Ayurvedic Garshana Massage – vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda

Garshana often known as dry brushing is
Ayurvedic lymphatic massage that helps remove digestive toxins known as Ama in
sanskrit. Garshan means friction by rubbing. Garshana massage helps the
lymphatic system which lies directly beneath the skin. Lymphatic massage is a
wonderful addition to the morning routine especially for those with slower
metabolism, water retention, or poor circulation. Garshana can be practiced
daily using silk garshana massage gloves or a body brush. Dry brushing
should be done vigorously to stimulate the skin. It includes two types of
movements: circular movements over the joint areas and long strokes over the
long bones. In the morning, start Garshana with dry skin, free from lotion or
oil. Wigorously massage your wrists and the tips of your elbows in a circular
motion then massage from your fingers to the top of your upper arms with long
strokes directing the lymph to the lymph nodes under the arms. Massage your stomach and buttocks in a
circular motion. Massage your knees in a circular motion.
Then your thighs and long strokes up the legs directing lymph toward the lymph
nodes in the groin area. Massage the ankles and feet in a circular motion,
then go up the calves in long strokes using medium to firm pressure. Please
note that Garshana should not be done over the heart or on the breasts. Feel the difference with daily Garshana
massage. The benefits of Garshana include removal
of Ama, or toxins, increasing circulation to deep tissues, promoting healthy
lymphatic circulation, detoxifying the liver (massage releases impurities in the
skin and blood vessels), reduces the dimpled appearance of cellulite over
time by breaking down impurities deposited in the fat tissues, nourishing
the mind and nervous system, exfoliating the skin and promoting a healthy glow.

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