Ayurvedic Essential Oil Blends | Aromatherapy Spritzer (Paavani Ayurveda)

Ayurvedic essential oil blends
aromatherapy spritzers for your doshas I didn’t know we are leaving this early
well I mean what are we gonna do if we miss the flight
I’m just finishing packing I’m almost there where is my kimono I’m gonna be so
mad or I can’t take out on this trip it’s gonna make me look so vibing in the
vibiest vibe I need the kimono I’m totally gonna get so swole on this Beach yeah
where’s my kimono I don’t know like a I love to cook well in there so it’s
like do it bring the spices don’t not bring the spices it’s like customs will
they check the spices if I even bring the spices but don’t bring the spices
then I have to go like searching for all over for the spices and kitchen knives
and all those things are like always dull like they’re not usable it’s like
impossible so it’s like do I bring it or not like well I get stopped in customs? Will I
get in trouble for having a knife with me I don’t know?! where is my kimono
I’ll get to packing in a minute do we have any ingrained granola snacks? do you
know where my pillow is I’m hungry you know I’m feeling really good right now my
bags are packed I got a couple snacks that are airport friendly I got like
ten minutes before I got to go so I’m just gonna journal for a little bit and
then you know ease over to the airport kind of want to keep this feeling going
though so I’m gonna use my tridoshic blend energizing grounding
uplifting loving nourishing warming balancing all at the same time feeling
good. vata aromatherapy spritzer Pitta aromatherapy spritzer kapha aromatherapy
spritzer tridoshic aromatherapy spritzer hey guys welcome to Clareminded my name is Clare in this episode we’re talking about ayurvedic essential
oil blends and specifically we’re using aromatherapy spritzers and I’m
showcasing my favorite aromatherapy travel ritual set from Paavani so we are
having the vata, pitta, kapha and even a tridoshic aroma
be spritzer and I love this one specifically from Paavani because they
give you it in about a 2 ounce bottle so their travel friendly can bring them on
the plane and I’ve experienced that when I go traveling I am very open my
channels are clear so anywhere I go I pick up on the energies of others and
when you’re in an airport or train station or just traveling in general
you’re kind of like I mean you’re interacting with a lot of people it’s
not your normal routine so there’s a lot of commotion going on around you that
you might not be used to and for me personally I find myself it’s like going
to an amusement park because my emotions are literally riding it up and down the
entire day and when I travel internationally it’s even worse because
I’m with like this semi toxic environment for way way too long so what
I use ayurvedic aromatherapy spritzers it’s really good when you don’t have access
to make teas or anything you can have essential oil diffuser lens with you
spray it directly on to your skin your face
inhale them and the benefits of these essential oils and herbs go directly
into your system and it can help balance any dosha imbalances so in this video
I’m featuring a vata aromatherapy spritzer blend a pitta aromatherapy
spritzer blend a kapha aromatherapy spritzer blend and a tridoshic
aromatherapy spritzer blend they come in this beautiful package you get all four
of these they’re travel friendly like I said I’m going to go over the specific
herbs and spices that are in each aromatherapy spritzer starting with
vata give you the benefits for them and how
to use them and then enjoying the rest of your aromatherapy spritzers to cure
any dosha imbalances so the vata aromatherapy spritzers are from Paavani.
kind of one of my personal favorites because I’m just so vata I probably
use this one the personally the most and this one is amazing because for vata’s says
you know it’s so this aromatherapy spritzer is so calming it’s grounding
and nourishing which all bring balance to the vata dosha
so this specific aromatherapy spritzer it has deionized water as the carrier
which is you know just general that’s good
and then it carries lavender it has cardamom vetiver and Palo Santo and the
combination of all of these together are just grounding warming kind of like
hugging you loving spices and herbs found my kimono
listen guys I’m sorry I got really heated you know I just I was trying to
vibe on the beach and I come back without my kimono but I found it and I’m gonna vibe
it up. thanks to my pitta aromatherapy
spritzer I’m chill this one is the Pitta aromatherapy essential oil and this
travel-size one from Paavani is super great because if you’re feeling you know
a little bit hot-headed a little bit passionate about things or a kimono
you’re gonna want to be using this pitta aromatherapy spritzer and this one’s
really powerful specifically for the pitta dosha or Pitta imbalances because
it carries rose water it has lavender peppermint and sandalwood essential oil
which are all really balancing for the pitta dosha and then for the kapha dosha
aromatherapy spritzer from Paavani that we’re using it’s really good for
the kapha dosha or if you’re stuck just like watching an episode of Outlander or
you’re just snacking super heavy you’re finding like a loss of motivation you’re
kind of just feeling like dull in the head and you want like a little
stimulation you want some uplifting energy you’re gonna want to spray this
aromatherapy spritzer on your face to really give you that boost so in with
Paavani they use the deionized water to kind of as a base carrier and then they
use juniper berry grapefruit bergamot and sage and the combination of all
those together are super uplifting energizing and kind of like get you
going and the last aromatherapy spritzer in our travel ritual set from Paavani is
the tridoshic one and the tridoshic aromatherapy spritzer is basically the
one you want to use when you’re feeling really good and you want to keep that
good feeling going because this balances all three doshas so it’s good for Vata
Pitta and kapha so as well as like balancing any imbalances it kind of just
keeps you where you’re at and kind of like helps you you know keep grooving
keep dancing through life and so this aromatherapy spritzer has wild orange it
has two geranium and has lavender and it has cedar atlas
so really good grounding for all three doshas so just kind of a closing recap
of this argument essential oil blends and we’re using these aromatherapy
spritzers from Paavani and they’re awesome because they’re travel friendly
so you can carry them on the plane or anywhere you’re going in travel the best
part about them is well like me if you’re traveling anywhere and you’re
really open to emotions you’re dealing with so many people all these kind of
like energies are flowing in and out of you so I literally go through like 20
different emotions in one single day when I travel it’s just because i
picking up on so much energy around me so whatever i’m feeling in that moment i
grab that aromatherapy spritzer I spray it for whatever doshic balance that
I’m feeling inhale and I let out the relief and these are totally safe to
spray directly onto your face and they’re not one of those things that you
kind of spray and walk into this is directly for your skin these are
specific organic beautiful herbs and spices that they have conjured into
these aromatherapy spritzer so they’re safe for your skin you want to spray it
directly onto that face inhale it beautifully sigh out your anxiety your
heated emotions your laziness or maintain that energetic balance and then
continue with your day and these aromatherapy switchers are amazing I
love them thank you guys so much for watching me and enjoy this lovely video
if you want to learn more about these aromatherapy spritzers you can check out
Paavani Ayurveda all of it their links will be in the show notes below I love
you and I’ll see you next time shake spritz inhale Paavani shake spritz inhale
Paavani shake spritz inhale Paavani

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