Ayurvedic Mudras – Quick Stress-Anxiety & Sinus Relief Within Few Minutes – Yogi Meets Doctor

Hey everyone Dr. Kalpna Ranadive here. So since the beginning of time Ayurveda had fantastic solutions that you could use right away. And one of the solution which had the least amount of effort from your side but the maximum amount of output was Hasta Mudras. What are mudras ? Mudras are sealed mark or hand gestures Peace Out!, A OK! Those are just used as emojis now but these were some of these hand gestures which had actually a much more deeper connection with the inner body and you can calm down your mind calm down your stress calm down your energy imbalance inside the body, if you know how to use this and if you use this with the mantras which I talked about in the other video mudra and the Mantra together just gets compounded in a synergistic manner. Today I’m going to show you three mudras which you will be able to use any time throughout the year but specially during fall & winter season Number one is the Gyan mudra okay so it’s like the “A okay sign” the 3 fingers. So this is the Gyan Mudra and this is also very effective if you have sinus headache or breathing issues then this is known to influence the prana or the life force it has a much more long- lasting effect with the least amount of effort from our end. When you combine this with and you see typical meditation Pose, When you combine this with a mantra like OM you actually get compounded synergistic better effect. That’s one mudra number one. Number two prana mudra! so you’ve got the peace symbol and you’ve got the two fingers together it’s just like the bunny rabbits ear sign. Okay so these fingers again have a way to calm you down.I constantly use this in my dental practice when I have patients who are really nervous and jittery I’ll make them do this mudra if you have a dental appointment or something that you’re really nervous about, You can calm yourself down by doing this. You don’t know even how to think the body will calm itself down. That’s how quick and effective this is again this is called prana mudra that means it is the one which controls the life force and calms it down and stabilizes it ! okay so that was number two. Number three is called the Samana mudra where you’re gonna take all five fingers turn into the ball and then connect each finger together okay now just by holding these together you can bring about an immense amount of mind calming body calming. If you have a stressful meeting coming up or if you wantto improve the sensitivity at the fingertips or if you’re an artist and you want to improve the sensitivity at your fingertips or if you’re getting carpal tunnel or some sort of an arthritic issues you can actually improve the sensations in this area back again. neurological problems you can calm yourself down so this is a very very effective but very powerful mind calming Mudra. Also very simple mudra for you to do during the winter and fall time because again it balances all the five elements within the body so this is number three. Okay so let’s recap number one was that the a okay sign okay then number two was the last two fingers you make the bunny rabbits ears Sign. Get it keep it together to get the most effect you can do the Om with this and you’re gonna have even better effect with both of them. Then number three is the Samana mudra. You’ve got all five fingers together so very simple 3 mudras and you can do this anytime. You don’t have to be even getting into a yoga class you could bedoing this while waiting at the traffic light while watching TV, in a meeting, before going to the meeting before a presentation before exam there is no timeline and you can calm yourself down even a dentist’s chair, that’s how effective these are my patients do these and they love it. I’ve been able to do quite a few procedures without any sedation or nitrous requirement. Just by doing some of these mudras and they work! Fantastically worK. i f you liked this video please Like, Share and subscribe. You never know who will benefit from them. This is free information please share it and if you have any comments please comment below so I will be able to understand what’s going on and be able to modify & improve my videos as the time goes by! So thank you for watching and see you next time

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