Ayurveda can Avoid dialysis & Cure Endometriosis – California, USA

Tia, I’m from Sacramento, California. I met Jagjit about a month ago. My husband has a problem. He is diabetic, high blood pressure, heart problems. He was supposed to go on dialysis but he refused dialysis and I met with Jagjit to get the natural herbs to help him because he wants something natural. And after a week when we came we picked up the order. He was taking other herbs and he followed the diet that was given to him by Jagjit. And after that week we went to see his doctor and the doctor was so shocked. They canceled because my husband was on infusion for platelets and after the week being now on that we went to see the doctor in lab and doctor was shocked. He said I don’t know what happened but his heart and his kidneys got healed itself and he diagnosed it. He treated for him is no longer there. So my husband is no longer on any medications for blood pressure or diabetes. He is now taking natural herbs for all other problems he has. He has heart problems and now he is doing much better. He is able to walk. He is able to do everything that he wasn’t able to do. And he is doing very fine. We are keeping him up on the natural herbs. And we want to thank Jagjit for helping us out and helping my family out. May God bless him and spread more and more of this earth to people that need help with all the sickness that they have. God bless. And what about your sister? And also I would like to say something about my sister. My sister has a heart problem too and she has endometriosis. So I talked to her and I came here to talk and pick up some herbs for endometriosis and after a week and she strict with the diet. I was there to do the diet for her. Now she is much better with her endometriosis and her problem that she had. She has no longer…, she is able to walk for and that the chest pain that she has been having every week. There is no more a chest pain for her. She is gonna be seeing her doctor heart doctor next week and then she would find out how much, you know, how she is doing. But so far she is doing so much better with all the herbs because I picked up the whole set for the heart and set for endometriosis. And her endometriosis is much better. She has no more pain and the flow when she had this month is much much better. No more than she has before. She no longer has her period for a week or two like she used to speak before. But now she has it for 3 days and that’s amazing. She is doing much better with that. And its really surprise for your family and you also. Ohh! We are so surprised. Because I’m so, I feel so sorry when she has her endometriosis attack. It’s very painful for her but right now we are so surprised to where she is with all the herbs she is taking and she loves that herb. It not only helped with endometriosis and her heart but also with the diet. She loves the diet. She likes the diet. She says I love this diet. Its a very light. Very light as you say and it’s less expensive for me. I don’t have to spend more money to get. It helps me with my sickness but I feed my kids with that. That’s what we say eat naturally in order to stay natural. She is gonna stay no more me. I say to my husband no more me. We will stay with the diet that was given by Jagjit and we love it. I love it too. I eat it too. And it’s not been long you guys have taken these natural herbs. No, not long. One week. It gave my husband a change. One week. It helped my sister. Gave my sister a change. We start my sister at the end of the month and then the first week of the next month, the new month she had her period which her endometriosis starts. That’s what we know that. It helped her. And your husband already gets well in almost one or one and a half month. My husband is very happy that he is not gonna go through dialysis. You drove all the way down. I drove from. Jagjit always tells me, you can make an order and we send it to you. But we are excited to come down every time that we have to pick up or its to see him and pick our orders. But my husband no longer worried about gonna go through dialysis and he is no longer taking any of those medications, you that, what you call, pills. Those medications. He is no longer taking that. No more. And you wanna say thank you to Dr. Chauhan. Ohh! I wanna thank you, Doctor. Thank you so much for having to find this and thank you so much for letting the people know and thank you. Thank you so much. I wanna thank you so much to have among us. And you wanna also get training and be a part of this team. Yes! I was telling Jagjit that I want to be a distributor. I want to be a part of the team. I don’t know what I need to do but I know I have to go through some training. But I love to do that and we love to have to meet with you, doctor. We are looking forward to a day to gonna come to the U.S. and meet with us and I like to come and start, joining the team. I wanna learn more and more. You were just telling me you are the member of the church or something. I’m a secretary of a division, Calfornia division force church. As you know, you probably know little bit about it. As I am secretary to the division and we are having a seminar up in Poland I am gonna go over there and i I will be talking to the people about all these herbs because all people there are into this stuff and I talk to them and I like to see, you know. I like to see most of my people coming and use this. So they can get healed. Thank you. Thank you Ms. Tia.

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