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hey you guys welcome to my channel or
welcome back I’m T’keyah so first of all I just want to thank you
guys for subscribing to my channel I really appreciate it and I know you guys
have been wanting the hair videos so that’s why I’ve been getting them out
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thing that I actually recently started to research and see more videos about on
YouTube is ayurvedic herbs and treatments for your hair so ayurveda
y’all please please don’t judge me if I butcher any of these names so ayurveda is an Indian medicine practice basically and there’s a ton of herbs a
lot of great potent things with a lot of micronutrients and antioxidants for our
hair for our skin for the health of our body and everything so I have been doing
some research and I also visited curly proverbs channel I think that’s her name
she is big when it comes to the Ayurvedic herbs and I know she really
really loves henna so I wanted to try using henna as a mask in my hair for a
little bit of time now but I was really apprehensive because I heard that it’s
extremely strengthening for your hair and sometimes it’s so strengthening that
it can make your hair really hard and very difficult to manage if you’re not
familiar with your hair in that state so I have just put it off on the back
burner but I was actually contacted by Brittany from Cornerstone skin and she
wanted to send me her ayurvedic henna blend I thought I would try out this
blend because it was the perfect way to try out a milder henna treatment so that
I didn’t just go in full force I also have been using protein as most of you
guys know in my routine and henna is not protein but it is a very strong
strengthening herb now I haven’y used protein in a little bit over a week
because I knew I was going to be doing this henna treatment and I didn’t want
to overload my hair so there are tons of ways to use henna and the Ayurvedic
herbs and I actually want to break down some of the herbs that in this mix
because this is jam-packed with nutrient-rich Ayurvedic herbs you guys I
do want to apologize if this video is a little bit long-winded but I really want
to get all of the information out to you guys and I want to be really diligent
because this is my first time trying henna and I don’t want you guys to just
jump in and try something it’s really if you don’t know what you’re getting into
you know what I mean I made the henna mask the day before and then the next
day I went ahead and applied it to freshly cleansed hair so without further
ado let’s get into the video I was so happy to find out that they sent this
huge herbal pack I got about 17 plus ounces so I’m starting with half a cup
and then I’m taking boiling water and this is gonna help activate the herbs in
the mask I’m starting with the half a cup of water because that’s what the
directions say on the back so I’m just gonna mix that up until it’s nice and
blended and it wasn’t enough so I added about 1/4 a cup more of the powder some
more boiling water mix that until it was nice and blended and I got
a really cake batter smooth consistency at that point I added aloe vera juice
and this is gonna help kind of counteract those strengthening herbs
it’s gonna add shine to your hair moisture and then I also added some of
my favorite oils wrap that up and left that overnight and I prepped my area the
next day because henna is messy all right my hair is freshly cleanse that’s
what it looks like I’m excited real muddy and kind of crumbly this is
the consistency I added aloe vera juice so it is a lot creamier and I’m just
gonna try to not get this on my cut but luckily it’s not my right hand okay yeah
so it’s still like grainy because of the herbs in here but it’s not like thick as
far as consistency it’s creamier and so that’s making it easier also you want to
get it on the scalp I will say this henna herbal mask is kind of difficult
to get into your hair it’s just different as far as working with it so
spraying your hair is definitely a must another thing I want to point out is you
really don’t want to manipulate your hair too much while the mask is on every
strand and you also want to make sure you split your sections and you’re
coating all of your strands so you get that strength and you get that even
application but it is just a little bit difficult so keep that in mind it is
messy so definitely protect your working area the floor don’t wear clothes that
you really like but I didn’t find that the henna actually stained my clothes or
it even got on a little part of my white desk and it didn’t stain it but still I
would recommend covering your area I don’t know I have enough I think the
rest of this will be able to fit half my head so this henna also does not stain
your skin I was worried about that initially I got it off my face but it
doesn’t stain your skin it doesn’t stain your hands so that was a huge bonus and
I did actually feel like it lightened my hair a little bit or it gave me like
this rich brown but you could really only see it under light so keep that in
mind as well I’m not sure if it did but it I feel like it did this I wasn’t
worried at the end there that I wouldn’t have enough for the left side and my
left side is less curly than my right so I definitely move acne to the strengths
over here but I should have started on this side but it’s cool so next time I
will definitely make a little bit more yeah this is what it looks like now I’m
gonna take the the culprit of my cuts I couldn’t use a plastic cap but I really
want to trap in that heat and I also love saran wrap in my hair there we go today I’m going to let this set for four
plus hours I’ll let you know when I come back
here I’ll catch you the prototype little wheel hips move to the baseline
buddy see me in a different light I was trying to slide through but you waste
time scared girl would you bask in the Sun I embrace got you looking like the
work so to get me stuck in a trick all right you guys officially 6 p.m. which
means I’ve left this in for about 5 hours and I’ll be playing on to a 4 and
then I started editing and I kept editing so let’s take this off so from
everything that I’ve seen as far as the take out process it could take a minute
because you have to get those grains and those herbs not grains but the mass felt
grainy so you have to get those herbs out of your hair so my hair feels it
doesn’t feel super hard or anything a lot of heat and moisture was trapped in
when you do saran wrap and when you like put something on top so if you do
condition and you don’t have a heat cap try that so I will take my ass in the
shower so I forgot to mention that you’re supposed to decondition with a
very moisturizing deep conditioning the treatment after you do a mask like this
and although it wasn’t just a straight henna mask which would be like really
strong and possibly drying I’m still gonna do a
really moisturizing deep conditioner so I have a DIY deep conditioner mix from a
few days ago and there’s only a little bit left of this so what I’m gonna do is
add some of my natural raw dry hair solution avocado deep conditioner and I
already have a video up showing the process using this and all of that so
I’m going to use some of this not all of it and that should be enough for my hair
we’ll see how my hair feels when I rinse this out and I might try to show you
guys what my hair looks like when I rinse it out okay so I haven’t even put
the deep conditioner in yet I only have a towel on you guys I just got out of
the shower because I was feeling my hair when I was rinsing out the mix and I was
like wow it feels really ripply but this is what it looks like naked hair no deep
conditioner yet actually was just going to put a little bit on on-camera I’m
here for this I am here for this and I’ll show you this side you guys
my hair feels amazing its so soft but it does feel like it needs
moisture I definitely ended up using my Trader Joe’s tea tree tingle with a
little bit of shampoo just a tiny little bit and then I just worked it through
and I didn’t put it too much but that makes it way easier to get the herbs out
of your hair why I spent a good twenty five minutes just rinsing I was like
okay then I’ll obviously go to conditioner but you can rinse for like
seven minutes and then put in conditioner and you want to use a
conditioner that’s hydrating that has slip but also one that doesn’t have
mineral oils petroleum and all of those terrible ingredients that will block
moisture from getting into your hair because then when you deep condition
after that moisture won’t get in to balance out the strengthening effects
of this mask so I rock with this a lot I cannot wait until well my hair it looks
amazing but I think this look is so cute like a down the middle part and
then behind the ears alright you guys so I just got out of the shower and my hair
is currently in the deep conditioner mix but I’m gonna show you guys and close
out this video literally I’ve never felt my hair
feeling that strengthened when it’s wet never usually when I’m rinsing out deep
conditioners my hair feels soft moist urized but not necessarily strengthened
and this really had my hair feeling super
strengthened when I was rinsing the mix out and as far as dryness goes I
definitely felt like I needed to deep condition after I rinsed the mix out it
wasn’t brittle it wasn’t stiff it just felt really really
strengthened and even when the water was on it felt like it needed more moisture
so I don’t think it was as intense as it would have been if I just did a straight
henna mask I am gonna do another treatment at the end of November and
right now it is November 7th so it’s not already the end of November when I’m filming
this but I might do another treatment like at the very very end of November or
just the beginning of December like I said right now it is the 7th of November
so I will update you guys I’ll put some text on the screen if I have noticed any
differences with the strength of my hair breakage shedding all of that I am gonna
deep condition for probably another it’s already been in for like 20 minutes so
I’ll probably leave it on for another 45 minutes or so and then that’ll be it but
you guys can get your own mask down in the description box there is a link for
you guys to get the mask down in the description box I hope you guys enjoyed
this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe and share the video if you
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content for you guys so yes I hope you guys got a real y’all support I rock
with y’all I thought y’all alright I will see you guys in my next video

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