Ayurvedic shampoo get long hair, white hair to black hair, thick hair,shiny hair – Tamil Beauty tips

Ayurvedic shampoo get long hair, white hair to black hair, thick hair,shiny hair – Tamil Beauty tips

Hello Friends, Welcome to G studios, Tamil Beauty Tips I am Your Jessie Evangelin Today we gonna see a tip on herbal shampoo.. that we can make at home itself.. But, before getting into the show, you should subscribe my channel Subscription process is very easy.. just click on the below red colour subcribe button and click on the bell symbol as well So, that you can see my the videos for lifetime.. whenever i am uploading a new one, you will get a notification Not only that, if people want to watch my previous videos means you can click on my channel name that is tamil beauty tips.. so, you can see all my previous videos.. Friends, lets get into the show At first, let me tell you the required ingredients Soap nuts you can buy this in a herbal shop or ayurvedic related shops.. Lemon (take a juice of 4 lemons and dont add water into that lemon juice) 5 Amla ( do grind this amlas without adding water) the main thing is that shikakai ( 100 gms) Finally coconut oil.. the natural coconut oil will be prefereble (2 spoons) let me tell you that how to make it lemon juice which i made without adding water it is Amla juice which i grinded without adding water.. i have grinded that shikakai..it will be like this.. see.. you should dry this shikakai in sun for minimum 2 days.. see dried will be like this once do like this it broke easily or else it will be little hard then we should peel off this nut and do soak into the water… like this i have done this by yesterday night so that only it has changed its colour now, let me tell you that how to make it 1st add that soaked water into the bowl 2nd do add that shikakai powder into that soaking water then add that lemon juice then add amla juice which we grinded before do mix it by your hand.. see how it peeling.. do mix it for atleast 15 min.. then only that shikakai powder will get soften.. now i have mixed it well so, i gonna do filter this after filtering see the colour will be like this.. now, i gonna preserve this in a bottle so the herbal shampoo has been ready.. now we have to add coconut oil into the shampoo do prepare this for 15 days once.. because you should use this for only 15 days that would be very good Keep this in your fridge or any other cool place you will have so much of goodness because it helps to get rid from dandruff, hairfall, even lice problem so there is no chemical in it because we onlu did this.. even children can use this shampoo.. friends, it is such easy tip even i am using the same shampoo.. my hair secret also this ayurvedic shampoo only.. you wont face dandruff problem, scraches on your head..everything will be cure by this shampoo you hair will look shiny soft, and long densed hair… 100% chemical free shampoo it is.. use only for 15 days.. dont use after 15 days even those ingredients which we used is very cheap in cost.. whatever the best shampoo … it has a chemical.. but it is chemical free do comment that what you feel about my tip Not only that you can suggest me to upload my next video on any other issues. As of now i am uploading a video based on your wish.. even i will upload in future If you aware of any beauty tips share with me.. let me try once if it is really gud then i will upload that video do like and share my video will meet you in next video.. until bye from jessie love you so much take care…

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  1. Na senju velila vachutan, 3 days aparam Oru pulipu smell varudhu, ula edho velaya chinna dots theriyudhu, epa fridge la vachutan. But edha epa na use pana continue panalama, Ela kizla uthitu Vera seyalama. Ena panradhu solunga..

  2. Akka enaku hair valaruthu but adarthi illama iruku paka alagave illa sari kavala akka pls pls tips sollunga Enna pannanum adarthi aaga

  3. Neenga doubt kekuravangaluku please reply pannunga.. Evalavu people's doubt kekuranga but no response from you.. Ana ungala super azhaga errukinga nu sollravangaluku mattum reply panringa.. Please don't do like this..

  4. Super sissy!?. Na evlo dhan tips follow pannalum enaku forehead la and cheeks la pori pori ah irukardhu pogave maatingudhu. Adhuku permanent releaf kedaikra maadhiri oru video podunga.

  5. Soap nuts . Cut soak water 100 gms . lemon 4 juice… no water . Big alma .. shikkai 100 gms coconut oil 2 spoons..

  6. Refrigerator la vechaadhan nallairukkuma?? I'lla veliya 15 days vechikkalama akka??? Because I m in hostel …..

  7. Looking very very very very cham n cute chabbi girl ple b the same don't become thin ur chabbi only looks u cute

  8. Akka enaku beautision course pannanum nu aasai nenga beautision course panni irukingala nu sollunga pls

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