయతి చాన్యసుఖస్య హేతోః
    తస్మై వదాన్య గురవే తరవే నమస్తే //

    I bow my head to worship the wonderfully compassionate Guru, the TREE, who bears the weight of flowers and fruits and leaves for the benefit of others, who suffers from the burdens of a hot summer and the chills of a cold winter for the sake of others, and who even gives up HER or HIS own body for the benefit of others.

  7. During the British rule they cut off the fingers of these venerable doctors ! The British were so barbaric, ignorant and many other expletives I will refrain form mentioning.

  8. could someone tell me the language the doctor at the beginning is speaking? is it Tamil? I thought it should be because of the city but I didn't recognize it

  9. The food and drug administration dont want us mules to see stuff like this. So they can continue pumping us with toxins and call them "medicine".,

  10. Thank you for this fascinating video! my salutations at the feet of all the master teachers and the person who collects the herbs. Such a treasure! Please continue the videos in this series and remind the world how powerful nature is

  11. I practice Indian head massage, Abhyanga, and Shirodhara, After watching this I will Increase my studies so that I can be of more help to people who need it. Thank you so much..

  12. Hello 👋🏻 does anyone know this doctor or his sons name and where do they practice. Where can one go for Ayurvedic treatment of cancer

  13. Hi Fith just missed you're FRST live ,little story ,I was very young and suffered from sleep paralysis ,my parents went through ell with this was horrid , but after all the yrs of ,me doing this and scaring my parents half to death ,

  14. Hello I have a request
    few months ago I translated your film into polish, because I want to propagate this precious knowledge in my country. Could You add polish subtitles I made, please? Thank You and greetings for You.

  15. I can't believe all of the idiots calling this medicine. How are so many people in India? Mercury? I love the guy reading real medical charts like he knows what he was looking at. Eat this bark and go? Idiots.

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