Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oil To STOP Hair Breakage & Shedding | This REALLY Works!

Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oil To STOP Hair Breakage & Shedding | This REALLY Works!

hey guys welcome back to my channel in
today’s video I’m actually gonna be sharing with you guys how exactly I make
my Ayurvedic DIY hair growth oil and I figured this was the perfect time to
make it because after that homecoming documentary Beyonce literally snatched
my edges there on the floor the crown of my head you know it’s just laying in my
bed and my nape is just like in the sky with Jesus I mean really like I’m just
bald so if you two are in need of replacing all of the hair on your head
you know just keep on watching the first ingredient that I use in my DIY hair
growth oil is actually the oil that makes it Ayurvedic and it is bring
garage oil I want to say I’m so sorry if I just offended you and said that
completely wrong but this is an Ayurvedic oil and it reduces
inflammation of your hair follicles which in turn strengthens your roots and
also stops hair fall when I tell you guys this oil works miracles my hair is
shedding way less than it was before and I think it has a lot to do with this oil
and I just purchased mine at my local Indian grocery store but I’ll also put a
link down below to where you can purchase one online the next oil that I
add into my DIY hair growth oil should be no surprise it’s just castor oil you
know I think this is kind of the oil that’s known for you know growing your
hair back thickening up your hair and what makes this oil so great is it
actually has antibacterial and antifungal properties so it removes the
dead skin cells on your scalp and the stimulates your hair follicles and
stimulates hair growth so castor oil is amazing amazing amazing for hair growth
the next oil that I use is almond oil this has to be honestly my all-time
favorite oil and life I use it on my skin I use it on my hair and I just love
it so much so I had to include it in my DIY hair growth oil is healing
properties helps with fighting breakage and split ends
but it also contains a lot of b1 and b6 vitamins and those two vitamins really
promote hair growth the next oil I use is grapeseed oil I recently started
using grapeseed oil probably like a couple months or a year ago and I
absolutely love it it’s rich in vitamin C so that reduces inflammation in your
scalp it heals your scalp which in turn promotes healthy hair follicles and thus
healthy hair growth I also love this oil because it doesn’t have a scent so you
know a lot of other oils have scents that may be nice or not nice depending
on your preference but I love this because it doesn’t smell like anything
next I add in a little bit of avocado oil and I really like avocado oil it’s
super high in essential vitamins and nutrients that improve Harry stimulation
and hair growth avocado oil is also a great carrier oil so when you add
essential oils to your avocado oil or any other carrier oils for that matter
and massage those into your scalp it really helps your scalp to absorb
essential oils next I add 25 drops of rosemary oil and
I feel like rosemary oil is honestly like the holy grail of growing your hair
back so if you’ve ever dealt with shedding or breakage or balding in a
certain area of your hair if you add rosemary essential oil to a carrier oil
and massage that on your scalp a couple times a week you are sure to have like a
bald spot be unrolled wait no that wait what knocking you’re sure to have your
hair grow back in that spot rosemary essential oil improves cellular
regeneration that in turn helps improve your hair’s thickness and your hair’s
growth and last but definitely not least is peppermint oil so I add 25 drops of
this and peppermint oil just feels so good on your scalp it really creates
like a tingling sensation it’s just it feels like a peppermint on your scalp
essentially but it increases scalp circulation and promotes hair growth so
peppermint oil is the last and final oil that I add to my DIY hair
growth oil next I just dump all of my oils into a measuring cup and I like to
make about 4 ounces at a time of this DIY hair growth oil and honestly that
lasted me about a month or six weeks and then once I’m done adding all my oils I
go ahead and mix them together and then I just pour them into whatever bottle I
want to use the oil on a daily basis for so for this I’m just adding it into a
little glass bottle it’s exactly 4 ounces and yeah I normally just top it
off with a little bit more of my Ayurvedic bringing I’m not even try and
say it some more of my Ayurvedic oil and I’ll just top it off with that and then
mix it all together and this is what the oil looks like so I like to put it in a
little dropper bottle because it’s easier to apply to my scalp or if I’m
doing a hot oil treatment or anything like that I don’t know it’s just easier
to apply and since I’ve been using this oil my shedding and my breakage has
reduced significantly so you can see the before and after shots here I will say
this is not the only change I’ve made in my hair regiment so this is not 100% due
to just the oil this oil is one of three changes I’ve made on wash day so if you
want to see my DIY shampoo and also my DIY Ayurvedic deep conditioning
treatment let me know in the comments down below because I do think that all
three of these things has truly helped to reduce the breakage on my hair and I
will see you guys in my next video peace

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  1. Notification Squad!!???‍♀️ Yesss I'm here for it definitely will make it. ?? Yes we want the other steps Sis.?

  2. 4th..My edges are so bad that people call me #Bald edgie?? can't wait to try it. Buh these stuffs are too expensive here in Ghana ooo.

  3. You actually pronounce bhringraj correctly. You are doing something right because your hair is really flourishing.

  4. Please share the shampoo and conditioner!! Cut my hair about 7 years ago and have been struggling to get the length back to due breakage

  5. I just re cut my hair. Lol
    I wanted it back short before my birthday, so I may need to try this tomorrow. Lol

    Also, gimme awl the updates!

  6. I have to try this!! My scalp needs TLC! By the way! I'm tagging you on the Truthful YouTuber Tag!! I'm uploading mine today, and I would love to hear your perspective on the questions as a YouTuber who I admire and enjoy watching!

  7. How often do you use the oil? I was thinking about using it as a regular oil mix. Like, I would apply the oil 3 times a week before I sleep at night. Is that ok, or does it need to be rinsed out?

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