AYURVEDIC REMEDIES FOR COUGH & TB II खांसी और टी बी के लिए आयुर्वेदिक इलाज II

AYURVEDIC REMEDIES FOR COUGH & TB II खांसी और टी बी के लिए आयुर्वेदिक इलाज  II

Hello Friends Myself Dr Bharti Chunnibhai Bhatt In the previous episode, we discuss on 2 types of coughs Today we will discuss with you the remaining 2 types of coughs You will came to know that taking cough for granted It become very severe & end number of diseases formed Let us tell you the 3rd type of cough Many people has cough problem Out of which one of the type is patient of TB, they also have cough problem Asthma patient even have sputum after coughing But TB patient doesn’t have any problem while coughing He thinks that its a normal cough Even a healthy person can be suffer from TB We have a mind set that TB patients become weak like skeleton. But its not like that Even a healthy person can be sufferer of TB because he is not aware of that he is suffering from TB He treats it like a normal cough and keep on doing some general remedies. In ayurveda and ancient time This disease was called Raaj Rog (An incurable or long-lasting disease) And those patients use to stay in separate room Now a days people have 1 room for the entire family So, from how to manage a separate room for the patient. Can’t even hospitalise him So, by when the patient of TB feels coughing There is no sputum and not even a pain When you have this dry cough Then you should immediately get your blood test done You should visit hospital and get your treatment done Medicine for this disease is free of cost by the government You should immediately and necessarily take medicine to rule out cough In TB while coughing some time patient pass blood instead of sputum. Before this occurs , its important to control the cough If we talk about metro cities If somebody is coughing near by you , then also you will be sufferer of this disease. Hence kids and old age patients should be separated from the patient of cold & cough Or else the person who is coughing he should cover his mouth with handkerchief Put some drops of Eucalyptus oil in that handkerchief If such disease is spreaded & you are travelling in train or bus You are visiting to a Mall or market Then you are not aware of that people near by you or in the crowded transport people who are coughing, they are not TB’s patients Then you should protect yourself & try to stay away from the person who is coughing Eucalyptus oil is very good and effective oil Keep it in your purse and put 2 drops on your handkerchief then you won’t be affected from many cough patients . 4th type of cough is for the person who is having any throat problem or bacteria in throat At that time you should get your throat treatment done If you feel that you have itching, swelling in the throat Take some turmeric add clarified butter in it Drink a glass of water and afterwards Make a kind of paste and lick it & make sure you don’t have to drink water for at least 2 hours. Then in case you have any throat disease or itching in your throat We are not able to exhale properly due to throat problem not because of our body that will be vanished within 2-3 days. So, this way you must treat your cough Don’t treat this disease like a general disease Because you are not going to do treatment for general cough Then in future you might get caught with Asthma If it wasn’t treated well, then due to weak body Germs of TB will attack your body very quickly And you could be the sufferer of any major disease. Hence you should understand the way of control the cough Now, think that how come magnet control over cough ? Or how come it gives you strength that if people around you and their disease wouldn’t be able to affect yourself. We have already told you to how to make magnetic water If you make your whole family drink that water Then your internal strength which you got from the food you eat, that still remains And your body doesn’t get affected by other germs So, if you want to be healthy forever Then i would recommend you to make magnetic water and make you whole family drink that. And keep yourself protected from the diseases. So, here we are winding up this episode. Please allow us to go Stay happy, stay healthy & keep in touch with us. Thank you…

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  1. plz dr bharti g mere beti ki cough bigr gi hy 8 month sy sy ab asthma ho giya boht khansti hy awaz ati hy raat ko nhi soti 3 pilow sr kay nechy lati hy plzzz plzzzz koi opchar btain plzz dr sahibba

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