Ayurveda for Heart attack, LDL, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure – Real Testimonial

Ayurveda for Heart attack, LDL, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure – Real Testimonial

Hello sir, I welcome you here at Planet Ayurveda center. Please let me know about yourself. Myself Mohan Singh. I am from Punjab and working since 10 to 15 years at Brauni (Singapore). I would like to know what problem you had which made you to visit Planet Ayurveda? I am working at Brauni (Singapore). I had a heart attack and was hospitalized for a week over there. I was given with few medicines and told to be done with angiography so that I could go for angioplasty (stenting). I had breathing problem earlier and even i was hypertensive. Infect my cholesterol level was also out of range. Mr Navdeep Singh, son of patient who is working in standard diagnostics center at Nangal place asked to have ayurvedic treatment from Planet Ayurveda. Case was there at Nangal, branch of Planet Ayurveda. Mr Navdeep knew that heart patients who were advised for stents by PGI Doctors were successfully cured at Planet Ayurveda Center. Mr Navdeep asked his father to come to him and not to go for any kind of heart surgery. Tests values like trop T, CK were very high. We visited Planet Ayurveda to consult Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Mohali but doctor was out of India (Macedonia) so we sent all the reports via email. After analyzing he advised to start with set of herbal medicines and said it’s a very critical case. It’s been almost 3 months since he is taking medicines, he is much better. He climbed 700 stairs to see goddess Naina, which is something highly impossible for a heart patient. I was advised for a balanced diet, no alcohol and only natural diet. No bed rest, no much precautions but. ECG reports are absolutely normal. You can see. He is given with 3 more month’s course for complete recovery. He is perfect and fine now. It was quite surprising to see absolutely fine reports which were not the same before 3 months and more shocking to hear that he stepped so many stairs. Mohan Singh is a great inspiration for many other patients suffering with cardiovascular diseases. He has lost few kilos (10 to 12 kg) along with this treatment. Even his blood pressure is within range now. He was given with Arjun tea which is amazing herbal preparation by Dr Vikram Chauhan, it has not only herb Arjun but blend of many other herbs. I have seen many people improving with their eyesight after using Arjun tea. Even I use to give Arjun tea twice to my mother who had heart attack earlier. Patient has come here on foot from railway station that is approximately 2 km. He is from a village near Anandpur Sahib and flying back to Singapore on 20th may. He is here to have fitness certificate. No doubt to say that ayurvedic treatment has best results over heart surgeries like by pass or angioplasty. Preferring Ayurvedic medicines is worth for any kind of heart problem rather than surgeries. Thank you both for your kind and valuable information which will be favorable for our viewers of heart disease! Great thing is that who ever will visit Planet Ayurveda would be surely blessed and healthy!

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  1. Mera bp 150107 tha 1 week pehle check kiya tha tab neend ki kami chakkar aati hain chalte waqt permenant cure hone ke liye medicine batao

  2. Chakkar permenant cure hoga n isse aapke pune main wo ms alice ji ke paas shortage hai medicine sunday ko bhej denge bolo

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