Ayurvedic treatment for Eyes | Dr. Sreekanth Namboothiri, Sreedhareeyam Ayurvedic Eye hospital

Sreedhareeyam has always aimed at taking Ayurveda to the common people. Ayurveda is known for Ashtangas that is eight angas which deals with the eight faculties or specialities, out of which Urdhwaga can be correlated with the modern day ophthalmology and the conditions of ear, nose and throat. When my father N.P.P Namboothiri started Sreedhareeyam, the specialities of Ayurveda especially Ayurveda ophthalmology was unknown to most people. But today, Sreedhareeyam has been blessed to play a part in helping many people with the different types of eye diseases right from managing the refractive errors like short sights or long sight and for other more complicated conditions Including diabetic retinopathy where the vascular part of the eye or retina to be more precise if affected and retinitis pigmentosa that has a nervous involvement as well Our services not only include remedies for eye diseases, but for other genetic syndromes and general conditions too which are dealt in a dedicated unit named Soubathra through internal medications and panchakarma therapies. What has also added to the results that we get at Sreedhareeyam is our reasearch and development institute where we regularly conduct medicine trials and clinical studies The results and development team keenly works in collaboration with many other institutions both national and international for conducting various clinical studies and projects. Recently, we had launched Balanethraraksha program which aims at fighting the predominance of visual and ocular defects in school-going children of Kerala. Sreedhareeyam has developed through my father’s vision that is that rogi (patient) has to be treated and not just the roga(disease). It is that vision itself that has helped us grow and do our bit of service in the field of Ayurveda ophthalmology. Thank you

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