Ayurvedic Remedies For Fever (Jwar Rog ) II ज्वर रोग के लिए आयुर्वेदिक उपचार II

Ayurvedic Remedies For Fever  (Jwar Rog ) II ज्वर रोग के लिए आयुर्वेदिक उपचार II

Hello friends. Myself Dr Bharti Chunnibhai Bhatt. Today i want to tell you something about the fever in this episode. Fever can happen to anyone normally from kids to old age people. First of all think that fever happen? With our own mistakes only our body caught by germs of fever. Means fever happens in case of Weakness, Jaundice , Malaria or cold is the reason of fever. So, why does fever happen? Reason behind fever is that our body wants to throw the germs of fever at own Its natural play by god that we got fever when we are throwing the outside germs out of our body. Fever means increment of temperature of the body. When we have higher body temperature than normal , that’s called fever. How those germs get out of the body with fever? So, normally if you feel someone is suffering from minor fever. Then by giving any bitter thing can kill the germs of minor fever. put cool strip on your forehead. if you have high fever then can even put cloth strip on your stomach. In general treatment Any bitter medicine like Sudarshan, Kaakach should be necessarily to be kept at home. If a kid is suffering from general fever or cold then don’t give him injection give 1/2 piece of Sudarshan dhanvati by mixing it into water to the kid if its normal fever then it will be get off Its also seen that sometimes fever raise to 3-4-5 degree too. Thermometer is necessary to be kept at home in a family just like eatery items are necessary, similarly thermometer is too. We never know when anybody got fever. Because fever can be many types of. With thermometer you can understand that what type of fever is. You can take home remedy if its normal fever, you will get well. If you have high fever 4-5 degree by observing in thermometer. then you have to treat it immediately because fever has many types once you got it check you will came to know. Here we are talking about those who have constant fever Means who has constant temperature of 1-2 degree that’s called Jeerna Jwar. Due to this fever, body began to give up slowly. even strong medications can’t even cure this fever. For such patients you must keep Maha Sudharshan Ghanvati at your home. Dip 1-2 tablet overnight in the water. Once you wake up drink that water with an empty stomach Doing this remedy by daily for 1 month will help you to get rid of Jeerna Jawar, as its a mandatory medicine. So, friends today i have shared information about Fever. Although if we got any type of outside disease or it get occur then body temperature gets increases & fever happens. There are different types of fever to their diseases. Now a days what we are seeing, reading or heading that is “SWINE FLU In our next episode i will give you detailed information on SWINE FLU. For fever i told you to make juice of Ginger & basil leaved and let the entire family drink this. So, that you won’t get affected by environmental bacteria. Stay happy, healthy & be with us. Thank you…

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