Ayurveda Eating Rules | Ayurveda Dosha Diet

Ayurveda Eating Rules | Ayurveda Dosha Diet

hey guys what’s up my name is Clare
this is Clareminded today’s video is all about the ayurveda eating rules so in
ayurveda we basically have these guidelines these rules these basic
principles whatever you want to call them to kind of help you guide through
each of your meals that you’re going through and this is ultimately just
there to help you have a greater digestion and ultimately a healthier
life so the ayurveda eating rules
there’s about ten principles rules guidelines that I’m gonna go over today
in this video and then I’ll kind of give you a couple bonus tips at the end so
the first rule or basic principle of the ayurveda eating rules is to sit
in a calm environment and you really want to focus on bringing all five
senses into this experience that you’re having which with each of your meals so
sitting in a calm environment that means no TV no phone no book even just sitting
with yourself and your food and just acknowledging this present moment that
you’re about to consume and nourish your body so finding a calm environment maybe
closing your eyes for a moment and just sitting with your food smelling it you
know like hearing any noises that are coming along maybe you’re sitting by a
park and you can hear some trees some like brushes moving on both sides you
can kind of connect to nature in that way so finding this calm environment
maybe closing your eyes just centering yourself so you’re all five senses
really come alive and come awake so calm environment is number one number two
guideline is eating food that is prepared from love it’s coming from a
place of love and this is ultimately gonna help nourish not only the food
that you’re consuming but also your body and your mind and your spirit because
when you’re preparing your food with love you’re putting that intention
towards it you’re putting this grander sense of lifting that element of just
like love and your when you take that into your body it consumed
so it fills you up with that same nourishing feeling of love and just
gratitude and so finding that intention behind your food is really gonna help
that digestion move through your body and ultimately give your mind and your
body a better sense of health number three guideline is to give thanks.
this one is so simple and we don’t do it nearly enough in our Western society but
just taking a moment and giving thanks before each meal anytime you have a
drink it doesn’t have to be between every single bite but just before you
sit down and you’re having a meal or you’re having like a snack just take a
moment close your eyes give some gratitude some thanks for the food that
you’re about to consume give thanks for being able to consume this food and
just having thanks for being able to have the ability to go out and either
buy the food or prepare the food just take a moment and give thanks for the
food itself that it was created on a beautiful planet and just taking that
moment of gratitude you can say a prayer before you can send that
intention that loving gratitude like just before and giving thanks to the
food itself give thanks to the people who prepared the food and give thanks
for the ultimate spirit and that mother earth who provided the food ultimately
so just take that moment give some thanks close your eyes say thank you
food I love you food and then consume it so number four guideline kind of builds
off of the first one we talked about so we talked about eating in a calm
environment right so number four guideline is eating without distractions
so again this is removing any kind of distraction and just ultimately sitting
with you and your food this includes TVs of phones computer
books even just acknowledging your food as this own experience in itself and not
doing anything else distracting while you’re eating your food and having those
no distractions will ultimately help your health and your digestion move
thoroughly through your body because you’re not taking in all these other
sensory impressions so you’re not trying to read the book you’re not trying to
talk to a friend or watch TV because then you’re taking in all these other
sensory impressions also while you’re eating your food and if you’re watching
a really harsh TV show or like Game of Thrones or something like narcos and
then you’re also eating the salad you’re taking in those sensory impressions of
that very violent show and also incorporating that with your food so
that goes into the food that you’re eating is your environment and whatever
you’re consuming at the exact same time so by digesting that healthy salad of
loving intention that you put in towards it but then you’re also consuming in
this really aggressive like challenging intense TV show that goes into the food
that you’re eating and then ultimately into your digestion so you kind of want
to keep those distractions away and just be present with your food in your calm
environment. number five of the Ayurvedic eating rules is to chew your food
thoroughly and this doesn’t mean you have to put your fork down between every
bite but that just that action actually encourages you to chew your food
thoroughly and I know it’s really hard when you’re super hungry but that all
comes back to being present with your food acknowledging each taste
that you are chewing and I mean this can be anywhere from like
twenty one’s like thirty I don’t know what you’re eating but like chewing it
all the way until it’s one consistency is ultimately the consistency
that you want before you swallow it and put it down through the rest of your
digestion system and by chewing your food thoroughly and like until it’s all
one consistency that’s easier to break down in your stomach and that’s easier
for your digestion to not only absorb the nutrients but to also help just kind
of move it thoroughly because if you’re not bringing it down all the way in your
mouth then your stomach and your acids in your body have to do it for you and that
creates a lot of turmoil air and digestion and it doesn’t create this
like smooth channel that it can ultimately go through and should be
going through so you want to chew your food thoroughly number six you’re gonna
want to avoid any super cold food or drinks especially while you’re eating
you want to focus on consuming warm foods warm foods are gonna aid your
digestive fire we call it Agni in ayurveda and you want to assist that Agni by consuming warming foods because that’s gonna help the fire start to
build up and burn through your digestive system a lot cleaner and a lot more
efficient so you want to avoid these like cold super cold drinks because
that’s gonna kind of shock the system and the body and is gonna disrupt the
digestive system because it’s not aiding and assistance towards the digestive
fire that Agni that we want to search for number seven of the ayurveda eating
rules is to only drink a small amount of water with your meals and of course
throughout your day you want to be drinking tons and tons of water
especially warm tea that’s really going to assist that Agni that I just mentioned
that we have just talked about but while you consume your meals you want to keep
it to anywhere from about a half cup to a cup of liquids and that you want some
liquid to kind of help lubricate the food to help it move efficiently through
your digestive system but if you if you drink too much liquid it’s gonna disrupt
the digestive process and able to break down and it’s gonna weaken
your digestive fire if you consume too many liquids number eight of the
argument eating rules is to listen to your body and I struggled with this so
much because I love food I love the taste so any time I taste something good
all I want to do is eat more of it like all the time but it’s really something
that you have to kind of ground yourself with and listen to your body
I really have to encourage my friends and my partner to kind of keep me
accountable for it but I have to like put my fork down I have to like sit back
in my chair from and I have to close my eyes I have to breathe with my stomach
just to like acknowledge that my belly is full and in ayurveda you should
really only be eating to about 75% capacity of feeling full if you want to
call it because when you’re at a hundred percent of feeling full you kind of get
like a little sluggish you get this kapha feeling and weighs you down a
little bit so you kind of want to keep it to about 75% listen to your body
close your eyes become attuned to exactly when you’re feeling that hunger
and when you are full so number nine of the ayurveda eating rules is to wait
about three hours in between each meal and you want to wait at least about
three hours because this gives your body enough time to fully digest the meal
that you’ve had before and so you want to avoid snacking throughout the whole
day because that’s just going to keep your agni and your digestive fire
working working working all this overtime and you’re never going to come
to a place of being able to fully digest the food and process it all the way
through your body from each stage from your mouth to elimination you want to make
sure your body has enough time to properly digest that food before you
start to intake other sensory impressions other foods so you want to
allow that time so about three hours in between each meal and try to avoid
snacking as much as possible and the last number 10 of the ayurveda eating
rules is to eat all six taste at each meal now once you learn the six
tastes you’ll learn how to better incorporate them into each meal but the
six taste of ayurveda that you really want to incorporate into every
meal is sweet sour salty pungent bitter and astringent and these are the six
taste of ayurveda and they’re so crucial into a healthy digestion and a
healthy life because you’re better able to balance all these hormones in your
body by consuming all the 6 tastes and you’re getting all these flavors and it’s
giving you a really well full rounded impression of all the food and the
digestion that you’re going to start in taking so you want to consume all six
tastes at each meal so building off the automatic eating rules there’s about a
couple tips that I can give you is a little bonus extra so you’re gonna want
to eat organic as much as possible this is gonna a digest in because it’s
avoiding extra chemicals they’re being put in your food you also want to choose
fresh foods as often as possible so choosing from a local market where it
says fresh it’s in season it’s as ripe as possible those are perfect and it’s
gonna add in digestion and the clarity through your body and ultimately your
health also you’re going to want to avoid processed foods and junk foods and
the last little tip that I can give you eat more plans so these were all about
the ayurveda eating rules a couple bonus tips at the end if you want to
learn more about the six taste check out some other videos hit the subscribe
button let me know what you guys think in the comments below and I can’t wait
to share more with you

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  1. I needed this one baaad, lol. I am a crazy fast eater and I suffer from digestive issues as a result. These reminders help a lot, thanks Clare!

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