Ayurvedic Cure of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura | ITP Treatment

Ayurvedic Cure of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura | ITP Treatment

Greetings! Today we have Mr. Mohit from Agra with us. She is his daughter Sanvi, a patient of ITP. Please brief us about her treatment. ITP, basically is Idiopathic thrombocytopenic perpura in which the platelets decrease in kids. It can affect adults also but it’s very risky in children. The platelets decrease to such an extent that the patient requires emergency treatment and the parents also get very upset. And platelet transfusion needs to be done very often and steroids are given very frequently. In Ayurveda, it is possible to get good results in this disorder. Mr. Mohit, you have experienced everything and it would have been very tough for the child also. How and when did you figure out that she’s suffering from this disorder? Actually she had fever and after that she had green spots all over her body. We consulted a doctor and he asked us to get her platelet count checked and it was 5,000. After seeing the reports, the doctor told us to get her admitted right then. IV IG steroids were given to her. And she was on regular steroids and then next month her platelet count was 20 to 25,000 even after IV IG. How long did you follow this treatment? Three months! The doctor then asked us to take her to Delhi. Then we took her to Delhi from Agra to Sir Gang Ram Hospital. A hematologist treated her and IV IG, steroids were given to her regularly. Even after that her platelet count was around 25,000. They then told us that they will get her tests done and then say something about it. She was on regular steroids which made her put on a lot of weight and grew facial hair. Someone told us that there are a lot of side effects of steroids and it will have its complications later. Then my wife searched about Dr. Vikram Chauhan and found out that there is a possibility of being cured. When did you start her Ayurvedic treatment? It’s been 9 months since we started her Ayurvedic treatment. What improvement have you seen since then? Her platelets reached up to 50,000 which we had seen for the first time and gave us hope. We had referred a patient from Agra and he also took regular treatment from Dr. Vikram and his condition improved before us. He was also an ITP patient? Yes, he was also an ITP patient. Now, my daughter’s Platelet count has improved and its 2, 70,000 now. Dr. Vikram, as this treatment has such good results. You also did a follow up of the child since 8-9 months. Tell us what Ayurvedic treatment did you give to the child and how she improved? I’ll show you her old test reports first. These are last year’s and they hadn’t started my treatment then. Here, her platelet count is 16,000 then it’s 14,000. Here its writer continue wysolone, it’s a steroid. They kept giving steroids till 2016. This is a Sir Ganga Ram Hospital prescription. She has faced a lot of problems and she suffered a hemorrhage also. Then they started my treatment in May, 2016 and now its December 2016 the child is cured in 6 months. According to her old records her platelet count is 13,000 and she was under my treatment then, her platelet count raised to 35,000 and slowly and gradually it came up to 40,000 to 50,000. This is her latest report from yesterday’s test December 20th, her platelet count is 2,70,000. I would like to share this treatment with Ayurvedic doctors and all others. We give Pishtis in Ayurveda, we can’t call it bhasmas or metals because they’re very mild and cooling. We call it a Pitta disorder in Ayurveda because Pitta blocks bone marrow channels in blood channels which drops the platelet count. According to allopathic, it is said to an autoimmune disorder and it triggers due to some viruses and forms antibodies in the body. But, in Ayurveda we say that it is caused due to the blockage of bone marrow channels and to cure it I’ve used Rajat bhasma which is known as colloidal silver, Kairva pishti, Praval pishti, Mukta pishti, zeharmohra pishti, akik pishti, Giloy satva (Tinospora), Giloy is referred to as amrita so it shoots the platelet level very quickly. Apart from Giloy satva I’ve given her Giloy extract separately, G – Plat has Carica papaya extract, wheat grass extract and Giloy extract. So, Giloy, wheat grass and Carica papaya are the herbs and apart from that the pishtis Mukta pishti, Praval, akik, zeharmohra etc. I have also used Cow’s colostrum and we have a product called Immune booster. Dr. Vikram, how do these herbs and pishtis act and how long do they take? It calms down the Pitta. If you give Curcumin it’s wrong, ginger also promotes bleeding, tulsi (Holy Basil) also has the same action. Cooling herbs should be given in this like sandalwood is beneficial. But if hot potency herbs hing (Asafetida), guggul, Ibuprufin tablets, aspirin are also hot potency drugs. Some doctors give Swarn bhasma, that shouldn’t be given. Swarn bhasma is gold bhasma and it has a hot potency. Rajat bhasma has a huge role to play in it and rest kairva pishti and others which have cooling effect. Silver is as it is very cooling. She’s tired today because she has travelled from Agra. Yes, we woke up at 3.30 AM and have reached here half an hour ago When she was undergoing this treatment what improvements did you see in your child? She had put on a lot of weight due to steroids that had shed off gradually and the facial hair also decreased. We could see improvement through her activities. When you were taking treatment, did you have any doubts regarding Ayurveda in your mind as people might have said something regarding that? Actually allopathic is trending nowadays so, everyone said you would go all the way there to get her checked, Ayurveda is nothing, if you still want to get her checked from somewhere nearby. But when I saw Dr. Vikram’s ITP video then I had some faith that he has a treatment for it. Especially when I gave that patient’s reference who got cured and he’s also from Agra. Yes, he’s also from Agra. That’s a good thing. People will build trust in Ayurveda. I would like to say to the viewers that Ayurveda has a treatment for ITP, so seek treatment from Ayurveda. Your kids won’t be bothered after that and will be cured. Thank you very much, Mr. Mohit.

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