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welcome to Clare’s kitchen today we are
making an ayurvedic recipe for weight loss and this is especially good for
those with kapha dosha and we’re in the heart of kapha season
right now because it’s spring time we’re spring cleaning and we’re kind of
feeling a little bit heavy or sluggish maybe from the winter so this is the
perfect time to have some green juices and if you’re a kapha dosha or you’re
dealing with any sluggishness lethargy stubbornness which are some kapha dosha
in balances you’re gonna want to focus on the astringent bitter and pungent
taste because all of these tastes can contain a little bit of fire in them so
they’re gonna kind of give you that extra energy that you need in the spring
time to get that spring cleaning going getting ready for summer today we are
going to use dark leafy greens and dark leafy greens we have spinach cilantro
and parsley you could also toss in some Swiss chard
some kale or some arugula and the dark leafy greens have that bitter taste
which are really good for the kapha dosha so it’s gonna invigorate you in that way
and then we are going to use a green tart apple and that has more of an
astringent taste that is really good for the kapha dosha we’re going to be using a
little lime juice to balance everything out a little little sour is okay and
then we have some ginger and some black pepper that are going to help with our
pungent taste and it was that little fire kick of energy and then we are
going to freshly squeezed some oranges over here and if you don’t want to use
the orange juice because they do have a lot of the sweet taste to them a lot of
that sugar you can also sub in half a cup of berries so we’re going to be
making two servings up as green juice for you and a friend and then we’re
adding a little bit of herbs that we have on hand
moringa & ashwagandha and then we have about a cup of purified water just to
help balance things out so now we are going to chop and get ready right on in green smoothie that we’re making we’re
going to start by loading it up with greens so literally just grab whatever
kind of greens you have in your fridge today we’re using spinach cilantro and
parsley as our base so we’ll just a handful of each we’re going to kind of
bundle up here we’re starting with the parsley and then we’ll chop it okay so now we are adding in our pungent
and astringent taste so we’re gonna have a green apple as tart as you can find
because that’s going to have more of an astringent taste and a certain is made
up of air in Earth so it has that airy quality with kapha dosha needs
especially this time of year so you can now add a lime or lemon
whichever one you have on hand and then we’re going to use about like a thumbs
knob of ginger and this is going to bring in that
pungent taste so it’s really going to ignite you in a green juice and give it
that little bit of luck but that has that you want now it is time to so right now I don’t
really have absolute full kitchen which is totally okay because he’s making it
work so I have this little squeezer that we are going to use and I’m putting it
in a pot and then we’re gonna sift it through to get the seeds out afterwards
but I like to think in are you betta it’s all about the intention that you
put into the food right so me struggling over to make this orange juice for our
green smoothie is really getting me connected to the food and I’m sending a
lot of love into not only the process and by appreciating it but I get to work
with the food that I’m consuming and that makes that connection a little bit
deeper and a little bit stronger and I think it’s gonna taste a little bit
better so now we’re gonna sift all that fresh
OJ to get the seeds and any extra pulp that we don’t want in there looks like we’re gonna have a little
extra okay so now we’re rounding out our green
juice that we are using for our I met add recipe green juice weight loss
smooth kind of smoothie in the morning so we’re going to need to put about 1/2
cup of our freshly squeezed orange juice remember you can also sub berries and
then to fully brown it out we’re going to add out a 1/2 cup to a cup of
purified water and you can always have more to like thin it out a little bit
and then we’re going to add our extra herbs that we have so with me right now
I have Moringa and I also have ashwagandha powder with me a half a
teaspoon you can also add things like spirulina or chlorella blue algae is
really good then we’re going to blend it up thanks for watching guys my name is
Clare and this is Michael and we appreciate you being here hit the subscribe button if
you haven’t already and comment below

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