Ayurveda Yoga Panchakarma

Ayurveda Yoga Panchakarma

first let’s warm up and head out to india
with sesame oil and the dow are the main ingredient for a centuries old health practice. it’s pretty intense I have done my facial cleansers
but I have never gone through anything what I have gone through this week Dr. Singh What is Panchakarma Yeah Panchakarma, as the name indicates Panch means “FIVE” and Karma means “ACTION” so we do the five steps cleansing procedures for eliminating the ama, the toxins from your body. Now I know, I did not go through the five procedures, how did you determine which procedures to treat me with? we did the first initial consultation, checked your pulse checked your eyes tongue, skin, nails and see how you walk, how you talk try to determine what the body constitution you have and what the mind constitution you have now before I started the Panchakarma treatment, we did some preparations thats right, in Ayurveda its described that before you do the cleansing therapy we need to soften the ama and make them ready to
move out of your body. so in Snehana we did external oleation which is a
body massage treatment with lots of oil poured on your body and then we do is the internal oleation we let you drink oils and ghees which makes the toxins soft and ready to go out and after that we do swedanam we put you into the steam chamber, let you perspire, these things makes the ama really ready to move out of your body and then we are ready to go for panchakarma treatment that was gonna like a sauna, I enjoyed that one what was the first procedure that I went through that was Vamana, induced vomitings you can say we make the person drink decoction of herbs and which induces the vomitings so whatever the kind of toxins you may have in your upper part of the body it cleanses those toxins
and after that it was a similar procedure in which it cleanses the colon areas more this way its a cleansing of your lower intestine and that was not the most pleasant experience and you also did something with my
nose as well we did some facial massage and cleared your sinuses and we put some herbal nasal drops or even deep into your nostrils for the cleansing of your sinuses the brain areas, the mind area
It brings the clarity into your mind we did Shirodhara on you also the dripping of the oil on your forehead for better sleep no anxiety no depression and no stress but have a very sound
very good sleep and there was one more on my lower back oh yeah because you know you told me that you have a lower back problem also that that treatment is called Kati Basti, inshich we put the dow around the lumber area and directly we can pour the warm oil into it this is very good for your lumber area, slip disc and more so it’s it’s just wonderful treatment for that and also
we did the dow around your both the eyes and put the ghee or oil in it it is very good for your sight and vision clarity so that was your Panchakarma treatment how do you feel about it now well my body has definitely being cleaned out and I feel like I have been reset I was quite a challenge but you know what it was worth it

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  1. Panchkarma is really very good thing to recharge ur body cells as it rejuvenates our system and boost with energy and improve our immune system. Dr Manjeet Singh is very popoular and experienced figure in field of Ayurveda. Pls post more videos for awareness of out society…and keep the good work

  2. Pulse Exam (Nadi Pariksha) is an ayurvedic way to determin the doshas and constitution. For men it’s taken on the right side wrist and for women it’s taken on the left side wrist.

  3. we note for the strength of vata, pitta, and kapha in the pulse.we determine if its hot or cold, feeble or bounding, stable or mobile, heavy or light. Vata is felt under the first finger, pitta in the middle finger, and kapha under the ring finger. A dry, light, cold pulse reveals the presence of vata; a hot, bounding, sharp pulse indicates pitta; a slow, soft, steady pulse is more kapha in nature.

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